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Christmas Present Ideas Tried And Tested By Me!

I've been building this list for like....ever. Well a couple of months anyway. A little open Word document that I've added to as and when something has cropped up. Christmas gifts for you, your friend, your sister, daughter and mother. It's not a compilation of things I've spotted on the internet, it's proper tried and tested by me ideas.

Hope you find some inspiration.

1. Mimi & Thomas Cashmere Blend Wrap

(original blog post here)

A fantastic gift for any age. Throw it over your shoulders for a causal look, button it up on one side to create a cape. As well as the exquisite (and I mean top notch exquisite) packaging, you receive a little instruction card with illustrations on how to create different looks. One size fits all so the only thing you need worry about is which colour. And you won't even need to gift wrap it because it comes in a posh bag! Winner.

I noticed this little Luna Leather Pouch (£34) on Mimi & Thomas' Instagram account last week so I haven't seen it in person but I do already have two of their bags which are stunning. Of course the round bottom shape is very fashionable at the moment, you only need to look at the current Chloe range. A perfectly formed little wristlet bag which is also available in silver and navy.

2. Colour Me Beautiful Gift Vouchers (from £25) 

I trained with CMB years ago, quite honestly it was the best thing I ever did. It's not cheap but was worth every penny. Indeed, I still use my knowledge on the blog regularly. The second best thing is to have your colours done. There are other companies around such as House Of Colour but after doing my research I chose CMB because they work on a six palette concept rather than the usual four seasons. I have no affiliation to the company anymore but would still highly recommend them as your first port of call. More importantly, it's worth calling a local consultant before purchasing gift vouchers because they often tailor their services accordingly. You may be able to purchase for example a mini consultation if your budget doesn't extend to a full one. Of course you could write this blog name on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and hand it out as a gift. **cheap skate**.

3. Colour Me Beautiful Book £7.99 

How about a Colour Me Beautiful book for a little stocking filler. You can pick up these for less than a tenner (Secret Santa idea???) and I have to say they are brilliant. Discover your colour palette, how to wear your colours, find out your style personality and body shape. Packed with useful information. 

4. Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Cleanser

(original blog post here)

I've been using this model for a good few months now and have to say that I wouldn't be without it. I had a really cheap Babyliss one and the Clarisonic is worth every penny (there's 25% off at the moment with Current Body, a great saving). My face feels silky soft after using it and make up seems to glide on much better. I didn't take it on holiday with me and couldn't wait to use it when I got home. 

I'm obsessed with little bags especially for holidays. A bag for sun creams, a bag for hair bobbles, a bag for headphones and nik naks....you get the picture. It drives the husband crazy. Anyway, I don't care because these are mega, love my 'D'. Another Secret Santa contender?? 

I haven't got these little dishes but spotted them when I was linking the make-up bags, Alphabet Make Up Dish

I was gifted this scarf and poncho last year and still love them both very much. The City Poncho isn't available in the forest green marl anymore but there are still lots of other colours to choose from. The scarf is and is a glorious shade of green that works well with black, charcoal and navy. I for one would be thrilled to receive another colourway on Christmas morning. 

7. Carluccio's Chocolate Truffles £11.95

A firm family favourite next. We love Carluccio's and probably their chocolate truffles more so. I could quite easily pig out on a whole jar. See I have a theory. If you binge eat, your body will only max out on calories once and then get rid of the rest in your poo (sorry). If you eat the whole jar over a week, it will max out on calories every day. Therefore it's good to binge! When you've eaten Carluccio's truffles, you won't want to buy any others.

We tried the cappuccino ones last time but overwhelmingly agree that the dark choc ones are our family favourites.

By the way, you don't get the box. That's a family heirloom.

8. The Book Of Everyone Starting From £19.95

(original blog post here)

Oh this is a stunning gift for anyone, a fantastic personalised book crammed full of facts, figures and much more. All relating to the person that you're buying for. Minimal details required - the recipient's name, gender and date of birth. And maybe the odd photo or two so that you can personalise it. We bought this for our daughter's 21st and she loved it. You know that person that you always struggle to buy for, buy them this. They'll love it.

Get your order in soon though as I'm guessing on the run up to Christmas they'll be busy.

9. Village England Fulmer Bag £195

(original blog post here)

Pure indulgent luxury without the price tag. This would make a wonderful present for any lady (or treat yourself). A good sturdy bag with all the glamour and a refreshing change from a slouchy hobo. Grey is a great neutral for any season actually because it goes with so many other colours.

Also got my eye on the Chelmorton jaguar  (£135) which is pretty divine. I've stolen this image from my pal's Insta account, The Flaky Fashionista. How amazing does she look?


10. Beer Oval Bucket £8.99

And finally one for the fellas. How about this beer bucket filled with bottles of speciality beer? Nb. you have to buy the beer yourself, it arrives empty I'm afraid.

And then when he's finished with it, you can do what I've done and lob your loo rolls in there. Genius! 

That's it. A bit of a random assortment but all tried and tested by me (some more than others - I'm looking at you truffles).

Anyway,  Christmas is banned in this house until after my big birthday on Wednesday. Which I'm dreading. Lots of lovely ladies over on Instagram have said how fantastic it is to be 50. I mean, it's just a number isn't it. Albeit a very big one!!! Will keep you informed. 

Chunky jumper tips next time. Have a good week. 

4 comments on "Christmas Present Ideas Tried And Tested By Me!"
  1. Haha....I'm going to adopt your theory on chocolates this year, it sounds like it was based on extensive research! xxx

  2. Oh God, I now want EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for the lovely mention & I HIGHLY recommend that Chelmorton bag. Love it x

    1. Don't Helen. I cannot spend anymore money!!!!!