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Burgundy, The New Colour In Town

I'm a bit disappointed actually.....don't get me wrong, I love burgundy but there's going to be an absolute over-kill of it this season isn't there? Which inevitably means that we'll be completely pig sick of it come spring.

I'm disappointed because.....for me, burgundy is a neutral (and I hate it when a neutral becomes high fashion). I mean, it goes with so many colours: other neutrals such as black, white, grey, navy, stone. And, fashion colours such as pink, pale blue and mustard. It's an easy wear....for everyone. But I know that I'll be retiring my burgundy bits after Christmas out of sheer colour fatigue.

Here's a rough guide on how to wear burgundy but don't get too hung up with the rules as it's a really easy colour to get on with.

Blondes and mouse haired women (LIGHTS & SOFTS)
Because burgundy is quite deep, stay away from very dark colours. The combination of both will drag you down. Try teaming with blush pink, beige or soft white. Even a light chambray.

Dark haired, dark eyed women (DEEPS)
Burgundy is a great colour for you. It's richness will complement your dark looks. You can wear it with a contrast such as white or tonal such as with black or charcoal.

Dark haired, bright eyed women (CLEARS)
A contrast will be far kinder to your skin than tonal. So pure white as opposed to black, charcoal and navy.

Grey haired, rosy cheeks and sallow skinned women (COOLS)
As your skin tone is classed as cool, stay away from warmer accents with burgundy. You will benefit from some contrast too such as teaming it with pure white.

Warm skinned and red/golden haired women (WARMS)
Your overall look is warm so wear it with something that has warm undertones (yellow hues). Try a shot of mustard or even beige. Black will be too flat against your skin as will a pure white although a soft white would work (just).

Here's how I've worn burgundy over the last 12 months (for me, it definitely comes in to it's own in the colder months):

1. Footwear

There's some great shoes and boots out already in burgundy. And they're surprisingly versatile. I only have boots (at the moment!!!!).

2. Bottoms

Same pair of leggings worn with camel, khaki, navy, chambray and burgundy on burgundy (leggings washed in between each wear I hasten to add). See! Told you it's a neutral.

3. Bags

This is my one and only burgundy bag (I think), an ancient leather shopper from Karen Millen. Extremely versatile colour in a bag and would work with many outfits. Which of course now means I need a small cross body one.

4. Scarves

A Missoni scarf with blush pink or H&M with grey. Scarves are an easy, cheap way of introducing a fashion colour in to your wardrobe. Last years outfits updated in seconds! It won't feel so painful when they're slung to the back of the wardrobe at the end of the season.

I hadn't realised before but in the main, I tend to use burgundy in accessories. I've said it before but I'll say it again, taking daily photos of your outfits (flatlays, selfies, whatever) are so useful. I've already mentally prepared half a dozen outfits in my head from looking at these pictures. I post mine on Instagram, but you don't have to (or just make your account private if you're bashful). Go on, try it.

Here's what's out there at the moment.

1. Footwear 

Make a statement with your feet in these heeled Chelsea boots. Cheap as chips!

Chelsea Patent Boot £29.99

Or a lower pair but still as eye catching.

Burgundy Patent Chelsea Boot Now £27.50

Sorry, sorry, had to include these again. Someone please buy them so I don't have to.

Maximum Fringe Loafers £82

Now these are VERY nice. Ballerinas with ribbons (kind of). On point!!!

Cross Strap Ballerina Pumps £100

2. Bottoms

Mine are (or should I say were) the Next ones from last year. I keep saying last wear, last wear but can't bear to part with them. They are shot though.

These are perfect. Teamed with stripes too!

Waxed Skinny Belle Jeans £35.99

Bargain leggings reduced vastly and some sizes still available.

Blank NYC Burgundy Skinny Jeans Were £70, now £17.00

There's lots wrong with these next ones but definitely rescuable. Firstly the styling is pants (lol). The shoes are so two years ago. Honestly a pair of sling back court shoes would be better. Secondly the length. Now I have it on good authority (it's in the blurb) that the model is 5ft 10 1/2. As many of us aren't blessed with these lofty heights, I think we can safely say that the trousers will skim the floor as they should. Thirdly the drapy top with the drapy pleats and the drapy belt. Quite honestly too much drape in one area. Either lose the belt or wear a slightly more structured top.

See, told you they're rescuable. And fab for Christmas nights out (not that I'm pointing out that shops are putting up their Christmas decorations or anything).

Soft Luxe Trousers With Belt £40

Chunky knit and trainers or ankle boots, this skirt could be a little wardrobe winner this season.

Leather Look Zip Front Midi Dress £24.99

Not strictly speaking just a bottom but.....Wish I hadn't clicked on Baukjen because now I need this jumpsuit. I do find them totally versatile and easily transformed from day to evening wear. Just a matter of whipping off the flats and blazer and replacing with heels. I've also got a great big blanket shawl in burgundy, grey and black that would look a-mazing with it.

