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Jumper Styling Tips. Yes Folks It's Finally Time To Get Your Woollies Out

I really, really need to do a recap on what we've covered over the last few weeks in the wearable wardrobe series. More for my benefit actually because I can't remember what we've talked about and, what we haven't. But temperatures are dropping and I have an urge to wrap up warm so first of all, let's do jumpers.

I mean, let's face it, jumpers have come a long way since those scratchy home knitted things that your granny churned out at the rate of knots. Thank the Lord for Fame and Flashdance, those off the shoulder sweatshirts were my saviour.

A Few Jumper & Cardigan Styling Tips

1. Use patterned jumpers to your advantage. Print is great at disguising tummy bulges

2. An oversized jumper that fits correctly at the shoulders will always look smart

3. A layered shirt underneath should be made of a soft fabric. You'll look all bunched up in stiff cotton. Or alternatively these faux collars are excellent. I've never seen them with under arm straps before - brilliant! And this one, it looks a bit pants in the photo but think about it, layered under a a lovely cashmere jumper, it will look fab. Promise.

4. If it's warmth you want, avoid man-made fibres. They'll never be as warm as the real thing.

5. Consider the neckline: big busted ladies may want to avoid polo necks, opting for a more flattering v or round neck instead. But do try a soft cowl neck too. Pear shapes could use a wide necked sweater to balance the shoulders and hips. Athletic figures could use a raglan sleeve to 'narrow' the shoulders.

6. And the hem? Well, choose your most flattering. General rule is that a hem shouldn't finish at your widest point. Higher or lower is far better. Unless you're doing a column of colour (wearing the same shade top and bottom) in which case it's not so important.

7. Chunky knits will make you look well, chunkier. There's no other way to say it. They could add 1-2 dress sizes to your frame. If you're not looking for bulk, wear a thinner knit with no texture. You can always wear a thermal underneath. However, if you are long and lean, use a chunky jumper with texture to add a bit of depth to your figure. It will break up the lines and stop you from looking like a runner bean. Final word about chunky knits - be careful if you're petite as the bulk could overwhelm you.

8. A boyfriend cardigan is a great wardrobe staple (see this post). Choose the correct size - it should skim your curves rather than cling to them. Use the straight line of the front to your advantage. Verticals will always make you look leaner and longer.

Boyfriend cardigan - Kettlewell
9. If you have very straight shoulders and frame, look for jumpers with a soft drape at the hem (particularly the back) to prevent your torso looking square.

My Jumpers and Cardigans Edit 2016

All of these would slot into a wearable wardrobe very easily.

1. The (ever so slightly) contrasting sleeves on this jumper draws the eyes away from the torso. I love the oversize-ness (is that even a word?) and yet it doesn't look at all sloppy. Playing up to my need for neatness. 

2. Staying with Warehouse, this one caught my eye. Well the curved hem actually. Particularly useful for very straight shoulders and square frames. The curve will soften the look and prevent the jumper looking too boxy.

Rib Curve Hem Cowl Neck Jumper £45

Also available in dark pink, light grey and mustard (I hate the mustard, it looks like sludge brown!).

3. Does what it says on the tin, this next one, frill neck and cuffs. So, so pretty and for all those romantic style personalities out there, this one is for you. Really lovely for layering underneath a jacket, a nice alternative to a shirt.

Frill Neck & Cuff Jumper £35

Available in light grey too (I prefer the pink).

4. I can vouch for this next one as I have it. Wore it properly for the first time yesterday, it was lovely. Ivory is a particularly flattering shade of white and I'll stick my neck out and say this colour suits everyone. If you're all about the splurge this month, quote IWWSBVIP at checkout before 15 October to receive £25 off your order.

Roll Neck Jumper £69

It's going to be extremely versatile too. Thin enough to layer under jackets and coats and works well with both skirts and trousers. Love the loose rolled hem which I've side tucked for a bit of waist definition here.

Also available in black, Hollywood red and camel.

5. And again from Winser London, the boyfriend jumper. Oversized but still looks as if it fits (if you catch my drift). It's quite a deep v-neck so you could layer up with a lace trim vest top. I have these in different colours. My preference would always be Merino wool or cashmere blend as I don't find it itchy and it's much warmer than man made fibres.

