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Dressing Up A Dressing Down Piece

No.1 rule in my wardrobe:

"When wearing a very casual piece, add something smarter to avoid looking scruffy"

It's not written on the cupboard door or anything, it's just something I do automatically. So, if I'm wearing say a pair of distressed jeans as I did yesterday, I'll always always dress them up. It's that style personality thing again that we've talked about before (here). You can't change the way you are!

Don't get me wrong, I drool over Pinterest images of women wearing jeans and slouchy jumpers looking effortlessly cool. But not for me! 

Take yesterday. A pair of distressed cigarette jeans. Automatically I reached for a smart navy and black lace blouse and structured bag rather than a grey t-shirt and trainers for example. Because that's what makes City Chics happy. I need a bit of smartness in my life! 

Lace Sleeve Top - Jovonna
Cigarette Jeans - Next
Sandals - River Island
Bag - Coach
Now a Classic would balk at the idea of even wearing these jeans, opting for a smarter trouser or at the very least, a pair of dark wash tailored jeans. A Natural would be more than happy to throw on a t-shirt and Converse. Funny aren't we!! They're only clothes after all. But I know that if I'm not happy in something I'll be grumpy all day. And no one likes a grumpy Donna - particularly the family.

If you're partial to a bit of a dressy blouse (mine is last season from Jovonna and is navy with black lace sleeve panels) here are a selection:

Love this so much although not sure it will love my muffin top back. Worth a try though because the detailing is stunning. 

Love. Love. Love. Sorry did I say how much I love this. Big birthday later in the year. I was thinking midi floaty dress but this with a pair of black pleather jeans and killer heels???? It's a contender.

A sweet little top that could work on many levels; with jeans, for the office, going out..... it's a pence per wear item.

This is my actual top in the wine colour way and less than half price (sad face for me, happy face for you).

The navy one is available here but with a price hike. Me thinks they're playing with numbers.

And if you're after a bargain, my jeans have been reduced to £12, yes that's £12 in the Next Clearance (sob). On a scale of 1-10 for comfort, they're up there and a change from the usual skinnies. I should wear them more really.

I spotted these espadrilles in ASOS last week and given that ribbon on shoes seems to be everywhere this year and I'm partial to a bit of ribbon, I think I prefer these to my own. 

Are you with me on this style personality thing? Are there items of clothing in your wardrobe that you hate wearing but don't know why? Have a read of this post if you want to find out more.

I've been consumed with washing and ironing this week. Managed to get all the holiday laundry done but in the meantime, the family have been wearing clothes (I suppose it's a necessary evil) and so it's stacked up again. Not helped by the fact that the daughter is moving to London tomorrow (weep) to start her year in industry with Sky and I'm sorting all her stuff out as well. How she can lose a full set of crockery and cutlery in her student digs is beyond me. So off out 'housey' shopping later. I don't think I've got my head around the fact that I won't see her as often. Too sad to think about.

I'll be back soon with my final instalment of our California tour and a brilliant little facial gadget that I took with me.

Have a good weekend.

8 comments on "Dressing Up A Dressing Down Piece"
  1. Hi Donna
    Lovely to have your blog back, know it cant be easy for you but always love your fashion and style analyses, I am possibly sadly am soo interested in anything like this!

  2. Fascinating isn't it how we all think and feel differently. Love a bit of style personality Lin xx

  3. I'm so with you Donna - we are the same style personality without a doubt. I love a logo T and boyfriend jeans look but I just don't feel happy in them so I have to get changed! How exciting for your daughter to be working at Sky. Is it the sky city site in Brentford? My friend works there and it's so buzzy. She'll have the best time. I know I'm biased but London is the best city in the world xx

    1. But if I add a smart blazer and shoes to the logo t-shirt and scruffy jeans, I'm fine. Trouble is, I refuse to take the blazer off regardless of the weather. Ho hum. She's at Osterley Sandra and living just down the road in a lovely leafy suburb of West Kensington. Looking forward to many trips starting from next Saturday woohoo xx

    2. Yes my friend is in the legal department there and I have visited her for a look round. It's an amazing place, she'll have the best time. I'm in Clspham so if you ever fancy a bit of local shopping let me know. We have some great local boutiques and in Parsons Green too. I have my daughter back at home for a year studying in London now she has graduated from uni. Will be strange for all of us!! X

    3. Oh to be 20 again and the opportunities it brings. I love little independent boutiques Sandra. Surprisingly they are few and far between where I live. Might take you up on that offer sometime xx

  4. I can't do head to toe casual either, just feel a total scruff bag! Maybe its also an age thing? That Self Portrait top is absolutely gorgeous, would work with pretty much everything.

    1. Glad I'm not on my own on this one. I still love to see other women pull off the laid back scruffy look (I'm probably a secret slut at heart lol). It is a lovely top isn't it x