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5 Amazing Jumpsuits & A Few Styling Tips

You're either in the jumpsuit club or you're out. There's no middle ground here ladies. Personally I'm a paid up member, I love them. Crikey I remember my first ever foray into boiler suit territory as they were called then. A pale aqua collarless number that I pulled in at the waist (yes I did have one once) with a soft pink leather belt and matching winkle pickers. Oh bees knees come to me. And then I upgraded to a peach Chelsea Girl devore one. It had zips and everything.

And then nothing. Zilch. The years were void. Until last year when I bought two from Baukjen. And every holiday since, I've insisted on wearing on the way home. Toilet-impractical yes (I curse every visit) but so bloody comfortable in between times. Anyway, I reckon they're here to stay and am quite happy to add to my workable wardrobe basics.

Let's have a think about how we can style jumpsuits first of all

1. Casually with a denim jacket and trainers*

2. Grown up with a blazer and heels*

3. Rock chick chic with a biker jacket and ankle boots*

4. On it's own for full on evening glamour

* Layering a single coloured jumpsuit underneath a jacket of any sort is uber slimming as it creates a column of colour which works  the verticals giving you a leaner silhouette

And accessories?

1. Adding a belt (if you can) will break up the look and give definition to your frame

2. Conversely if your aim is for a longer, leaner torso, don't break up the line between shoulder and shoe but do use necklaces to make the look your own

3. Add a contrasting bag to a plain jumpsuit will give you a playful edge as will shoes

4. Use stacking bangles in your best metal to provide interest to a plain jumpsuit

They're terribly useful

1. For dressing up and down without trying too hard

2. Brilliant for holidays (I always, always take mine)

3. You can make them your own by adding belts, jewellery, jackets, bags. Whatever really.

4. For layering. Skinny polos or shirts worn underneath, chunky knits, jackets, scarves....

But let's avoid those pitfalls...

Curvy Ladies

Lycra is your best friend. You need to look for stretch fabrics that won't cling to your figure. Avoid stiff denim, it will stand off your curves making you look bigger than you are. When trying on, check how the fabric drapes from the waist. Get someone to take a photo from the back and look at your bum, hips and thighs. Is the jumpsuit figure skimming? It shouldn't be pulling or ruckling. You'd better check that camel toe from the front while we're on the subject (that goes for all body shapes by the way). 

Look for jumpsuits that have waist definition. Elasticated or drawstring or belted. Always show your waist. 

Busty Ladies

A feminine neckline is your best look. Soft v-necks or round as opposed to one that finishes under the chin. Rule of thumb, show some collar bone. You can accessories with a gold chain or necklace, ideally that sits above the neckline. Those darn long necklaces have a nasty habit of hooking a boob when you're least expecting it.

Triangle / Pear Shaped Ladies

If you're curvy on the bottom half follow Curvy ladies above as well. Your main aim is to use the jumpsuit to balance out your figure. The easiest way is to find a wide or slash neck which will give the illusion of a wider shoulder line. This in turn will balance out your hips. Any embellishment on the shoulders is also a good fix eg. epaulettes

Big Tummies

Avoid masses of fabric around the waist, it will do nothing for you at all. Speaking from personal experience, I find a wider leg quite difficult to wear; thick waist and wide legs gives me the illusion of being bigger than I am. So I stick to straighter leg. Wear eye catching jewellery to distract the eye from your belly; pretty necklaces and bracelets. We all have fantastic wrists. 

Long Bodies / Short Legs

You've quite possibly been tearing your hair out trying to get the right fit. Jumpsuits may be too short in the body but long in the leg. Not good. Look for an elasticated waist that you can adjust up and down. You could try looking in the tall section (or regular if you're petite) as they'll be longer in the body also and then have the length taken up. This only really works with straight legs though as you'll lose the cut of a flared version. I'd suggest a complete cheat and find a pair of perfectly fitted trousers and a top in the same colour (and fabric if you can). You may be surprised how good this actually looks!

Short Bodies / Long Legs

Your aim is to move the waist line down to balance your top and bottom half. Not quite so onerous. Again an elasticated waist can be adjusted and excess fabric is quite easily pouched over. A straight or skinny leg that is slightly too short is fine, waltz into a room and declare the jumpsuit to be ankle length!

Lean Columns

Wearing the same colour top to toe, well you may feel a bit like a runner bean. Break it up with a contrasting belt. Even a cross the body bag although it does mean that you'll have to wear it that way ALL DAY. Alternatively, try a culotte jump suit, this style is made for you! Finally, you could try a colour block one. 


I really do recommend that you look for jumpsuits that are cut for petites as the proportions will have been taken in to consideration (but you know that already don't you). Of course wearing a column of colour can make you look much taller (and leaner). You can capitalise on this by wearing tonal shoes so for example charcoal jumpsuit, charcoal shoes as opposed to contrasting ones. 

And finally a general rule for all of us. Avoid the unitard look at all costs. Unless you're doing fancy dress!!

Phew! You still with me.

So this first jumpsuit is the reason I'm writing this post. 

Knowing Baukjen, it will be cut exquisitely. Mine are. And that colour. Darkest navy. This may be a contender for one of my 50th birthday outfits. 

A fantastic price for this beautiful dark claret jumpsuit. The neck is perfect for balancing out pear shaped figures. Team with a tuxedo blazer and black heels (we've all got black heels) and you've got yourself a fabulous little Christmas outfit). And yet it's so easy to wear with a casual jacket and flats afterwards.

Belt Long Jumpsuit £59.99

Why it's called a long jumpsuit, I don't know. Now there are a lot of ifs here but....if your body fits and you're not too curvy and suit this colour green, then you HAVE to get this. It's the law.

Grey Sweater Jumpsuit £24.99

A much more casual affair, flippin comfy for errand running days. I've got similar from Zara in navy. It's been in the bottom of the wash basket since spring but seeing this, it might get ironed this weekend. You can wear with trainers as above or add a pair of ankle boots and a jacket to smarten it up. And, I'll tell you what, it's flippin cosy and warm as well. Draft free it is.

Tie Front Jumpsuit Reduced from £119 to £59

Fabulous for ladies who need to show off their waist. This is utterly gorgeous. Maybe not so versatile, it's most certainly on the dressier side. Although the blurb recommends sizing down, apparently the model has sized up. I'll leave you to work that one out.

Ooooh that was a nice blog post, I like talking about jumpsuits. How about you? Do you like or are you giving them a very wide berth?  As I said at the beginning, I'm sure they're here to stay and their versatility makes for a very handy core wardrobe addition.

Anyway, we're all pooped in this house. Husband didn't get in until nearly 1am (on a school night!!!) and was up at 6. Meaning that I too was awake at 1 and 6. I think he was playing truant on the day that they taught them how to tip toe in P.E.

We've got our son's sixth form options evening at school tomorrow and I have a dinner date with some friends in the village. I've suggested he might like to cull his potential choices by half because at this rate, I'll be joining them for the last drink.

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