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Adding A Roar To Your Outfit With Leopard Print

Leopard print, it's back. Did it ever go away? Sadly from my wardrobe, yes it did. In a fit of spring cleaning/nesting/stupidness last year, I got rid of most of mine. Let's take a moment to reflect on these unfortunate items:

1 x blouse with leather pockets (sigh)
1 x shell top
1 x shift dress
1 x ballet pumps
1 x velvet trench style coat (s*it s*it s*it I am so stupid)

Thankfully I still have my leopard print boots, scarf and well, that's it really. It's all a bit sad isn't it? Although there is a glimmer of hope as I have a mahoosive eBay pile in one of the spare bedrooms. When I get rid of my houseguests after the weekend, I'll be searching (frantically) for any of the above items. Sadly, the trench has gone. I definitely remember ebaying that.

Anyway, enough of my woes, let's talk about leopard print and why it's a great addition to a classic wardrobe. I've been talking about the virtues of buying wardrobe staples over the last few posts, creating a really easy to wear collection of basics. Which is all well and good, it really does make for easy dressing but sometimes an outfit needs a little bit of something else, a bit of oomph. Well hello leopard print. Didn't you know it's classed as a neutral too? That and stripes. It's the law!

Let's take a look what's out there.

First up, these cracking little shoes. Black cigarette pants, big chunky black roll neck. A simple chic outfit yes? Add the shoes and suddenly you've levelled that playing field with Ms Alt.

Printed Leather High Heel Shoes £55.99

By the way, it doesn't have to be an all black outfit either. You can do similar with grey or even jeans and a navy sweater. Whatever your preferred colours really.

And if you don't do heels, go for killer flats.

Pony Slipper Shoe £99.50 (less current diminishing discount)

Big love for this oversized leopard print.

Sunny Velvet Slippers £29

A cheaper pair, if you want to try out the look for the first time (care these are wide fit).

Leopard Print Suedette Loafers £12.99

I've seen these boots on Insta 'lots'. It's not difficult to see why they're so popular.

Leather Point Chelsea Ankle Boot £60

Moving on to scarfs, I can't tell you how useful mine is. It's the only cotton scarf I use these days on a regular basis. This is from last year.

Throw it over plain jumpers, you'll be surprised at how many colours it actually works with.

Cheap as chips from Ebay.

Ladies Fashion Animal Print Scarf £3.99

Mind you, I wouldn't say no to this one (investment buying at it's best)

Mulberry Leopard Print Wool Scarf £295

I use bags a lot to add interest to an outfit. This is the Boden Chancery, it's been so useful.

A very similar one to mine and a great price for leather. By the way, it's easily turned into an evening clutch by removing the chain. Don't be afraid to use a contrasting strap from another bag as well. Mine has a pewter strap. Have a dig around in your wardrobe and do a bit of experimenting.

Leopard Leather Cross Body Bag £34.99

Oh my goodness, how cheap is leather. I doubt anyone would believe you'd spent less that thirty squid on this one. It looks way more expensive.

Brown Premium Leather Leopard Print Saddle Bag £29.99

Apparently this is leather cow!!!! A bit different too. I could have lots of fun with this one.

Leather Whipstitch Crossbody Bag £42

This is what I'm missing, a leopard print belt. I rarely wear belts (not having a waist and all that) but sometimes when you do a semi-tuck with a shirt, the flash of a belt can add something to an outfit. This one is a mans but don't let that worry you.

Faux Pony Skin With Leopard Print reduced to £6

I'm not going to cover clothing in this post as I honestly believe that you can use leopard print sparingly with maximum impac. But....how utterly cool is this skirt. On first glance it's just 'a nice skirt'

Contrast Leopard Print Skirt £49.99

But look what happens when you walk...flash that leopard print ladies.

Hope that's given you a little bit of Saturday morning inspiration.

We have a big weekend as it's the daughter's 21st tomorrow. She's done the friends' big night out thing in London and now it's the turn of the family. Today, she's taking her little brother (who happens to be a good 6 inches taller than her) to the Manchester Utd match. Probably the best game of the season as it's the derby. This made me laugh. For those who don't know Manchester, the Hacienda was a well known nightclub back in the 80s.

Husband and I are off to Bromley in Kent (via London of course) to support our local team. And then tomorrow the rest of the family arrive and we're off out for a birthday celebration at Mottram Hall. It all feels rather civilised and grown up compared to her 18th when she had a marquee in the garden with a hundred guests staggering around in high heels or just staggering around. All I'm saying is NEVER AGAIN!!

Enjoy your weekend.

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