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Oh I love shoes. How much? This much <________________________________________________________> and more.

They're brilliant for bringing last years outfits bang smack up to date. Ideal for injecting colour particularly when that colour isn't strictly speaking in your palette. Unlike jeans, they always fit no matter what you weigh!!! And there's so many styles to choose from. I can easily lose an hour (strike that), half a day browsing footwear (only women's mind you).

And here are some images that I've lifted from my Instagram. Not that I'm obsessed with feet or anything.

Smart Loafers From Kurt Geiger (and they come in a lush silver too)

Fun red sandals from Steve Madden

Black lace up espadrille from River Island (similar here but love these)

Sling back loafers from Next (adore these navy ones) and black and navy double buckle pump (these are nice)

Statement sandals from Top Shop (and a divine new colour in the Venus here)

Cheap as chips pom pom pumps from Primark (very similar here and a great price too)

Gold flatform pumps from a local boutique (similar here and cheaper here)

Oh I could go on and on. I do have a lot of shoes. In fact, I can buy an outfit and not even have to worry about footwear, there's always something in my wardrobe that will work. Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed.

One things for sure, they make me very happy. Take the other day, I had a pair of grey washed skinny jeans and nude pink shirt. Pretty inoffensive as an outfit but it wasn't floating my boat. So I popped on the Kurt Geiger pink loafers above and everything was alright in the world again. Sigh.

Regular readers will know that I use shoes and accessories to 'finish off' an outfit.

These gold slingback pumps from Top Shop (similar gorgeous pair here) add a bit of interest to an otherwise very plain outfit.

A pop of red from the Mango trainers (yes please to these) and Coach bag help me pull off an all black ensemble.

Playing with colour with these old blue Primark shoes and Mandy's Heaven pink bag

The tan Top Shop sandals (these are the brown ones) and See By Chloe bag (black one here and a lovely well priced tan one here) prevent this dress from looking dumpy!

A mix of red and blue to tie in with the top. Shoes are past season Boden (these are ace) and Mulberry Bayswater.

Top Shop and Boden have both done well from me over the last two seasons. I absolutely love their footwear collections for everyday wear. But I'll shop anywhere. If the shoe fits, I'll buy it. Call me Cinderella.

So what's out there that's caught my eye. Well lots actually.

First up, Finery. I'm really rather taken with these (in stone and navy). A brilliant way of lifting a plain, boring outfit. And ideal for wearing with culottes if you don't want to do the whole ankle boot thing.

Stella Slingback With Buckle £99

Staying with Finery and SWOON. These Chelsea boots! I wasn't in the market for brown ankle boots this year but now I'm not sure I can live without them. Calm down woman, you're peaking too early. Jeans, white shirt and let the feet do the talking. Can you see how drop dead gorgeous footwear can add so much to a simple outfit. Yep they pass the test with the greatest aplomb. I'm not going to sleep tonight!

Elmsworth Leather Closed Booths £145

And I wouldn't say no to the blue either. Ok not so versatile but still so much that you can do with them. They would easily fit into a wardrobe of black, navy, tan and white.

Elmswood in the blue

Moving on to Top Shop and 'those boots' that have been all over Instagram this week. They've had a marmite reaction, I love them. The powers that be have told us we'll be wearing burgundy this year. It's actually a great neutral. There's no longevity in these boots, they're too fashion led but boy could you have fun wearing them this season. And so easy to dress up and down.

Maximum Fringe Loafer Boots £82

A nice little pair of work shoes to lift your business dress. Sadly not leather but much reduced.

Java Croc Sling-BackShoes (were £39) now £15

Zara next, and these are bordering on panto season but I'm strangely drawn to them. They're pure and utter fun.

Flat Leather Shoes With Bow £49.99

Metallic from M&S. Eye catching design but a very wearable colour. Extremely versatile; think jeans, think crops, think culottes, skirts and dresses.

Fringe Loafer With Insolia £35

Although I think I prefer the lighter version in Mango (easy to say when wearing a short sleeve dress and flip flops, wait until we're squelching fallen leaves).

Heel Glitter Loafer £59.99

Miu Miu inspired ballet flats from Next. There are many versions around on the High Street. Zara's version here for example. Juries out on how much wear I'd get from these. How about you? Any ideas?

Nude Wrap Ballerinas £28

More metallics, this time loafers from River Island.

Gold Leather Backless Loafers £50

Ok, heart beat has increased again. These!!! We're talking big round buckles this year. What's not to love about the boot shape and they're leather! Now, I could have a heck of a lot of fun, styling these.

Black Croc Leather Buckle Ankle Boots £75

If a pair of showy off shoes aren't for you, why not stick to a classic shape but use colour.

Staying with River Island, a classic pump in orange can really take a plain outfit to the next level. Black cigarette pants and white t-shirt would really benefit from an injection of orange.

Orange Suede Block Heel Glove Shoes £55

Or a pair of red flats from ASOS. Don't look much do they? Throw them on with an outfit you're getting a bit fed up of and for the price of a bottle of wine, you've got a whole new look.

Lost Pointed Flats £12

Leopard print is a neutral doncha know!!! Jeans, black jumper and these....

Alanah Leopard Pony Flat Shoes £70

Leopard print never goes out of fashion. Ever.

A lovely muted metallic from the British Flat Shoe Company.  For a perfect City Chic look, dark denim skinnies, white shirt, navy blazer and these. They'll be in your wardrobe for years.

The British Flat Silver Leather Foil £105

And don't worry about matching up your shoes and bag. It's fun to mix it up a bit.

Here I've added a navy and white camera bag to red shoes.

And a brown bag and orange shoes on this occasion.

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

Lol, just noticed that fat brown dog in the background of both photos.

So let's do a bit of a recap.

1. A bang on trend pair of shoes will instantly breathe new life into last year's wardrobe

2. Colourful footwear can add interest to a really plain outfit

3. Treat shoes as jewellery, they finish off an outfit and take it to the next level

4. You can 'cheat' your colour palette by wearing a shade that doesn't suit you next to your face

5. Shoes can be motivational. If you're losing weight and don't want to buy new clothes, treat yourself to an amazing pair of shoes. You'll feel amazing too and it will spur you on.

6. Similarly if you're pregnant, buy shoes!

7. And finally, they're fun.

Hope that's useful. I could talk about shoes for ever and ever. I bore myself sometimes.

Well, I think I'm up to date with all my Next returns. The pyjama top went back in the end purely because it's so difficult to layer up when it turns cold. I noticed that both leather look leggings are now in store and I still stand by what I said last time, that these ones are by far the most superior. The other ones are thicker and could well add pounds to your frame.

I've been thinking about the dark green version too and although I 'capital A' Adore them, practically they're  going to be too difficult to build an outfit around (unless you already have lots of browns and tans in your wardrobe already). Dear Next, please bring out a charcoal grey version soon. Thanks.

Still waiting on the real leather leggings that I've ordered. Hopefully I can report back next time.

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  2. Talking of shoes, I finally ordered myself a pair of champagne jelly Holsters. They arrived today and I just love them. Unfortunately it's raining here today, so they won't be going outside to play just yet, in fact they may not leave the house until May next year now, but I know they'll be great when I finally do get to wear them! Thank you for the tip off

    1. So glad you like them Kathryn, they're ace aren't they. I honestly believe I could get away with a couple of pairs for a full 2 weeks holiday because they're so versatile x