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A Blazer Alternative Part 1

Long time readers of the blog will know that I'm a bit partial to a blazer. Why? Because it smartens up any old outfit even jeans and trainers. It's that need for neatness in my life. But I get that a blazer isn't for everyone (it is, it is) so I've been on the hunt for alternatives. Anyway, it's good to shake it up sometimes and try something different.

Last year I bought two ponchos in forest green and navy, both great neutrals that work with lots of other colours. I wore them lots particularly in the autumn and spring. They're perfect for popping on when you're doing the school run or shopping. There's nothing that makes me feel more irritable than  feeling as if I'm passing out in the middle of Zara on a Saturday afternoon - a poncho is perfect!

I recently received an email from Janet at Mimi & Thomas. Her ethos is totally on par with mine. A woman with many roles in life that demands lots of juggling but still wanting to remain stylish. Be gone fast fashion and say hello to pieces of clothing that will fill the role of the modern well dressed woman. That'll be a cashmere wrap then. But hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I need to show you a parcel that I received from Mimi & Thomas first of all.

They had me there! Sold to the lady with the Sludge blog.

Beautifully, beautifully packaged. Eat your heart out Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually, this beats yours hands down. The wrap itself is presented in a gorgeous high quality box with little embossed messages on the flap and inside. Don't you just love a bit of detail. And of course I'm thinking a very practical moth proof storage solution too.

Navy Stripe Cashmere Blend Button Shawl - Mimi & Thomas

But that's not all. You see this is a clever wrap with multiple personalities. The two long seams button up which lend themselves to styling in many ways. Look you even get a little card with instructions.

And here's what I did for the first wear.

White Shirt - Ichi (similar)
Navy Coated Jeans - Next
Jalouse Ankle Boots - Ash

Threw it over my shoulders. Ok a bit of a cop out but I'm a beginner. It's like knitting, you get better with practice.

Of course I'm teasing, it's really easy to create different looks. Here I buttoned up one side and wore it as a poncho which I think is my favourite way.

This is another piece that will fit into my wardrobe very nicely, one that I can bring out year after year. Even in the summer for those cooler days when you need to throw something over your arms or on the plane when they switch the wretched air con on. It's a beautiful cashmere blend that you'll enjoy wearing.

There are lots of colours to choose from on the website too in pure cashmere and cashmere blend.

 Black, grey and navy. All perfect neutrals if you don't do colour!

The dark green is perfect for ladies with dark hair and a warm skin tone or red heads.

And the lavender for grey haired and cool skin tones. It will look simply stunning if that's you.

The next one is described as oats, I'd say camel and as we know it's a fabulous neutral but looks particularly fantastic on mousey or blonde haired ladies. Very Armani darling.

Finally, I've chosen the vibrant red stripe for ladies who have dark hair and vivid bright eyes because you can do it, you really can.

Click here for the full 18 colours

So, if like me you're looking to build a forever wardrobe, you won't go wrong with one of these versatile wraps. Expect to see it lots on Instagram (for which I make no apologies lol). I mean let's face it, it's always going to fit unlike some of my jeans at the moment.

I'm also thinking Christmas presents for daughters, sisters, mums, nans, even teachers if you do a class collection. Whey-hey you could do your full shop on one website.

And the bag? Well that's from Mimi & Thomas too. Navy ostrich embossed faux leather clutch. Nice isn't it! A little bit different to anything else I own. Gosh, I'm feeling terribly grown up at the moment.

Navy Leather Frame Clutch - Mimi & Thomas

It comes in it's own little dust bag too. Another ideal present to yourself or gift for someone else?? And I have a discount code for Sludge readers, there's 20% off the entire range from Mimi & Thomas  until 31.10.16 if you quote iwwsb16a/w at the checkout. Happy shopping.

Think we're really building up a very wearable wardrobe aren't we. You still with me?

Part 2 coming soon.

4 comments on "A Blazer Alternative Part 1"
  1. Like you I adore blazers, but this is definitely an interesting alternative. Although I did spot that it could be worn as a scarf so of course I zoned in on that!!! Gorgeous piece .. enjoy wearing x

    1. I know. What do you do if you want to wear it as a scarf AND a poncho at the same time? Female problems!!!!

  2. I have a poncho but I don't wear it as much as I thought I would, I don't really know why though. I'll have a little revisit after seeing you in yours though x

    1. It's the perfect weather at the moment too Sandra. I've promised myself that I'll wear mine as much as possible x