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Practicing What I Preach

Stripes and leopard print that is (read more about it in this post) I'm not quite sure what the old dears in the supermarket think when they see me sporting such a combo but I'm ok with that. I've been doing it a couple of years and don't really give it much thought now. It's like bread and butter, fish and chips, Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear (ouch!). They just go together, meant to be and all that. Anyway, it's socially acceptable nowadays. Well, at least amongst the super cool youngling bloggers. So I'll just flap at their shirt tails as I follow suit and probably look back in 20 years time and think (in my best Maureen Lipman voice), 'Really, you wore THAT?". Nah, that only happens to 1990s photos doesn't it?

Navy/White Long Sleeve Breton - Boden (currently £23.85)
Black Crop Trousers - Mango £29.99
Chancery Clutch - Boden (superb leather one here £35.99)
Gold Coconut Sling Backs - Top Shop (dead ringers here reduced to £29.99)
Bee Necklace - Bill Skinner (similar £45)
Classic Durham Watch - Daniel Wellington £159
Regardless of whether you're an in camp or out camp, it's a fabulous running errands outfit. Comfy, easy to layer (not that a jacket is needed today pheweeeeee) and a little bit chic. I think????

So which camp are you in?

I'm going to be talking more about pattern mixing soon. And I can feel the headache coming on now! Laters people xx

4 comments on "Practicing What I Preach"
  1. Chic? Yes, always! I am looking forward to the pattern matching, I am rubbish at that and in fact never dare do it, ever. I am feeling like very plain and simple shapes and colours at the moment, probably due to having had an overload of prints over the summer but enough is as good as a feast. I just bought a really nice plain white shirt from Next in an effort to build a core wardrobe. Enjoying your posts as always xx

    1. Thank you very much Elaine. It's a difficult one to pull off especially for lighter complexions because many patterns can be overwhelming. Hope you're enjoying building your core wardrobe which you should find is very versatile x

  2. I love Boden tops, they always look so classy, and seem to hold their shape really well. This striped one is lovely, so chic.

    1. I agree Rebecca and they wash really well too (can't believe I actually said that) x