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Rediscovering An Old Favourite

Rediscovering an old favourite brand, it's like finding that stash of Tunnock's Chocolate Teacakes that you hid from the kids. Mint Velvet has been off my radar for a while, I dip in now and then but I haven't bought anything for ages and yet when I stumbled upon this brand and it's very first collection some 7 years ago, I couldn't get enough. 

Anyway, there I am, cuppa in my hand when 'ping' an email landed in the inbox. I get dozens and dozens of marketing emails a day (thank god Google splits them out into Promotions/Social/General for me) and I probably read about 5% of them. But this one I did open, maybe it was the 15% off the new autumn collection (quote GREY15 at checkout) or free delivery (it always hooks me in) but in all honest, it was probably this picture.

Just wow! Let's take a closer look.

Feast your eyes on one of the best collections I've seen in ages. 

Delicious isn't it?

And if you take a closer look, most pieces are pretty basic and will be in your wardrobe for a long time to come. I still have three layering t-shirts from MV's very first collection. Hard workers, that's what I call them.

Here are my personal favourites.

What an easy win this is. Dress it up with a tuxedo blazer and heels for an evening look or layer with a cashmere cardigan and jeans for those warmer autumn days. By the way, it's charcoal - everyone can wear charcoal!! 

Another star - I like stars, I need more in my life. Boyfriend jeans and trainers. Cigarette pants and loafers. Black trousers and heels. It's another hard working piece. 

I've seen so many of these around this season. Normally I'd suggest a curvy lady avoid a pencil skirt as it's likely that the waist band will be too big but a stretchy tube skirt is a different matter. Wear an oversized jumper on top to cover any tummy/bum lumps and bumps. Add a pair of trainers for a youthful look. 

Love the detail on this shirt. It's a 'standy-up at the bar' one isn't it in that you want everyone to see the back! Well I would because it's lovely.
And my favourite-favourite...

They love a star at Mint Velvet don't they. I want to wear this on bonfire night with black coated jeggings, fur lined suede boots and a bobble hat. I want to eat hot dogs and toffee apples, drink mulled wine and wave sparklers in the air. The fact that I only step out of our back gate to watch our local golf course's display is besides the point. Speaking of Bonfire Night, our dog loves fireworks, he'll sit and watch the display from start to finish. Is that weird? 

You're not going to look to Mint Velvet for high fashion of course although there's often a nod to one trend or another. But, what you do get are wardrobe staples with a twist of style. Special pieces. And that's good news as we can stash them in our closets for more than one season. 

There's only so much loveliness a girl can take on a Tuesday afternoon when she's supposed to be mopping the kitchen floor. 

Catcha later.

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  1. Oooooh, I have a knitted tube skirt at the back of my wardrobe that I could never bear to part with. Perhaps its time to drag it out again? And my word, you've really sold the idea of that outfit for Bonfire Night to me (the fact that we don't have Bonfire Night in Ireland is entirely beside the point!!)