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Championing An Old Favourite, That'll Be Next Then

Continuing my quest to build a wardrobe that will last, I've been eagerly awaiting Next's latest collection and it didn't disappoint. Ok, Next isn't deemed the coolest shop on the block by many of the fashion pack but I have a real life that I have to dress for. Don't get me wrong,  I'm the first to admit that I swoon over the London based bloggers who seem to be able to go bare legged in the depths of winter. Either there's a micro climate down there or these girls are down right 'ard. I't's chuffin cold up north and I'd be hell to live with if I dressed in a similar manner. 

I think Next has been fantastic this season. I really do rate them. The clothes are well made and the collection is huge so it caters for most style personalities. They work for my every day grind, you know get up before it's light, school run, pottering at home, running errands.... 

And I've picked up a few favourites already this season.

Pull On Coated Leggings (I have 3 out of the 4 colours)
Spotty Oversized Ruffle Blouse
Ruffle Sweater (Similar here)
Khaki Military Coat
Easy wear pieces that I can literally put my hand in the wardrobe (in the dark), pull out and be comfortable and happy all day. I really am a simple soul.

Happy to report that the latest collection is just as good. I've picked out a few pieces that I think will sit nicely in my wardrobe (and hopefully yours).

A gluten for all things military (as you will see in this post), I'm umming and ahhing, should I or shouldn't I. You see I already have a navy military jacket that I love and wear often. It doesn't stop me from wanting this one too. These jackets are so easy to smarten up an outfit. I find them invaluable. 

One of those jumpers that you can do so so much with. The sleeve gives it that little dressy edge. Stick on a pair of coated skinnies and heeled boots, blanket scarf and you're ready to face the world.

Ok so we're heading towards the fashion territory here - stepped hem, frayed edges, panels...all going on. I'm not loving denim jeans at the moment but got to admit, these have turned my head. 

To be fair, they look much better on than the flat image. This is actually what made me look twice. 

This blouse is a stunner don't you think? A perfect festive top that you could wear and wear. I've stayed away from the star trend because everyone's wearing it but I would, nay, will make an exception for this.

Here, have a closer look. Told you it's stunning! And it's also available in a print and plain navy.

Oh my! This is a genius top. Buy one, wear it two ways. With or without the necktie**. Love, love, love. It has a feel of an Me&Em piece yes??? Without the faff of hand washing or worse, dry cleaning. I know I'd get my wear out of the cream one but the burgundy has party written all over it (I've still got to make a decision on what I'm wearing for my party in a couple of weeks). By the way, there's a bogus link on the cream one if you search for it online - it takes you to a sleeveless version (Mr Product Inputter...if you're reading, you might want to correct it).

**Update**Update** Soz boz if I have misled anyone but I've just received my order and you can't actually remove this necktie but but but....you can still wear it two ways: tied at the front or the back. I'll do a follow up post shortly xx

A really pretty little top which looks much more expensive than it really is. A sporty Self Portrait vibe? Mind you, you'll need to layer a vest top underneath as it doesn't come with one. 

More military! Another piece that's easy to style. I've said before that I have no hesitation in buying into the military trend as it never really goes out of fashion. It's just more in fashion this year than normal. If you see what I mean. And it's a brilliant, brilliant top for balancing out pear shapes. The buttons draw the eye up and out making the shoulders appear wider than they really are. 

Not a sequin fan? How about this beautiful dress instead. Special enough for many a party but not overly dressy. It really is rather lovely isn't it. I can't get over the price!

Easy wear next. I'm thinking casual Sundays but hey it could so easily be dressed up...quickly. Ideal for Sundays when hubby gives me a whole 7 1/2 minutes to get ready when he thinks it's a great idea to go out for Sunday lunch. I've got a similar top to this from Ichi. Great for disguising belly overspill and giving that cool semi tuck. And sage green too, not a colour you come across very much. It's a good neutral-ish colour! 

Ok so I'm not an advocate of too much print but hey, leopard print is positively neutral these days. Love the sporty feel of this jumper. And one that sits just below the waistline always seems a tad dressier. Alas for me personally, I think it would be occasional wear only as I tire of print very easily. 

And, I can't tell you how much I love these leggings. I shouldn't really but I do, I do. 6pm and I'm in my scruffs, well pyjamas really. They're perfect for wearing around the house and doing the late night 20 mile round, Thursday football run. Who actually plays football at 9pm - that'll be my son. 

A low cost easy way to update your A/W16 wardrobe with these contrast strap bags. I've been fancying the Accessorize Ronnie Camera Bags with the contrast straps (bought separately) which are also inexpensive but the Next ones are slightly roomier. There's also these on Ebay (USA), pretty good Gucci dupes. Naughty naughty!! How do they get away with it? 

Oh I could go on but I'll leave it there. Lots of lovely things that would be welcome additions in my wardrobe. What about you? Anything you've seen? 

And to prove that I'm all over Next this season, here I was earlier today, for the first proper outing of the military coat with those bargain trainers from the Clearance section that I bought about a month ago (click here and scroll down: white are on the right, black on the left)
Khaki Military Coat - Next
Navy & White Breton Top - Boden
Navy Cropped Cigarette Pants - Mango (old)
Trainers - Next Clearance (2nd column, 4th down)
Khaki Bag - M&S (old)

Chuckling to myself as I write this. Our son is listing what he had for lunch today. It would seem it's his mission in life to get his £2.75 worth of school lunches which today consisted of:

Tomato and basil soup with croutons
Caesar salad with chicken
Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Burger and chips
Bowl of fruit

Not sure it's legal by school standards so I'm hoping none of his teachers read this blog! Anyway, I'll sign off now as I'm toiling over the next post which is all about mixing patterns. It's sheer bloody torture, I'll tell you, but hopefully it will be out before the end of the year weekend.

Have a lovely couple of days. It's a quiet one here before I embark on lots of birthday celebrations this month starting next week when husband and I are off for dinner at our local furniture shop (it's a very, very nice furniture shop), opera singer and everything. More on that to follow.

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