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Cancel Your Gym Membership This Christmas - I've Found The Miracle Dress

A couple of weeks ago, I popped into Winser London's press day to have a look at the spring/summer 17 collection. To be honest, I have enough on my plate keeping up with current trends never mind future ones. But, one thing I love about this brand is that they have a core collection that is tweaked every season, so it might be a different sleeve or a new shade. And then they introduce a few new pieces to remain current and fresh. I like that.

I've borrowed, bought and been gifted several pieces from the current collection. Does that qualify me as a Winser London expert? I mean, I 'get' what the brand is all about, providing quality pieces at decent prices. Clever designs that flatter a real figure and give us women the confidence we need in todays crazy world. To be honest, I've been blown away by every single piece that I've had the pleasure to try.

Anyway back to the press day. I was particularly intrigued to check out the miracle dress range. We are talking serious frock power. You know me by now and my love of Ponte fabric. Well, this isn't any old Ponte, it's double knit jersey Ponte de Roma fabric. I haven't a clue what that means, sounds impressive though. What I can tell you is that it's bloody amazing. Why? You want to know why?

1. It holds you in
2. It doesn't show your lumps and bumps
3. It holds it's shape because the fabric is tightly woven
4. It doesn't crease so travels really well
5. It has stretch so is very comfortable to wear
6. It doesn't fade when washed

What's not to love? And very cheekily I asked if I could borrow three different designs to do a show and tell on the blog promising faithfully to look after them.

These are the ones I've chosen to show case.

Miracle Short Sleeve Dress in Moonlight £99

You get a lot of bang for your buck which is probably true for all of the dresses. See those pleats across the tummy? They're like wearing your magic pants on the outside. They hold you in and disguise the bits that you don't want to show. Super flattering too. If you haven't tried this style before, you really must. I've had a couple of similar styles and the pleats really are quite brilliant.

Moonlight Miracle Short Sleeve Dress - Winser London
Pearlised Grey Clutch - Karen Millen (similar currently 25% off)
Pearlised Grey Shoes - Karen Millen (similar 20% off with code GOGOGO)

I love the soft rolled crew neck which I hadn't clocked online. Just a little detail but it really does take the dress to the next level.

All the dresses I ordered are a size 10. I'm on the larger size of a 10 and they fitted perfectly. You might want to size down if you're smaller. Ideally I would have liked to have tried the rich burgundy but it's sold out in my size. Seem to be having a love-in for all things burgundy at the moment! It's also available in black (of course), midnight navy, camel and teal.

Short sleeves (big thumbs up) and of course it means that the dress can be taken right through to summer.

Let's face it, our upper arms might not be as toned as we would like them to be so a bit of coverage is always welcome. I didn't think I'd like this dress when it was unpacked, it looked a little too classic for my taste but oh boy, it takes on a different persona when it's on. Turned out me and this dress quickly made friends. 

Rich Burgundy Miracle Fitted Dress - Winser London
Lace Up Shoes - Marks & Spencer (similar)
Rich Purple Croc Metallic Clutch - Mimi & Thomas (Quote BLKFRI15OFF for 15% DISCOUNT

No clever pleats this time but the thick, heavy fabric holds everything in just fine. What a stunning dress for Christmas! I need someone to get married on 24th December. 

Did I mention that this one has pockets? Brings it right into the 21st Century doesn't it? 

Those georgette sleeves though. Finished off with a tiny covered button. A sucker for detail, I am.

Look how the line of the pocket is cleverly integrated into the seam which in itself is a flattering cut to draw the eye inwards. 

There's nothing over designed about Winser London pieces, that's why I like the brand so much. Take the notch crew neckline. It has a hidden button so as not to interrupt the the simple line. The designers are probably sticking pins in a Donna Voodoo doll right now because I'm sure that these dresses are technically ambitious to pull off. 

And it's available in black and Moonlight as well. 

Miracle Crochet Shift Dress In Ivory £135

This one caught my eye at the press day so I was keen to try it for myself. It's probably fair to say that it's slightly more fashion-led than the other two. That funnel neck and shorter hem line would certainly appeal to my 21 year old. It's still a shift dress.....but not as you know it!

Ivory Miracle Crochet Shift Dress - Winser London
Leopard Print Ankle Boots - Michael Kors (similar)
Bronze Tassels Metal Trim Clutch - Mimi & Thomas

By the way, the zips of all the dresses are covered. You're not going to find this level of detail on many £135 dresses!

One of things that I really loved about this dress is that it isn't see through. My absolute pet hate when wearing white.

Also available in black and deep purple. 

One of the things I noticed when trying these dresses is that I didn't feel the need to over accessorise. In fact, I wore just my wedding ring and watch in the ivory one. 

I'd be hard pressed to choose a favourite, each style is beautifully cut; the blue one is super flattering across my problem area, I was totally surprised at how much I loved the burgundy and ivory felt youthful and fresh. 

Do you have a favourite? Anyway, they're all packed up ready to go back. I'm glad I've tried them though because they lived up to their claim of being 'miracle dresses'. By the way, I'd highly recommend playing around with your own bags and shoes and taking photos when you're doing a try on at home. Sometimes it's much easier to make a 'good' decision when you have all the pictures in front of you. Well it has to beat a selfie in the changing rooms with jeans around your ankles!

Lovely day in Manchester catching up with my friend Helen from The Flaky Fashionista. Shock horror, we managed only two shops and spent the rest of the time gossiping over lunch. Back home now and huddled in front of the fire with a family sized bag of Minstrels. I am so going to need miracle dressing this Christmas. 

p.s. This is not a sponsored post, I have not been gifted anything. And, I haven't been asked to write about them. I merely wanted to share my experience of these fabulous dresses with you. 

9 comments on "Cancel Your Gym Membership This Christmas - I've Found The Miracle Dress"
  1. All three dresses are gorgeous but you look stunning in the burgundy dress. May have to go and take a look...

    1. Thank you very much. I really can't decide but the burgundy one was the biggest surprise of all x

  2. Yes that one's my favourite too. Love the elegant sheer sleeves and the burgundy colour is lovely on you. I love double knit jersey fabric for winter dresses, so soft, warm and flattering. It usually has a little bit of sideways stretch but no up and down stretch so fits and hangs well. Its lovely to sew with too.Xx

    1. Yes you're spot on Elaine. I hadn't realised that, there's no up and down stretch. Big love for Ponte x

  3. Fabulous post Donna. You look gorgeous in them all. I have the second dress you wore (with the sheer sleeves) in both the blue and burgundy. It's such a perfect dress isn't it. Hope you had a wonderful birthday too. Love Liz xxx (www.whatlizzyloves.com) xxxx

    1. Thanks Liz. I'm a sucker for burgundy and was so surprised how lovely the dress looked and felt on x

  4. Did you really have to give them all back?? They are just gorgeous. My fave is the white (surprise, surprise!) Loved meeting you on Sunday ... lets not leave it so long til next time xx

    1. Fraid so Helen. The quality is absolutely stunning for the price. And yes I know you love white!!!!! Lovely to see you too. Your home turf next time (cross fingers) xx

  5. I can't believe you sent them all back. I like the blue best, think it's the most versatile, I really think it should be a keeper - and ps can I hide in your case when you go to meet Helen please?!!!! Xx