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Outfit Cheating

Or....putting an outfit together without trying too hard.

Over the last few years, I feel I've finally grown up. I don't need to nose dive into every single trend that hits the high street anymore. The only thing it achieved was  a wardrobe full of mismatching items, many that didn't suit me and always always, nothing to wear. Ah yes that old mantra.

I know for instance that I'll never look super cool in distressed jeans, washed black t-shirt and trainers. Think more vagrant than vamp. But, that's not to say that I can't 'adapt' a simple outfit to make it work for me. 

And that's the key word, simple. An outfit of jeans and t-shirt, well you can't get any more basic than that. But it's what you do with it, that defines who YOU are. And every style personality can adapt this outfit to suit them!!

You can read more about style personalities and find your own in this post (click here).

So, a basic white t-shirt and relaxed bfs. It's worth paying a little bit extra for good staples (or foundations as I call them).

Here's how I would make this outfit my own.

I'd add a jacket

Green Soft Biker Jacket £40

This jacket though!! Tell me what you couldn't do with it. I've got a grey soft biker from last year that I'll turf out shortly. Don't get me wrong, a blazer is lovely and all that (by the way H&M have 30% off this at the moment making it less than £20) but sometimes I crave something a little bit softer. I'd wear this with everything, jeans, coated leggings, jumpsuits, skirts and dresses. Khaki is still mahoosive this year.

And something 'statement' on my feet because no one should put feet in a corner!

Now we've got some personality. Thankfully, I don't need to purchase leopard print boots as I have a pair from about 3 seasons ago. Kerching! Check the back of your cupboards for anything leopard print ladies!!

Add a bag.
Chain Bag £49.99

Hello little Chanel Boy Bag dupe. Love the idea of a structured boxy bag with a casual outfit. Also available in wine (missed that one in our burgundy round up the other day didn't I).

Nearly there! Accessories next.

Dark Tan & Silver Watch £85

Really love the unusual combination of silver and tan on this watch.

Finally I'd fling on a few layered bangles and bracelets and a necklace or two (all in silver because it has to match with the hardware of the zip (officially sad). And I'm ready for the day.

It's an easy outfit that suits my lifestyle; running errands, shopping, school run, meeting up with friends and home chores. Now that's versatility at it's best!

So, this is me. How would you dress a pair of jeans and white tee? There's no right or wrong answer (it's not like a maths question, more of a compare and contrast English Lit one). Do let me know xx

2 comments on "Outfit Cheating"
  1. I wear jeans and a white tee almost constantly, with a taupe leather moto jacket, a grey tweed jacket, hip length black trench, faux fur jacket. When it's warm enough just with a cardigan or on its own with a nice piece of jewellery and red lipstick. Xx

    1. It's amazing how versatile jeans and a tee are isn't it Elaine. And the beauty is, you can make it your own. Thanks for your comment, I feel I'm getting to know your style xx