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A Great Alternative To Traditional Denim & An Easy Wear Top

Today I'm featuring a brand that's new to this blog, M&Co. They asked if I would road test a pair of their Lift & Shape jeans and I have to be honest and say that my immediate reaction was no. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I've fallen out with denim (hoping it's merely a temporary symptom) and I would have been taking the jeans for the sake of it. But something in my head told me to click through to the site and that's when I discovered that actually we're not talking denim-denim at all, more of a coloured jean.

Oh ok I could do these, I thought, a good alternative to the skinny coated jeggings that seem to be surgically attached to my body. So I zoomed in for a closer look. No contrast stitching (good), a high rise (fantastic), a proper slim leg (excellent). Yep things were certainly stacking in favour of ordering a pair. Although the model styling isn't what I would go for, sometimes you have to look beyond this and think how you would wear them. I saw potential!

So I said yes to the navy ones. Sizing wise I was unsure having never bought from M&Co before. They suggested I try a size 10 and they were bob on. The quality is excellent, I was gifted a pair of a much pricier brand earlier in the year - we are talking £150 a pair and as much as I tried to love them, I didn't, so sent them back with a thank you but I couldn't do them justice. These are £29 (I know) and in my little mind look and feel far superior. 

Lift & Shape Slim Leg Jeans - M&Co
Bag - Next (old)
Cold Shoulder Shimmer Jumper - M&Co
Shoes - Next (similar)

There's a nice stretch to the fabric but not so much that you're constantly pulling them up and you feel nicely sucked in without being uncomfortable. As for lifting and shaping, I'm really not the best person to ask as sadly, I don't have backside. Think I was born with one but lost it during the ageing process. It's my biggest regret! What I can say is that the Next lift and shapes are awful on me. They seem really tight at the back of the top of the leg, it's almost a pulling sensation. I guess that's the lift but they feel really weird and are terribly uncomfortable. The M&Co ones feel snug but without that awful tugging.

Available up to size 22, I highly recommend that you order a pair to try them for yourself.

I've worn them twice with a quick iron in between wears and am happy to say they have a big thumbs up. They feel dressy which is a good thing. The black ones are certainly smart enough to wear over the festive season with a sparkly top and heels.

I threw them in the washing machine on a 20 degree quick cycle and hung them to dry. They do need a bit of an iron unlike skinnies that cling to every bit of the leg. I can get over that.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the Cold Shoulder Shimmer Jumper. Yes ladies, it's navy. NAVY!! It's so easy for retailers to default to black black black. I feel like doing a little skip when I see navy.

M&Co Cold Shoulder Shimmer Jumper £22

If you want easy wear, this is for you. Fling it on (with the jeans above) slap on some lipstick and you're ready to go. I didn't bother with fake tan - somehow pasty white arms are more acceptable than legs. Oh and talking of the arms, they're 3/4 length which is a fabulously sexy length. And we all have great wrists don't we?? I didn't even bother with a necklace because that neckline 'don't need no interfering'.  Extremely comfy to wear particularly around the middle which is looser. And the price? Well that will be £22 then. You can thank me later. In the meantime, if you want it, I suggest you get yourself over to M&Co to order it pretty pronto as some of the sizes are VERY low stock. I'm wearing a 10 and there's plenty of room for a turkey dinner.

So now I know where to go for slim leg smart jeans and a bonus top too. Job done.

It's a cold one here today. There's a yellow warning for snow but I'm not seeing anything yet. How about you? Any snow stories? We managed to leave one of the cars on the drive running for 3 1/2 hours this morning. Totally forgot that we'd switched the engine on. But that's kind of how it rolls here. We bump and grind from one catastrophy to the next. Hey ho.

Prepping for my wee birthday next week. That means I have 8 days left in my 40s. Got a couple of dresses lined up (one has been in my wardrobe for months). I'm very much in need of invisible shape wear though. So I'll be trotting off to M&S and John Lewis in the next couple of days to investigate.

Watching with keen interest what's happening over at the other side of the pond. It's probably not the best of times to be watching House Of Cards. Kevin Spacey is epically heinous isn't he? Well not him but his character, Frank Underwood.

We'll leave product reviews next time as I'm just in the process of writing a blog post to help Naturals smarten up which I hope to bring you tomorrow.

Stay warm and cosy.

6 comments on "A Great Alternative To Traditional Denim & An Easy Wear Top"
  1. Love the outfit ! So refreshing to see a great review with clothes that the average gal can actually afford ! Thanks Donna, a winner all round x

    1. Thank you xx I'm a firm believer that it doesn't matter what it costs, it's what you do with it that counts x

  2. Ha! As my mother used to say 'it's not the clothes, it's the hanger'!!! Love this outfit - it's smart, it's sparkly and it looks like it's easy to wear. Cannot believe the prices .. going to pop over to the website now to check out that jumper. Wonder do they deliver to Ireland?

    1. I love that saying!!! You're right it's very easy to wear, total comfort xx

  3. Lovely jeans, may give them a look. X

    1. They really are Jacqui. Really really pleased with them x