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A Recap On Building A Cohesive Wardrobe

Hello old friends, how the devil are you? Top weekend here doing all the nice things such as slobbing on the sofa, watching films and eating takeaways and roast dinners. I can highly recommend Bridge Of Spies, Tom Hanks is such a good actor isn't he? I barely got dressed yesterday. Well, I did but nothing to write home about. Leggings and a very old oversized sweathsirt. Slobby dressing for a slobby day. No, you don't seriously want to see that do you?

You do? Ok....you have been warned.

Check me out! Bottom right hand corner, mending and make doing (aka stitching son's trousers)

They don't often happen these 'can't be a*sed' days but hey a girl is allowed time off now and again yes?

Anyway for today's post. I think we need to recap on what we've talked about over the last few weeks. My head is mush and I can't remember what I've published and what's still in my head so apologies for a rather wordy post, it's certainly photo light (some would say that's a good thing).

Building A Cohesive Workable Wardrobe

I wrote this post a few weeks back and realise now that it should have been the actual launch of our foray into grown up, sensible dressing. The idea being that we build a core wardrobe that we can inject a few fashion pieces into each season to bring it up to date.

So this is the kick off post (except it didn't appear at the beginning):

Building A Workable Wardrobe

And a little peek into my own closet:

Hero Pieces In My Wardrobe

And putting this into practice, here I talk about how classic pieces work for me:

Two Wardrobe Classics And A Boden Discount

Make Your Wardrobe Work For You

As a trained colour and image consultant, I know the importance of recognising that we're all different. This is why I try not to be too prescriptive when talking about capsule wardrobes. We will be talking about this, but in a way that you can relate to it (says she who hasn't a clue how to start this one). It's all to do with your style personality, there really isn't a right or wrong answer, a one mould fits all solution. Because we're all unique!

You might be interested in this older post but still relevant:

Do You Know Your Style Personality?

And in these posts, I give you a couple of alternatives to the more formal blazer:

A Blazer Alternative Part I

A Blazer Alternative Part 2

Lots more work to do on this section.

Fashion Trends That Never Date

My attempt to instil a little confidence in to ladies who may be dithering about hot trends right now. There are some that you can safely buy into knowing that you'll be able to wear them again next year.

And here is where I put it all into practice:

Body Shapes & Styling Tips

Popular topics these. Identifying and dressing body shapes, correcting imperfections and styling tips. I'll do a shiny new post soon on how to work out your own body shape and dress accordingly 

Giving Your Outfit A Bit Of A Bang

Masterclasses on how to use accessories to make your outfits a bit more special. I'm a massive believer that the finishing touches can make or break an outfit. A bit like soft furnishings and ornaments in your living room yes? I mean what's  the point of going to all that trouble of decorating the walls and putting new flooring down if that's it, you don't do anything else. Hanging pictures and laying rugs makes it your own. It's exactly the same with bags and shoes.

An older post here:

Using Accessories To Give Your Outfit A Bit of Oomph

And more recently (gosh, I got so many emails about this one):

A Bag Is Not Just A Bag Right?

Short Cuts & Cheats

Oh yes, I'm all for an easy life. As much as I'm obsessed with shoes and jackets and sweaters, I like outfits that I can jump into and get on with my day.

Transforming A Day To Night Outfit

Outfit Cheating

Ok, so I can now see the wood for the trees. Google will probably penalise me for adding too many links to a relatively small amount of text (even though they're my flippin links Mr G) and bury this post in the www black hole forever. Never mind. I know where I'm going now and hope to cover the following topics soon. I say soon, I'm thinking the rest of 2016 and whole of 2017 are sorted!

As Dermot O'Leary would say, in no particular order:

1. Pattern mixing
2. City Chic dressing (as requested several times, sorry to non-city chic-ers)
3. Tops, we need to look at tops urgently
4. Body shapes
5. Building a capsule within your wardrobe
6. Identifying your style personality
7 Skirt and dress lengths
8. How to wear colour, not just neutrals
9. Game changers
10. Grown up dressing
11. Fashion fix vs longevity

Reader Requests 

*taken from comments below 

1. Leather jackets
2. Festive dressing

Phewee! You still with me girls?

Trying to work out when my next slobby Sunday might be. It would appear that we don't have a weekend off until well after Christmas. Unless I pull a sicky and have a duvet day. Mwahahahahaha.

Stunning dog walk in Macclesfield Forest today, just me and his lordship (the pooch, not the husband). I can't get enough of autumn and we've still got the best to come.

And I wore frills and wellies. Because I can!

If there's something you would like me to cover that I haven't listed above, do leave a comment. I'll do my very best to accommodate.

Off to sniff a candle or something because all this linking has left me feeling quite faint.

12 comments on "A Recap On Building A Cohesive Wardrobe "
  1. Hi Donna, thank you so much for your blog, it's completely changed my wardrobe and buying habits for the better!
    Do you have any advice on leather jackets? I fall into the category of Soft in colour palette and don't look good in black. A leather biker or a bomber is a classic that I would love to invest in but don't really know what colour to go for.
    Emma x

    1. Hi Emma and snap!! I too am on the look out for a leather jacket (probably biker). I've already done a little research and have a few options which I'll share soon. I'll add it to the list above. I'm so glad the blog has helped with your wardrobe xx

  2. Really looking forward to the posts you have planned. And yes please! A post on tops would be brilliant. And given where we're heading (C word!) maybe you could advise on party wear that doesn't date?? x

    1. Christmas attire. Oh gosh, are we into that territory already. I'll add it to the list, thanks for the request Helen xx

  3. Hi Donna, I'm looking forward to every one of your planned topics, especially number 11 as it can be hard to balance classic chic looks with current trends while making it all look effortless. Thank you for all your posts so far which just keep on being so inspiring and relevant. I have learned so much from you and I am finding shopping and dressing much easier lately, homing in on what will work! It's great. And yes I'd love some inspiration for festive dressing especially for relaxed get togethers. Glad you enjoyed your leisurely Sunday. We all deserve days like that.Xx

    1. So glad you're still enjoying the blog Elaine. I really appreciate your encouraging comments. Will add Christmas dressing to the list xx

  4. Hi Donna, did you buy some leather leggings from Baukjen a while ago ? If you did how were they, as thinking of investing in a pair from there or from Hush x

    1. Yes I did (the current season ones). Three wears and so far I'm pleased with them. They don't seem to bag around the bum and knee which is a good thing. The only negative is that they were so expensive, I won't just hack them on which is a shame because I do love them xx

  5. Hi Donna - love your blog as it's not only entertaining but full of really useful info. I can't wait for your City Chic dressing as Emmanuelle Alt is my style icon, but sadly I don't have her budget and I'm not French...or as tall as her; OK, so I only look a bit like her in my head!! The other problem is I'm 56 so am treading a fine line between trying to look expensively and effortlessly put together but still on trend......any help gratefully received! x

    1. Oh I think we all love a bit of Emmanuelle don't we. Glad you're enjoying the blog. I think you may find some of the posts that I have planned useful...I too am in the same territory as you xx

  6. Loving the recap and extra info, a timely reminder for me to try and make more considered purchases and not buy too many random pieces!! Can't wait for the next installment on building a cohesive wardrobe.

    1. It's so hard isn't it. I love everything (and want it all). In reality, I won't wear it. The stuff I do wear loads fits in with this theme that we're looking at. Resist Donna, resist x