It's worth spending a little bit more on your wearable wardrobe knits if you can as they're going to take you from season to season.

Love the idea of layering this underneath a shorter black blazer with a big chunky scarf and black coated leggings.

Boyfriend Jumper £79

Also available in black, midnight navy, mink, forest green, vintage rose, moonlight, chambray blue and rich burgundy. All fabulous neutrals. Choose your best one, there's a colour for everyone. Personally it's down to the pink or rich burgundy for me! But then the camel teamed with black is very appealing too. Decisions, decisions.

6. I mentioned pattern is a great way of disguising tummy lumps and bumps. But then we're building a forever wardrobe here and I personally tire very easily of pattern. So, something a little busy perhaps? This one then? A bit special isn't it? The swirly pattern distracts the eye from belly fat.

Intarsia Roll Neck Jumper £79

7. And I'm still hankering after the Baukjen one that I featured a while back. Think I've just missed 20% off too. Such a cheerful uplifting colour. Effortless style!

Berrick Knitted Top In Blue £109

8.  I'm not loving the styling of oversized jumpers with wide leg trousers as in the next photo (bottom half cropped therefore). The ribbing is great for adding texture to an outfit and it looks a lovely cut. A beautiful rich winter colour.

Selected Laua Oversized Knit Pullover £55

A few budget conscious options now.

9. As much as I love a bit of Merino wool, if it's a choice between scratchy wool or man made fibres, I'd choose the later. And this one looks as soft as they come. Love the v-neck, it's particularly flattering. Shame it's only available in one colour way.

Vila Long Knit Jumper £20

10. This one's a little bit clever. Look at the shoulder level. The grey colour block tricks the eye into thinking that the shoulders are wider than they are. So who should wear this? Pear shapes of course. And the hem side splits are quite forgiving if you carry a bit of weight in this area.

Oversized Jumper With Wool £25

11. Another for those who love pretty detail. Wear with distressed jeans and a biker jacket to toughen it up. The cut is ideal for skimming the body so very flattering. Strangely drawn to this.

Willow & Paige Relaxed Jumper With Ruffle Hem £35

12. A good one for pear shapes, the shoulders across the shoulders will give the illusion of width. Really like the contrast of the manly stripe with the the frill.
Ruffle Jumper With Stripes £28

13. And finally if ever there was a perfect layering jumper for under jackets, this is it.

Tilly Jumper currently 20% from £39.60

And the stunning Beatnik Red. Just swoon. I'm feeling an order coming on.

Ladies, I'm positively drooling here. Gosh, I love a good jumper. Don't you?

I've managed to get out of the hubby where we're going for part of my 50th celebrations. NEW YORK baby. In 2 weeks. Eeek. Singing in the shower may well have featured this morning. He won't furnish me with any more details than that. Outfit planning mode will kick in shortly I'm sure. It's been 6 years since we last visited, far, far too long.

Had an 'interesting' conversation with the son last night as I took him to meet his friends for a curry (as you do at 15 years old). I was of course moaning as usual that his bedroom is always a mess and he said that he has adopted the work triangle theory. Where his bed, desk and television are the main hubs of activity, so it makes sense to cluster his stuff in these areas. I'm not going to win that one am I?

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I just love this skin jumper,its really adorable and unique.

    1. I love them all Bella, that's my problem, a real weakness for jumpers x

  2. enjoy your Birthday celebrations my best friend will be there celebrating her 50th Birthday too ! lucky ladies xx

    1. Thank you Donna, it's long overdue. I think it's 6 years since we last went x

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  4. Love the collar ideas, much cheaper than the ones they do at Cos. X

    1. I know Kathryn they are aren't they. Mine moves around so the elastic bit under the arm is genius!! x

  5. Your posts never fail to meld fashion and practical function for real women, as you consistently address body types, best colors, how an item scores or fails in it's styling. You get my favorite blog award (and I follow quite a few!) Thanks!

    1. Yeay thank you very, very much. That's made my day. I always try to give some application theory to clothes so glad it's appreciated xx

  6. New York??? Oh how completely FAB!!!! Can't wait to see the OOTD pic from there xx