Crofton Jumpsuit £109

3. Bags

First up and it's a good 'un. A leather clutch for £32. Love the plaited wristlet detail. This could game change any going out outfit.

Puff Wristlet Clutch £32

Or a suede every day bag? Enough to pay if it's going to be a one season wonder.

Leather Hobo Bag £59.99

Convertible as in you have the option of two straps. I prefer the way it's shown below.

Convertible Tote £19.99

Radley have come a long, long way over the last few years. The brand is virtually unrecognisable and I'm loving it. This one is £821 cheaper than the Victoria Beckham Half Moon

Paternoster Small Flap Over Cross Body Bag £169

4. Scarves

Brilliant for adding a splash of colour to an outfit or tying together two or three colours. I kind of went off the thiner cotton ones last year, sad because I have drawers full of them. Instead favouring the blanket variety. Apologies for showing such things at the beginning of September.

Oversized Square Scarf £20

Sometimes a neat little scarf sits better underneath a coat (nb. this medium fabric I much prefer to the thinner ones which I seem to have to wind round and round).

Burgundy Check Scarf £8.99

Missoni inspired...(kind of)

Geometric Chevron Print Scarf £30

Investment territory next. I struggle with designer names on show on anything so not sure about having Mulberry draped aro7nd my neck. I guess you could tie it differently though. Still getting my head around the British Airways look as well!

Mulberry Preppy Stripe Silk Square £195

To be fair, now that I've looked at the mulberry one again, I do really like it. There's an outfit or two to be made from it. Moving on...

Now this I could do a fair bit with this next one.

Top Notch Skinny Tie £10

Think all black trousers and top, heels and the skinny tie tied in a pussy bow. Or jeans, white top, blazer and the tie worn as a skinny scarf. A nice little wardrobe addition for the price of a bottle of wine (is it just me or does everyone use wine as currency??).

So a little food for thought there and I haven't even looked at tops, dresses and coats. Bound to be much more coming through over the next few weeks.

Are you going to be doing burgundy this year? Oh and don't worry about the colour description; wine, berry, bordeaux....they're all versions of.

We're scuttling around trying to get the school uniform together before Tuesday. Thankfully the school shop had a blazer in the son's size. I've now got to convince him that the all black leather Stan Smiths that he tapped me for a couple of weeks before the end of term are indeed NOT acceptable as school footwear. Tried to tell him I did, but when your mate rocks up in them and, you have your ear bent for like....forever, sometimes it's easier to give in. The email we received specifically stated no black leather Stan Smiths. Seems they had a problem last term. We're cramming in homework some essential (Hitler's Foreign Policy) some not so (indexing maths books - because we have nothing better to do over the holidays math's teacher!!!). It's been torturous and I've told the son that this could well be his last year at his lovely school unless he books his ideas up. Think of the handbags and shoes I could have accumulated over the last few years. Sob. I think he'll actually be fine but shhhhh don't tell him I said that. And he doesn't read my blog because gosh, that's effort Mum!!!!

Off to see Dad tomorrow armed with goodies. Well, frozen meals that I've cooked. He'll be delighted, easily pleased he is. And then next week I'll be consumed with planning the daughter's 21st on the 11th. I haven't bought one present yet...Ash, please please give me a couple of clues.

Right off to football practice. Catch up over the weekend.

6 comments on "Burgundy, The New Colour In Town"
  1. i just love your blog because everything you feature is just so darn wearable, if you know what I mean! I'm in Oz, and you leave all our fashion bloggers far behind, pity the seasons don't match!

    1. Thanks Bodie that's so kind of you to say....and all the way down in Oz too. I can see different seasons are a problem although I personally favour our transitional Winter to Spring and Summer to Autumn seasons. It's when I'm most comfortable x

  2. Ooh yes I love a bit of burgundy, have a fab top from M&S from last winter that gets worn a lot October - Feb. I rarely wear black but it looks great with navy so that works for me. I wore a burgundy jumper at secondary school, they still wear that colour now in fact although back then we all called it maroon. Burgundy was probably a bit above us in those days so maroon it was!

    1. I'm surprised it's not put you off for life Lou....wearing it as school uniform lol x

  3. I LOVE Burgandy, wine, whatever you call it. I wear mine with blue/cream stripe bretons, cream, khaki, mustard yellow and lots of navy. I always feel tres chic in burgandy. Can feel an accessory purchase coming on.....

    1. Yes it is a bit chic isn't it Kathryn. I remember being about 14 years old and both me and my best friend bought burgundy loafers from Saxone (which I'd wear again right now). But oh boy did they hurt. I had to walk on the backs to soften the leather for weeks x