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An Outfit For Grocery Shopping(!!!!!!)

It was the first title that sprung to mind. Let's have another go...

An Everyday Outfit When You Don't Want To Try Too Hard

Does that sound better?

Ok, let's crack on. 

I'm in a bit of a transitional mode at the moment. Firstly, seasonal transition, it sure has got colder this week. Secondly, me-transition. I feel as if I want to dress more grown up (the summer hem lines will certainly be dropping next year). I'm not sure if it's because of the big birthday next month or the fact that I'm looking long and hard at some of the purchases I've made over the last few months and thinking, no Donna. I'll talk about that over the weekend. Basically I just want to jump into a full on Winser London wardrobe and never come out. Cashmere and merino wool and silk and full on grown up City Chic. Sigh!

And that has bugger all to do with todays post.

It's unusual for me to have a full day at home on a Friday. Nice but unusual. So, nothing special planned, I opted for full-on comfort. Coated leggings, long jumper and trainers. 

Jumper - Mango (see below for similar)
Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Leather Trainers - Next 
Bag - Modalu
Scarf - Kettlewell Colours

The trainers are the ones that I picked up for a song in the Next clearance - £20 (leather they are too). They've still got some left (click on this link and you'll see them) I think every girl should have a long line jumper in her wardrobe, for those days when you want to hide inside it. This one is actually charcoal not black from Mango a couple of years ago and still going strong. Don't bother looking for similar, they've gone all daft and quirky this year. Why do they do that? 

And that scarf? It's a useful little thing, great for working the verticals and lengthening your frame. And of course it adds a pop of colour too. I got it from Kettlewell Colours last year. It's available again this season in forest green marl and several other shades too. Perfect for lifting a pretty drab outfit. Oh yeah, and it's warm too!

Styling Tips For Long Jumpers

1. Watch the proportions. Make sure it fits at the shoulder if you want an overall 'neat' look. Also a fitted sleeve (such as mine) prevents it from looking sloppy

2. The jumper shouldn't finish at the widest point of your thigh as this will give the illusion of you being bigger than you really are

3. Wear dark trousers and dark shoes to elongate the leg 

4. Petites should make sure that the jumper is neat all over as long and baggy will overwhelm your frame 

5. Wearing the same colour top and bottom is slimming

6. It covers your bum!!

And A Few That Have Caught My Eye (lots of different price points)

Anyway, that's it really. About as good as it's going to get today.

Looking forward to a catch up with the daughter tonight and then off shopping tomorrow. Trafford Centre, we're coming to get you.

Have a lovely evening. Gosh I love Fridays.

1 comment on "An Outfit For Grocery Shopping(!!!!!!)"
  1. I always feel really dumpy in long jumpers (well most jumpers really) and avoid anything thick and cabled like the plague. This looks great though although I'm sure you are a good few inches taller than me! Love the green with it, I'm very fond of green :)