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Game Changers for The Festive Season

Do you know what, I think that I've got all of my basics covered this Christmas: skinny coated jeans, cigarette pants, black and white tops and blouses, classic dresses and heels. Oh there's always room for more, but I'm pretty comfortable that with a few additions (some already made), the forever wardrobe that I'm intent on creating does seem to be working.

You don't need to spend the last two weeks of November running around the High Street like a turbo charged Basil Fawlty. Not if you're clever and have your wardrobe in order.

A game changer does what it says on the tin, it elevates an outfit to the next level and beyond. One single addition to an outfit that you already have, that's all it takes. How good is that? Sometimes it's a forever piece, other times it's a whimsical one season wonder. The latter is ok, I mean we all crave a bit of frivolity now and again but it's all about moderation.

Anyway enough of this philosophical mumbo jumbo, we want hard evidence so let's crack on.

1. Super Charge The Trousers

Swap the skinnies for something slightly more festive. Last year I bought a couple of pairs of sequinned numbers in black and gold that were so easy to wear. And I intend wearing them again this year (if the blogger platform did emojiis, I'd insert a big thumbs up here). 

I spotted these today and walked back to them not once but twice. Heart screaming buy buy buy. Head saying yeah but...you've got the sequinned ones, stop being greedy! 

There's no getting away from the fact that they look bloody awful online and I hadn't even clocked them until I went into the shop but, a bit of imagination and I think you could make a fabulous outfit with items already in your wardrobe. Black shirt, stilettos and bag, that's all it takes. 

And before you all fall about laughing, let me tell you that they really are much nicer in the flesh. 

If you're feeling particularly sparkly (or brave), you can go all out with these next ones.

Just add a top of your choice, a longer bum cover-upper would be my choice. How fab do those flat shoes look as well. Great option for ladies who can't do heels. She's cheating isn't she, wearing two game changers? Spoiling the rules and all that. You can pick up the details of the shoes from the trouser link above. 

Here's a photo that I've lifted from Insta of my gold trousers from last year (sorry it isn't full length). All I've done is swapped the usual black skinnies for these and suddenly it becomes a festive outfit. The black top is an old, old favourite that I wear two or three times a month and the shoes aren't new either. But adding the leggings and boom, we've game changed. 

2. A Dorothy Shoe

I have a weakness for shoes full stop. Some people love bags, I love shoes. Do you? They're so easy to va va voom an outfit. And this season's offerings do not disappoint.

I mean come on, you're not going to want to put these away are you? They're going to take you right through to summer and beyond. Pull out those black culottes add a top of your choice and you're off.

There's something about a red shoe...

A lower heel next. The higher ones that I featured on Facebook seem to be sold out. 

I had to include these, right up my street and a huge saving. This style looks amazing with skirts and dresses as well as trousers. Mentally calculating how many times I could wear them.

Seriously I need to stop googling red shoes, they're everywhere and I want them all. 

3. A Special Jacket 

If this is going to be your game changer over a pretty plain outfit, you might want to look for something fairly light weight as chances are you won't want to take it off because it's the hi-light. 

Anyone bought a black jumpsuit this summer? Drag it out because it's going to look amazing under this jacket. Alternatively a pair of black trousers and silk vest top will work a treat. This one has lots of longevity too.

Forget leopard print, we're all about the tiger right now.

Honestly? I'm not a bomber jacket fan. I didn't go weak at the knees for the Zara printed one. Infact, I've barely researched them. But this one pops out for all the right reasons. Wear it over a plain black dress for an instant update. Chuck it on over your jeans when your husband decides it's a good idea to nip to the pub NOW. An amazing Christmas Eve piece.

Sequins aren't for everyone, I get that. So the next best thing at Christmas is velvet. Wide leg trousers and a pussy bow tie blouse. Very Emmanuelle Alt. 

I've seen this one in real life and it really is rather lovely. Crush velvet is lush isn't it? I'm not wild about the styling, there's too much going on with the texture of the jacket, the ecru lace top and embroidered jeans. It just needs paring back a little. It isn't lined but we don't need lining for this purpose do we? And look at that price!

The Sassy Top

A new top can breathe new life into an old outfit. And one thing to remember is that if you're planned evening is restaurant based, meaning you'll be sat at a table, this is the item of clothing that will be on show the most. So make it a good 'un. Look for pretty necklines, touchy feely fabrics and pretty cuffs. 

Now, I haven't got the best upper arms in the world anymore. I swear I went to bed one night sporting a decent pair of biceps, woke up the next morning and they'd been stolen. Gone they had. So I would never wear this top without the addition of a tuxedo jacket. All hail teal velvet. I've mentioned before that teal is a great colour for most skin tones too.

I know at first glance that this next top fairly safe but think about it. The slightly shorter waist line makes it a perfect choice to add to that black pencil skirt that you never wear. Fish it out! And the metallic pleated ones too. The fact that it has a looser arm makes it interesting and the bracelet length is so feminine. Easy style, maximum impact. 

Always searching out comfortable pieces, it looks as if this one ticks that box.  I haven't seen it in the flesh but would never have guessed that it's part of the Indigo Collection. Anyway, check out that flabby belly hiding peplum. I'd wear it with these burgundy coated skinnies and black heels but it's also going to work with a pair of jeans too. This is a perfect choice for long bodies as the waist appears to be higher than it really is. 

This is useful! A lovely gold sequinned t-shirt. A relaxed form and good length for leaving untucked (another option for skirts??). The little neck and arm trims stops it from looking too starched and dressy.

Day or evening wear? You decide. Love love love this from the Alexa Collection at M&S. It's all about the detail, from the little neck tie to the embroidered collar and breast pocket to the scalloped edge of the cuff and collar. 

Tell me you're not tempted to zoom in. Oh go on then, I'll do it for you. Think I might need this one in my life. 

So, are you tempted to super-charge an existing outfit for the festive season or will you be hitting the shops like a mad woman? 

We had a fabulous family day yesterday. Spent the afternoon at the football club (as usual). Oh and we entertained this chap......Sir Alex who I have to say is delightful. That's twice this week that I've had the pleasure of being in his company. I look miserable because we'd just gone 1-0 down. 

And then I popped to a dear friend's house for a tea party for her daughter's 21st. Prosecco and cakes. What else could a girl ask for. These girls have grown up together and now they're all beautiful young women. 

God I'm so old!

7 comments on "Game Changers for The Festive Season"
  1. Hi! Where were the sequinned leggings from? (Going to do an eBay search!)

    1. The gold ones were from H&M so try that Nichola. I found them so comfortable last year and actually wore them to a ball (the rebel I am). Next have similar in the multi sequins that I've featured above. Good luck xx

  2. The M and S top looks great but has tight arms and also feels a bit scratchy sad to say

    1. Oh that's a shame Deb. Thanks for the feedback, always good to get opinions x

  3. Gorgeous selection. And after all your recent posts, I finally give in ... I'm going to have a rummage in Next this week :)

    1. Hope it's a decent size one, ours is tiny and doesn't seem to have the good stuff so I order EVERYTHING!!! x

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