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It's A Luxury Bag But Not As You Know It!

I hope it's ok if I share a few things with you this week that have either been gifted or sent to me to review. I do take great pride in the 3 years work that I've put in to this blog and from the many emails and comments I receive, I think I know who my readers are. So I promise that I only ever feature items that I know both you and I will love.

Let's start with a beautiful bag that Village England sent to me with no requests other than to love, cherish and enjoy it. I like that. To love, cherish and enjoy a bag, it appeals to my sentimental side (barf said the husband, you don't have a sentimental bone in your body). Well not to people maybe but to bags.......that's a different story altogether.

And here's the lovely bag in all it's glory. Ladies, please say hello to the grey Fulmer

She's a stunner isn't she? Obviously a girl - she's a creature of organisation. I took her to New York because as much as I like a good hobo bag, you can never find anything in them. There was room for passports, kindle, wallet, phone chargers, tissues, lippy....you get the picture. And so easy to find everything!!!

See, told you!

I went to New York with a vague notion of looking for either an antique diamond ring or a Chanel Boy bag for my 50th (urgh) birthday. For the record I didn't get either. Having had a good look at the Boy Chanel, quite honestly, I can't see what you're getting for £4k. I repeat. Four thousand pounds. I mean, it's exquisitely made and all that but four????? Dear God. At the end of the day, it's just cow. You can pick up a leather bag in River Island for £40. Ok, I get it, you're paying for the name. Well you might be, I'm not. The luxury end price hikes over the last 10 years has been crazy.

A refreshing change then, to find a luxury bag at affordable prices. And don't think we're being short changed either. Founder, Julia Dobson is ex-head of Celine and pitches her pieces between Radley and Mulberry. Love this quote too

"...stylish bags that aren't too precious to throw into the back of the car"

Woman after my own heart.

So the Fulmer. It's a lovely structured bag (read that as 'you can find everything in there') in two-tone leather featuring the trademark Village England stirrup and nickel hardware. And you can wear it on the shoulder or across-body. I do both depending on what I'm wearing.

It's an easy bag to work into an outfit. Here, I'm wearing it tonally (grey on grey). I feel very city girl!

Fulmer Bag - Village England
*Claudia Suiting Trench - Great Plains (sale)
Black Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Black Top - Me&Em
*Leopard Print Shoes - River Island (sale)
* Good savings to be had on the trench and leopard print shoes

I'm also looking forward to styling it with burgundy, navy, nude pink and red. But to be quite honest, it works with so many colours.

One of the things I noticed when I was in New York is how neat it sits to the body (no matter how you wear it).

Mind you, it didn't keep me warm. Chuffin freezing it was when I shot these photos. That smile is actually a grimace.

And I guess you might like to see some wonderful NYC sites?

Ok, here you go....

Rockefeller Centre 

12pm Prosecco in Saks Fifth Avenue

Grand Central Station

A table in Cartier (waiting for another glass of champers)

In a tree in Central park 

Well I hope you enjoyed my whirlwind tour of New York, cool isn't it!! And just to prove, I really was there with Mrs Fulmer...

A couple of other 'to die for bags'.

Chelmorton Jaguar

Beamish In Black

Get one on your Christmas list ladies, they're cracking little bags.

7 comments on "It's A Luxury Bag But Not As You Know It!"
  1. Just to say I've just clicked on the little red bag and it's also in green at half price now! Your bag on its travels made me smile xx

    1. Wow that's a great saving isn't it! I really cannot spend any more money this month, keep justifying, oh it's my big birthday but that reason is now wearing very thin (lol). As a City Chic, I think the Chelmorton Jaguar would work really well - am counting how many outfit ideas as I type. I.Am.A.Lost.Cause. Have a good day Elaine x

    2. Thank you. You too! I can't buy anything either as I've spent my clothes budget till at least January! Xx

  2. Such a fab bag...love the style and colour. I enjoyed it's little tour of NYC 😄 An amazing city....oh and I just ordered the leopard print shoes xx

    1. It is a great little bag Kareema and I won't be saving it for best! Hope you love the shoes as much as me. This darn rain is getting in the way of me wearing them though grrrrrrrr x

  3. hi Donna,
    I love the grey bag ... I agree with your Chanel sentiments.My sisters husband bought her Chanel bag in New York for her 50th and its exquisite and I love it ..BUT I have an equally beautiful looky-likely Chanel via eBay for £45 !,. seriously it's Italian leather and looks identical to my sisters except no fancy intertwining C branding ,and no champagne from the seller ! If I was clever enough to do the link to the site I would..and they do lots of lovely colours ,excellent heavy hardware / chain and clip fasten ,and it comes in a dust bag ..I was very impressed and use mine all the time.( I'm not the seller or advertising for them) ...
    Have a fab birthday..I didn't want to be 50 but it creeps up on you unfortunately even though you still feel 40 was yesterday ��
    Bev x

    1. Oooh that sounds lovely Bev. I'm not one for labels anyway so wouldn't mind the absence of the C!! Might have to do a bit of a google. And thanks for the birthday wishes x