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One Birthday Outfit Down

Shhhhhh. It's my big 5-0 next month. How did that bloomin happen? I mean I only feel 27. Carefree, pre-kids, burning the candle at both ends and all that. Ok, ok, I'd like to feel like that but if truth be known, I feel every one of my 50 years. When I get up in a morning (pre make-up) and when I go to bed at night (post make-up). The inbetweeny bits aren't so bad. Blusher and eye-liner help. Anyway, I've been frantically searching for a few outfits in anticipation of this fairly significant birthday and have come up so far with a big fat fail.

Until that is, Kettlewell Colours sent me this little top.

Sparkle Crossover Top £59

Sparkle normally equates to itchy. You know, that metallic thread that scratches your back and the inside of your elbows. Not this one. It's the softest fabric ever. A Modal jersey apparently. And the colour? Well that's divine, antique teal sparkle. It's not overly brassy and sparkly either, very subtle actually.  Anyway, I'll delve into my wardrobe and pull out some sort of black trousers, heels and a bag and Bob's your uncle, I have a brilliant evening outfit. Now if someone will just tell me what I'm doing for my birthday.....

Sparkle Crossover Top - Kettlewell 
Black Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Black Bag - Marks & Spencer (love this)
Leopard Print Sandals - ASOS (these are ace)

The top is available in 5 different colours (at least one for each seasonal colour palette) although the green is by far my favourite. I'm wearing a size Medium. If you're inbetween sizes, don't be afraid to go up. I think these tops are far more flattering if they're not clinging to every ounce of flesh. **Tip** check the back, if it's clinging to any back fat, send for the next size up!!

We've been talking about building up a wearable wardrobe that doesn't date recently. This top very much fits into this theme. It's a great evening top that you will bring out year after year. It's not a fashiony piece at all but then it's not old fashioned either. Just one of those clever wardrobe workers that you'll enjoy wearing.

I've mentioned before how good Kettlewell are with colour. They make it so simple to shop your palette colours. No high fashion, just good solid pieces. Hop on over and have a browse. Thank you Kettlewell for gifting this top so that I can share it with my lovely readers.

Enjoy your day. It's a sunny one here. I'd like to say a stroll in the woods, long boozy lunch and an evening of Netflix. In reality it's four loads of washing (otherwise the son will be going to school tomorrow in jeans and a t-shirt), a mountain of ironing, shopping, cleaning, cooking a Sunday roast.....Ho hum.

4 comments on "One Birthday Outfit Down"
  1. That is gorgeous - the colour is fab on you. Not a chance that you look close to 50 xx

    1. Thank you. You can be my friend. It is a really lovely colour xx

  2. What a lovely versatile top. I agree it looks great on you and lovely with your hair colour. No way do you look nearly 50! Ive always liked teal. Funnily enough I've just bought a plain teal jersey fabric to make a dress! Could be a disaster as I've never sewn jersey before but I can try. Hope you find some time to relax and enjoy the sunshine today.

    1. It really is a special top Elaine and do you know what, everyone can do teal. It's one of the few colours that works no matter what colour palette yo are x