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Tweaking (Not Twerking) A Couple Of Celebrity Outfits

We don't get it right all of the time do we? Me this morning. I had an outfit planned in my head last night, cigarette trousers and a little boho top, gold gladiator sandals and a bag. Put it all together this morning and it looked pants! Back to the drawing board then.

Which brings me on to the purpose of this post. I've often wondered about celebrities and the way they dress. How much input do they have? Do they rely on stylists? Do they refuse to wear something if they hate it? Do they care?

Take today, I saw this picture.

Ruth looks fab doesn't she and the young whipper snapper in black does too. It's Cher from X-Factor if you remember her! But Linda and Martine, I hate to say it because it's not fair to women-bash in public but I'm really not loving their outfits. 

Let's have a look at Linda first of all. I quite like the skirt but not with those fit flop things and the hideous shirt which is wrong on every level. We're talking full on mis-match and not in a good mis-match creative way. I can't find a recent photo that shows off her figure but given that she always seems to wear loose clothes around her middle, I'm deducing that she's probably hiding a tummy and a lack of a waist. So she'll be a soft rectangle shape. Straight up and down, carrying a little weight around her middle and probably a flat bum.

The skirt is a good shape for her. And the length, bang on this season. I think she could have made an immediate improvement by wearing heels of some sort. Sandals today with the hot weather in mind, ankle boots tomorrow. I would have chosen a simple top with clean lines. Nothing too clingy - we don't want her to feel self conscious about her middle. The pretty sleeves will draw attention to her wrists. We all have great wrists - trust me. She could pop on a tan leather biker jacket to dilute the black too and finish off with a leopard print bag. 

Something like this.

Black and gold

It's a much more youthful and fun look to suit her bubbly personality. Of course I'm no expert as to what one should wear in front of the camera but I can't imagine for one minute that the stripy shirt is the answer.

Let's have a look at Martine. The shirt is divine, it skims her curvy figure and looks very sexy (in a good way). Those coated jeans are the big problem here. Well the zips to be more precise. Double zips. On each side. Scroll back up to the photo. Where do your eyes settle? On her hips - because the zips are drawing our eye level there. Her widest point. I'm sure that wasn't Martine's intention.

The sandals are pretty inoffensive but a tad last year darling. I think she could do better. I'd keep the blouse. Add my beloved coated jeans from Next. They're a similar shape to Martine's, but totally detail-free and less shiny. Some would argue that to balance her shape, she might consider a boot leg trouser. This would work a treat. The gentle flare at the bottom echos her curvy top half and balances everything out. Finally, I'd give her a funky pair of shoes and a bright red handbag...just because.

Black and white

Animal Print Blouse £49.99
Black Coated Leggings £24
Leather Sandals £56
Red Saddle Bag £49

So a few little tweaks here and there to make two perfectly good outfits. I wonder what Linda and Martine would think to my suggestions? 

I'm off to Abersoch in Wales tomorrow with four lovely friends. No husbands, no kids and no dogs for a whole weekend. A boot full of Prosecco and two restaurant bookings. Sheer and utter bliss. Follow me on Instagram if you want to catch up with the fun. That's if I remember to take any photos. 

Have a good weekend yourselves.

5 comments on "Tweaking (Not Twerking) A Couple Of Celebrity Outfits"
  1. Re coated jeans. Today I tried on 3 pairs of coated jeans/jeggings. M&S were weird. Fitted fine on lower legs but looked like jodhpurs. Primark - very comfortable but looked wrinkly. Next - still a bit wrinkly. Bon marche - fine up top but too loose on the lower legs. Is there a secret to getting coated jeans/leggings to look smooth on? Thanks Chrissie

    1. Oh dear Chrissie but 10/10 for trying. Which ones did you try in Next? The £28 I found were a dreadful fit. It's the £24 that I recommend. Also, where are the jeans wrinkling? Is it around the knees? If so, I think this makes them look less sausage-esque!! Go onto the Me&Em website and have a look at their real leather trousers (at an eye watering £600 a pair). See how they wrinkle and they look amazing don't they. I have a pair of half coated and half jersey (at the back) that are less wrinkly from Karen Millen last year - you could try similar. ASOS had some so try there. Hope that's helped but email me if you need any more advice x

  2. Love this post. I think your outfit choices are spot on.

  3. I think the striped shirt Linda is wearing is the Boden Silk Shirt... unless of course there is a designer one out there similar. It needs tucking in if nothing else, or belting or something so it's not just hanging there!

  4. Excellent job! Love how just a few simple tweaks can transform the look. By the way, I have scoured the Irish website and the Next jeggings that you rave about aren't on sale over here. SOB!!!!! I'm in the UK at the end of Oct so plan a visit to a Next to see if I can track some down. xx