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Time Out, A Fabulous Little Book & A Bit Of A Giveaway

Wow time flies. How are we in the middle of September already? Sometimes you just want to get off that treadmill of life don't you. Which handily is what I did at the weekend when I had a few days away in Abersoch, with some very dear friends. A totally chilled time, no kids, no husbands. no hassle. Lots of cliff top walks, good food, much laughter and great company. I'd love to say that we lived up to the Cheshire housewives' image of big time party girls but if I told you we took 9 bottles of Prosecco and came back with 7....shhhhhh don't tell anyone. We are so rock and roll. It's good to take time out to recharge because before we know it, it will be Christmas.

Which brings me very nicely on to something I discovered whilst  researching (read; frantically scrabbling around for ideas) presents for our daughter's 21st birthday. I chucked a random search in to Google and up popped this company, The Book Of Everyone.  Bingo, a personalised book. Now, I'm not new to these, we have a few tucked away in the kid's memory boxes from years ago. This one is special though.

Let me say from the outset that this is not a sponsored post nor did I receive my book for free. I paid full price and even indulged in the free wrapping service (anything for an easy life) but I was so impressed that I thought I'd pass it on to you guys too.

Think of a book crammed full of curious facts about the year you were born, now add a few personalisations and photographs and voila you have created a thoughtful gift that will be treasured forever. The blockbuster movie of the year you were born, amazing inventions, Nobel Peace Prize winner, the fashion of the time, quotes, your very own symbol to name but a few pages. Apparently at the time of birth, our daughter was the 5,819,039,653 person alive on earth. Don't you just love a good fact.

I'm still not sure who enjoyed it more, me, the creator or Ashleigh the recipient!

That's me doing my design bit.

It's really easy to personalise, there's a little icon at the foot of the pages that alerts you to the fact that it can be changed.

You can even choose the colour of the book cover. Of course it had to be pink, her favourite colour.

If you're looking for a special present, The Book Of Everyone is perfect. We all loved it. The paperback is £19.50, hardback £29.50 and deluxe edition is £49.50. I bought the hardback and to be honest, wish now I'd gone all out and bought the deluxe. It really is that special.

She loved it!!!

Anyway, rather cheekily I rang the company and asked if they would let me give away a copy to a lucky reader. They said yes!!! So, for a chance to win your very own Book Of Everyone which you can personalise, hop on over to The Book Of Everyone to find out what co-creator, Steve Hanson's son is called. Leave your answer in a comment below or if you prefer, drop me an email iwontwearsludgebrown@gmail.com I'll pick out a winner at random on Sunday 25th September. Be sure to check back on the blog then.

Good luck

11 comments on "Time Out, A Fabulous Little Book & A Bit Of A Giveaway"
  1. The answer is Saul. I'd so love to win this, it's my mum's 70th birthday in March and this would be perfect!

  2. His son is called Saul.
    What a lovely prize, thank you

  3. Oooh Saul! What a fabulous gift idea! Gorgeous! Cheers Donna xx


  4. His son is called Saul. Looks like a great present.

  5. Hi...Steve's son is Saul. This would be a great present for either my lovely mum who's 80 in April, my brother who's 50 in January or my sister-in-law who's 40 in January. Or maybe I'll have to get them one each!

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  7. Saul. What a gorgeous gift. Would love that for my daughter's 16th in Feb. Such a lovely keepsake

  8. Steve Hanson's son is called Saul. What a fab book - it's my husband's 50th birthday soon and this would be fab gift to give him.

  9. What a great gift this would be. His son is called Saul. Thanks for the chance x

  10. This would make a great present for my daughter! Steve Hanson's son is called Saul.

  11. Oh my daughter would LOVE one of these. His son is called Saul :)