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Hypocrite Moi?

There's me banging on about buying plain, neutral classics to fill your wardrobe. Avoiding patterns if you want longevity. Wearing shades from your colour palette. And what do I do?

None of the above.


I've ordered almost a dozen midi dresses and sent them back for one reason or another. And the search has been quite honestly doing my head in. And then I saw this which to be fair isn't too busy pattern-wise but it's still black and it goes right up to the neck. Thank goodness for blusher and strong lipstick (which helps give me a little bit of strength on the face front to balance the colour of the dress).

Bet you can't guess where it's from. Go on have a guess.

Zara? Nope

Top Shop? Nah

ASOS? You're not even close

It's from Tesco. I know, I know. I couldn't believe it either.

Oriental Floral Print Dress

Ooooh look I match the decorations!.

Want to know the best bit? It only cost £20.

It's true to size, I'm wearing a 10 and actually the fit is the reason I bought it. Pretty spot on. The intention is to get a dressmaker to run another one up in my colour. So let's just call this a mock-up although I'm happy to wear it a couple of times before it gets shipped off to the seamstress.

Anyway, the dress is available online and it might not be there for long - (link here)

We've had a lovely day with grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins celebrating our daughter's 21st at Mottram Hall. It was fab having our own dining room too! Great for the two little ones to be able to run around which made for a very chilled affair. Just perfect.


A very, very rare shot of the 4 of us.

Until it descended into carnage.

Off shopping with the daughter tomorrow. Thankfully she has lots of birthday money so I'll be keeping my credit card well and truly tucked away.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

6 comments on "Hypocrite Moi?"
  1. Your dress looks amazing on you, I really like the black and soft pink. Glad you cheat your colours occasionally. That makes me feel better as I can't help that at times. Just drawn to lovely colours and patterns I suppose! Your day out sounds wonderful. I just got back from a family wedding in the Derbyshire countryside. Wore a fifties style print dress in aqua and purples on a white background,with little black leaping antelopes on! But it's starting to get chillier in the evenings so feeling the need for more cardigans. X

    1. Thank you very much Elaine. Always a bit of a rebel even when I was a Colour Me Beautiful consultant. It's knowing how much you can get away with. Your outfit sounds lovely, hope the weather was as kind to you as it was to us xx

  2. Fantastic find! I know nothing about colours etc as I wear them all whether I should or not (whoops) but this looks gorgeous on you Donna. The 2x shots of the four of you are great, I love the "carnage" one. You should get them both framed one above the other, great family pics :)

    1. Thank you Lou. Yes, I think you're right, I will get the shots printed and framed x

  3. As my mother used to say 'it's not the dress, it's the hanger'!!! Looking gorgeous. Glad to hear you all had such a lovely day x

    1. Love this Helen, I shall use it myself. And thank you xx