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A Few Tips For Pulling Off Chunky Knits

There's something really rather lovely about a chunky knit don't you think? It's one of my favourite Pinterest searches; mug of coffee in hand, Jaffa Cake (or three) and a ten minute linger over the latest big jumper pins. Sigh.

Roll Neck Jumper - J D Williams
Liv Leather Leggings - Baukjen
Zip Heel Ankle Boot - Boden
Bag - Boden (similar)

They should be an easy win, I mean, chuck one on with a pair of jeans and you're ready for the day. But, I personally find them tricky little devils to style up. I have a larger top half so adding bulk makes me look bigger than I really am. Not attractive. But with a bit of know-how, a good look can be achieved.

This is what works for me:

1. Make it oversized

This is one piece of clothing that I think needs to be oversized rather than clingy. No one wants to hi-light their muffin top or back fat in wool.

2. Keep the bottom half fitted

Unless you are particularly waif like, you'll want to show a bit of shape so keep the bottom half fitted. Skinny jeans or a straight skirt. Wearing a baggy top and bottom will of course add pounds to your frames.

Roll Neck Jumper - Winser London
Milano Wool Pencil Skirt - Winser London
Leopard Print Boots - Michael Kors (similar)
Bag - Marks & Spencer (similar)
Pendant - Claudia Bradby

3. Think about your footwear

Personally I find a dainty pair of ballet pumps doesn't cut it when wearing an oversized sweater. Go chunky (biker boots) or wear heels. Of course the latter will elongate the leg which is always a welcome side product.

4. Watch the length

If you have a squarish frame (straight shoulder line and no waist definition with/without weight), the last thing you need is to hi-light this. Wearing a shortish chunky jumper probably won't work, it will make you look squarer than you really are!!! So go longer. At least to the bottom of your bum. Or try a curved hem which softens the angles. Or wear a similar colour longer t-shirt underneath to extend it's length.

Or do as I have done here and wear an untucked shirt which distracts the eye from the jumper's boxiness. It really works, especially from the back.

Jumper - Old
Shirt - Husbands!
Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Zip Heel Ankle Boot - Boden
Black Hobo Bag - Marks & Spencer (similar)

5. Beware of the dreaded boobage!

We all know the rule: if you have boobs, don't go polo! A little trick you could try before banishing these from your life forever is to give a ribbed one a go. Size up so that the ribbing sit's straight on your body. A small cowl neck is a good option. I say small because we don't want it sitting on the bust line do we?

6. Use shoulder lines to your advantage. 

Pear shapes can wear dropped shoulders to build up this area and balance out their hips. Inverted triangles (athletic body shapes) should look for a raglan to draw the eye inwards.

7. Check the colour

As this will be the dominant piece of your outfit, make sure the colour is flattering.

8. Update your look

You can update your chunky knits each year with bags and footwear so they're worth spending a little bit more on.

9. Fold don't hang

Don't hang your jumpers, they'll 'grow' on the coat hanger, particularly loose knits. Instead, fold them.

10. Add a scarf

Use a scarf to break up the expanse of the jumper. It can also add interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

Oversized Jumper - OldPull On Coated Leggings - Next
Trainers - Next (right hand column)
Bag - Modalu
Ribbed Scarf - Kettlewell Colours 

11. Detailing is your friend

They eye is drawn to detail so use this to your advantage. This knit draws the eye downwards away from the bust and shoulders.

12. Dress it up

It's easy to dress the look up by adding choice accessories; heels and a bag. As a City Chic, this is my preferred way of wearing over sized knits.

So, bearing in mind the above tips, let's have a look at my new jumper from J D Williams

Roll Neck Jumper - J D Williams

- It's a great colour for Warm skin tones (there's also a lovely grey marl for Cool skins)
- I sized up to a 12/14 for a slouchier look which means there's no clinging
- The cowl neck isn't resting on my bust (thank the Lord for that one)
- It's plenty long enough so I don't have to worry about fixing my square shape with the above hacks
- I've opted for a chunky block heel to dress it up as opposed to wearing trainers (but these are fine too)
- I've used a leopard print bag for interest

So this one is a keeper for sure. Now all I need is a frost and a new pair of gloves!

We're told it's going to be a long, hard winter - are you intending on stocking up on your winter woollies?

Thank you so much for all of my birthday wishes, I've been totally overwhelmed. Long lazy lunch with the husband today, early to bed and then off to the smoke tomorrow for a couple of days. So far 50 isn't bad!!!

2 comments on "A Few Tips For Pulling Off Chunky Knits"
  1. Can't believe you posted a blog update on your birthday. Such dedication! Great tips and now that I've finally invested in those infamous Next leggings, I need to get working on some chunky knits to wear with them. Happy birthday again xx

    1. I feel I must fess up and say that I wrote the post a few days before my birthday and just added that little bit at the end. I'd say more organisation than dedication x