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A Khaki Military Coat For When Those Temperatures Eventually Fall (Whenever That May Be)

Do you remember this post when we looked at three trends that never date; leopard print, stripes and military? Well, I clocked a coat with more than a whiff of military about it and couldn't get it out of my mind.

This one.

Next Khaki Military Coat £75

Next Khaki Military Coat
Oatmeal Loose Fit Jumper - Mango (similar)
Berry Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Ankle Boots - Toga Pulla (great Tan dupes here)
Khaki Bag - M&S Autograph (this khaki one is divine)

And as you can see it's kind of made it in to my wardrobe. Whoops-a-daisy. Husband's eyes rolled when he saw it hanging on my wardrobe door. I know, I know I said I wasn't planning on buying one this year. But suddenly the idea of khaki military seemed very appealing. Most of my coats, I've had for a long time. I look after them. That means regular dry cleaning, buttoned up and hung on wooden coat hangers for storage, never, ever coat hooks. Look after your coats and they'll pay you back with years of loyal service! I'm trying to justify the acquisition here folks.

Thing is, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being old fashioned, 10 being bang on point), military always scores above a 6. This year it's a definite 10, it's everywhere. Next year, fashionistas will have moved on to the next big thing but fear not, you can still wear your military. I reckon it will drop back to a 7 which is perfectly acceptable. And khaki? Well, it's a brilliant neutral. I'm looking forward to styling it with black, navy, charcoal, burgundy, stone and nude pink for starters. Most colour palettes can carry khaki off but hey, if it's not a you-colour then the coat comes in navy too. You can thank me later.

Originally I ordered a size 10. I'm a 10-everything in Next and normally find their sizing pretty spot on. But, I felt this coat came up a tad small. Let's just say those lovely buttons wouldn't do up!!! So a 12 it is and it fits a treat. Room enough for a jumper too. The coat is also available in tall and petite which is darn handy.

You all know that I've raved about Next this season. Bob on, they've been and I'm chuffed to bits with this as well. It's even a wool blend which for the money is brilliant. By the way, I couldn't track it down at my local stores so you may need to order it online.

So, let's have a think about it's virtues.

1. The formality of military always, always smartens up an outfit. No one has ever seen a dishevelled Beefeater have they? A pair of jeans and white t-shirt are taken to a whole new level.

2. The straight lines including the lines of the buttons work the verticals ladies, making us appear longer and leaner.

3. Don't be too concerned about the length especially petites (obviously yours will be cut slightly shorter). Mine falls mid-calf which is a flattering length and as no.2, it helps with the verticals. It's neatness will ensure that the length won't swamp you.

4. It isn't overly gimmicky. Yes it's definitely military but there's no silly red piping or fake medals ensuring it's longevity.

5. The coat works on many levels; school run, work, shopping, going out. Very useful indeed.

6. Make this your only nod to the trend ie. don't wear a camo sweatshirt with it for example. You may be mistaken for the real thing and asked to go to war.

7. It gives off the aura of power don't you think? Use that fact as you see fit.

I have coats in my wardrobe that look good open but pants when fastened meaning I have to plan around the weather. This one seems to work open and fastened.

Fully fastened...

Although I prefer a bit top button open....

Knew I'd bought this khaki bag for a reason last month. I just didn't know that reason at the time!

I promise, promise from the bottom of my heart that I will not be buying any more coats this season. For one, I'm running out of storage space. Had a bit of a juggle with a couple of cupboards earlier and wardrobes said no.

Now, where's that snow so I can wear it?

Come on then, what do you think to military? Are you already a lover, have I turned your head or is it still a no-go? Love to hear from you.

I'm sat here wondering if I can use rose wine instead of white to make a white (rose) wine sauce? Makes sense because the bottle is already open. But then I don't want it turning pink. Remember when they used to serve rice pudding and jam at school and you'd stir it like mad until it turned pink. That! I could sell it to the family as a themed meal though. Pink sauce, pink napkins, rose wine. Might work.

Birthday dress hunt will be stepped up in earnest this week. Had a couple of recommendations from friends that I need to investigate further. It would seem that most retailers this year have decided that they can only supply florals that are HUGE AND LOUD on a black background. Not terribly ideal for a mousey haired girl! Keep you posted.

5 comments on "A Khaki Military Coat For When Those Temperatures Eventually Fall (Whenever That May Be)"
  1. Glorious sunshine here right now but coat weather will be here soon enough! Lovely one you've found, Donna. The khaki colour looks fabulous on you. Id love to read your advice on coat and skirt lengths. At 5'4" I tend to wear coats mid thigh or knee length at most but as skirt hems seem to be getting longer it could get tricky. Having a couple of inches of skirt poking out below the coat can look strange I think. And what about a midi skirt with a thigh length coat? Any guidance much appreciated!

    1. Consider it done Elaine, I'll put something together over the next couple of weeks. Just checked the next 7 days weather forecast. Met Office says no. So back in the wardrobe it's gone (for now) x

  2. That will be so helpful, thank you!

  3. It looks incredible on you and I now have a real urge to go and buy the coat even though I know it's not my colour!

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