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Out With The Husband

Now if I were a little bit hip and cool, I'd probably title this, Date Night. But I'm old and find that term a little bit cringy. We're married for goodness sake. We have arguments. He makes me a cup of tea in the morning, I wash his socks. We watch Judge John Deed and Match Of The Day together. He reads the business section of the Sunday Times and hands me the Style magazine. We just don't do dates.

I've been saving this skirt for such an occasion and decided to break it out last night for dinner in the village. It's from the Baukjen sale (still available). 

It's the Lexden Pencil Skirt available in both white and black (both great prices, go check them out for yourselves).  Anyone with a straight up and down body shape will probably find that a pencil skirt is their best shape regardless of whether you carry weight or not - you don't have to be super skinny to look good in this shape (just break out the spanks to smooth out the lumps and bumps). I am totally in to Ponte fabric at the moment. It's so flattering! The skirt is actually a soft white which looks far more luxurious than pure white (a tricky shade to pull off in Ponte) with a side split. And of course the length is bang up to date for current trends. 

I've departed from the usual 'going out' top that I'd normally wear and tried a chambray shirt instead also from Baukjen but no longer available although the Nadine Chambray is similar and heavily discounted. It's a shade that most of us can pull off too. 

The bag is last years from Hero Online (you can pick up a bargain here and here. My shoes are old snakeskin ones from M&S. 

I was kind of really happy with the whole outfit. It's certainly different for me. Husband said I looked ok too (I'll take any compliment I can get, even if it is a limp one). 

 Looking forward to styling the skirt with long boots this winter. Why do I find this prospect very exciting when I should be enjoying the sunshine? That'll be the new Baukjen collection that's just dropped. I've already decided that if I were limited to shopping with just one brand for the rest of my life, Baukjen would be it. I've amassed quite a collection and love the way that each item is cut for a real woman. Very clever designers indeed. And I'm swooning already. Here are 3 things on my wish list so far.

The most glorious shade of powder blue. Oh I need this in my life. Love it with the white now and and exchange for black jeans and vest top in the autumn.

Oooooh I could have lots of fun with this. It would work with all of my bright coloured bags and shoes. With jeans and faux leather leggings, blazers and under sweaters. I could go on...

Thing is, I talked myself out of these last year but when you see them again and still get butterflies, it's meant to be isn't it. The only thing putting me off is the thought of washing them. I'm a one wear and chuck in the wash bin kinda girl. They're dry clean only!! And those buggers at Baukjen have now brought them out in navy (swoon). In fact a whole range of navy leather; pencil skirt, leggings, biker jacket and mac. I'm not going to sleep tonight I tell you.

So a quick catch up. We got up bright and early on Sunday to drive our daughter to London for her year in industry placement. Just two cars full of stuff!

Anyway she was deposited in her lovely new house, lucky girl is living with two of her close friends plus two new people. And we staggered home just before midnight.

And the hair? Yes I've had it chopped off. Probably regret it but I'm liking it at the moment. It's a bit grown up isn't it? What do you think? 

9 comments on "Out With The Husband"
  1. Yack I hate the term date night! I almost used it recently in a blog post but realised I just couldn't do it.

    Anywho - your HAIR! Did you cut it all off? It looks fantastic all curled like that.

    P.S. you keep coming up on my Facebook friend recommendations! It must be linked to Instagram I guess as I don't link FB with anything to do with my blog. It's funny seeing people's real names rather than their blog handles :)

  2. Hair is PERFECT! I absolutely love it!
    And the outfit - stealing that one, thank you!

  3. Love the hair - buy those leather trousers, I had some last year and I wore them loads.

  4. Love Love Love the hair!!!! SO flattering and I like the lighter color! You look so young not grown up - I think its really youthful! Love the outfit too - you look amazing - the holiday did you good!! xxx

  5. You look fab - far too sophisticated for a 'date night' :) Buy the leather ... I want to see the million ways you style them!!!

  6. Looking bloody gorgeous Donna.. Your hair! WOW! It looks incredible, are you super happy with your new doo?
    And the outfit, spot on as always..styled to perfection

  7. Your hair is the best I've ever seen it!