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Those Coated Leggings Again...

Sorry to keep harping on about these but I've had so many emails because you can't seem to find them in a search on the Next website.

Here is the link to the black, navy and green. I discovered them by typing in a random jeans search and up they popped!!!

The ones above are the navy (first wear today). They look much more navy in 'real' life. By the way, this photo was taken after 3 hours of driving and a full day of decluttering with Dad (he's a slave driver). They hold up really well don't they? No bagging at the knees, and I have extra knobbly ones, no sagging at the bum, not gonna lie, mines a bit boney. Honestly they're the best £24 you can spend this season.

And the black from the other day (you'll find them at the link above as well).

So people at Next HQ, if you're reading this, please could you sort out your search term for these items as I'm getting emails from lots of ladies asking. Thanks xx

Speaking of lots of ladies, I am a bit dreading our family reunions as it would seem that most of my female relatives are now sporting a pair. Indeed as I write this, my sister-in-law, K has just ordered the navy. I'm thinking that's 3 pairs now K??? Coated leggings veteran indeed.

Oooooh footnote, footnote: a lovely reader has just advised me that they also do a maternity version here. Gosh, enough to make you crave maternity wear again. Well maybe not!
Have a lovely weekend.

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