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Transforming A Day To Night Outfit

Hello Monday! Are we all feeling ok? Our daughter has already decided that Mondays aren't for her after getting up for work for the last 6. Never mind, I've calculated that she's probably only got another 2080  of working Mondays before she retires. Sobering thought (literally).

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick post on transforming an outfit from day to night and how I've got this down to a fine art over the years. You see, my hubby isn't a planner. It's all very spontaneous. Too spontaneous sometimes. 'Right, let's eat out tonight' means, 'grab your coat, we're going'.

Here's what I do.

Navy & Black Lace Top - Jovonna (similar)
Navy Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Grey Boyfriend Cardigan - Kettlewell Colours
Navy & Black Double Buckle Shoes - Next (similar)
Black Leather Shopper - Marks & Spencer (similar)

Top: Same
Trousers: Same
Cardigan switched to a blazer
Shoes switched to heeled boots
Tote switched to a formal shoulder bag
Bracelets added (not seen)
Lipstick switched from Mac Sandy B to Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet (not seen)
Blusher - a quick brush to increase intensity
Hair - tied back

It took me 3 minutes and 1 1/2 was unbuckling the shoes!!

Black Blazer - Ralph Lauren (similar)
Black Ankle Boots - Marks & Spencer (similar)
Black Bag - Marks & Spencer (love this)


1. Adding a heel is a great way of upgrading any outfit. I've been known to go out in my joggers (oh the shame) and add a pair of ankle boots

2. This is when a blazer comes into it's own. Useful for smartening even a pair of jeans and t-shirt

3. Layer up a few bracelets and add a necklace

4. Swap your tote for a clutch bag

5. If you don't do anything else to your make-up at least swish on some blusher and add a brighter lipstick

6. I normally tie my hair back and pull out a few strands if I haven't bothered to style it that morning

We'll be in to party season quicker than you can say sparkly tinsel at this rate and I so wish I had adopted this way of dressing when I worked in an office. It would have saved me a whole lot of hassle.

3 comments on "Transforming A Day To Night Outfit "
  1. Love it! Can't beat a blazer & heels for adding instant style :)

  2. Omg that number makes me want to cry! Going to have to find a job that doesn't mean Monday mornings

    1. Look on the bright side, I didn't take into account holidays x