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We Did A Bit Of Shopping On Saturday

Love a bit of shopping I do, although the Trafford Centre on a Saturday afternoon might not be the most well thought out idea. I think we managed 5 shops in total (the daughter and I). It was rammed! Think the last Saturday before Christmas and you won't be far out.

Anyway, it was a pretty successful afternoon considering I only set out for a pair of black trousers. Want to know what we bought? 

What I Bought

I know I said I wasn't going to buy until after we've been to New York but you know what, I hate shopping in other countries. Always feeling rushed and pressurised into buying, having to strip off every few minutes to try on and then worrying that you can't fit it all in the suitcase. Oh and the thought of shopping with the husband. No! No! No! That coupled with the fact that the sterling rate is pants right now. So, after coveting the Balfern, I took the plunge and bought it. Described as green, it's more grey with a hint of green. I sized right down to an 8 because the leather really does stretch and grow. Had I not tried on the sales assistant's black size 8, I'd probably have plunged for the 10 (I'm really an 11 on top). But her jacket fitted me really well. So, I shall be shoe horning myself into the jacket, sitting next to the radiator and doing lots of aerobic movements in an attempt to stretch the damn thing.

I've decided that I've fallen out of love with denim (more on that another time) and after a mild panic, realised other trouser options were needed. I'd noticed these online and popped in to River Island to check them out. Of course they only had a teeny weeny size 6 left but all sizes still available online. So I tried the ones above instead and loved them. They remind me of the Annas from Whistles which don't work on me. A friend has them and they look amazing on her. So pretty thrilled that these RI ones are perfect. Don't let the description put you off if you're after a smart, comfortable trouser, they're nothing like joggers! Note to River Island though....lose the zips!!

Ok, so we both tried these which is surprising given that we have very different taste in footwear. I bought them, Ash is still thinking! She'll cave, I'm sure. They're definitely a fashion purchase, I don't expect them to be in my wardrobe for years. They're what I would call a fashion injection. Trouble is they're not leather, I really wish they were and would happily have paid more than the £55 price tag. Sleeping on this purchase, they may go back.

Reduced to £20, they were an easy buy. Except they make a funny noise when I walk. Hoping that's a temporary thing. I was seduced by the full shoe which will be so much warmer in winter. Available in black and the most amazing rose gold as well. 

I would never have picked these online but in real life, they are seriously lovely. The fabric looks like an expensive flannel. 

Had to order in my size which I'll pick up tomorrow. Very much looking forward to styling them with trainers and a blazer. 

Zara Pinstripe Fitted Culottes (£19.99)

Believe me, I have searched and searched for these online but nope, they're not there!! Love-hate relationship with Zara continues. I mean, they have some amazing stuff yet again but oh the quality is terrible. Anyway, we both bought these culottes. I've got a couple of pairs but I've never felt 100% happy in them. These are thicker and hang better. A neat elasticated waist so there's zero bulk around the belly. Love the pinstripe and really useful if you wear business dress. 

Do not  say I told you so when I wash it for the first time and it falls apart. I know, I know. It was the stripe and the zip that did it for me. E'nuf said.

And What Ash Bought

As well as the Zara culottes and a couple of other purchases, she was somewhat restrained. Might have something to do with the fact that every time I call her, she seems to be in the Westfield Centre. It's slightly too convenient to her house in West Kensington. 

It's that fur jacket that's been all over Instagram, across all ages, it knows no barriers. Got to admit though, it's gorgeous. 

Fab little top and very useful too. I think this one edges it over the leopard print one (which has also been all over Insta). It's cleaner and crisper and dare I say it....a perfect Christmas top. 

Leather Chain Coin Choker

I haven't got into the whole choker thing, no one wants to look at my turkey neck. This one is slightly different to the one we picked up, but not much. They had stacks of different styles in the Top Shop concession in Selfridges, not so many online. There's something really rather lovely about a choker on a young neck and she's really amassing a small collection at the moment.

And that's it. You would have been proud of me, managed heels all day and didn't moan once. Anyway, the current weather in New York has totally thrown me. It's 25 degrees this week! I had to double check that I was looking at celsius not farenheit. Drops to 17 next week which is still warmer than average (I believe). Wardrobe planning has gone back to square one. 

Have a good week. 

9 comments on "We Did A Bit Of Shopping On Saturday"
  1. Ooooh, what a fab load of purchases! Literally just blogged about the same Topshop top, loved it. Great choice Ash X

  2. Fabulous haul Donna! May i ask if you think the All Saints jacket is the perfect colour for us soft & warms? I'm rather keen on it but would only spend that kind of money if the colour was spot on. X

  3. Fabulous haul Donna! May i ask if you think the All Saints jacket is the perfect colour for us soft & warms? I'm rather keen on it but would only spend that kind of money if the colour was spot on. X

    1. Yes Kathryn, as Softs, we look our best in soft, muted colours of medium depth. Charcoal grey is one of them. This is slightly lighter than charcoal with a tiny hint of green so is absolutely perfect. It's a really unusual shade which I loved as soon as I saw it. Mind you, when I tried the sales assistant's black one on, I was surprised at how nice it looked. That's because it's more of a washed black so is less harsh on the skin. Hope that helps x

  4. Inspired by you Donna - I've just purchased the All Saints Bales leather jacket in black. It's the most buttery sort leather and a very soft black, almost charcoal (perfect I think for my soft & warm tones). And super chuffed, I wouldn't have looked in All Saints if it wasn't for you. And the best bit - I got 20% off too!!! X

    1. Weeping on two counts Kathryn. Firstly I almost, almost went for the soft black but chickened out and now I'm regretting it a little. Secondly you got 20% off (cue very sad face). Anyway, enjoy wearing it. Mine is still in the wardrobe xx