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Necklaces That I Couldn't Live Without

Ok, that's a bit dramatic I know. But if you consider that I pull out the same few pieces over and over again, that's a lot of wears in a year isn't it? I mean I wear each piece more than knickers (of which I have many more than 6 pairs). So you can see where I'm coming from when I say I couldn't live without them right?

nb. check out arty photo ^^^ think I've excelled myself in this blog post ;-)

Anyway, as it's coming up to Christmas and all that, I thought I'd share my favourite-ist pieces in the whole wide world (well in my jewellery box at least).

1. Claudia Bradby Double Halo Rose Gold Necklace

(Original blog post here)

I can't tell you how much I love this necklace. I wear it at least three times a week. The length (77cm) is perfect for breaking up a plain top or jumper. It's also more rose gold than it looks in my photo above.

See what I mean about the length? Perfect!

I also love this little pendant which would make such a lovely gift. I obviously love it very much because it's featured twice on the blog now. One for my own Christmas list maybe?

2. Monica Vinader Necklace & Alphabet Pendants

(original blog post here)

Actually, this looks nothing like this in real life. That's what you get for taking photos at night time. The H & A and the chain are all rose gold. The M is silver. Something like this:

My kids bought me the necklace and charms last year (I don't have 3 children, the M is hubby's initial). They sit on the Fine Oval Box Chain which is 46cm long. One day I'll buy a slightly longer silver necklace and transfer the M over as I think two charms are enough. The two necklaces layered will look ace! I love the mix of rose gold and silver much more so than yellow gold and silver. This is perfect for me as I have two silver watches so everything tones.

3 & 4 Bill Skinner Bee & Honeycomb Pendant (silver version here) & Panther Charm Pendant 

So these are my two pieces from Bill Skinner. I met Bill at the Spirit of Summer Fair in London a couple of years ago. Fascinating to find out a little about the man behind these creations and he's a lovely guy too. His credentials include Van Cleef & Arpels and Asprey & Garrards. Serious stuff then. Most pieces take their inspiration from the natural world. I've got a thing about bees and this one is really touchy feely (weird I know but I often find myself stroking the wings!).

The panther pendant has been vastly reduced to £19.  It's a tiny little thing. Added bonus: check out that Swarovski crystal at the back.

5. Top Shop Initial Pendant Necklace

A lovely gift from my daughter. Now here's the thing if your name is Nancy, Florence, Doreen or versions of (basically if your name begins with N, F or D) you're in for an absolute steal. These oversized alphabet letters have been reduced to £1. Not only that, they're on a buy one, get one free. So Nancy Fauntleroy you can get your whole name for a quid.

I really need to break up a plain jumper with something be it a necklace or scarf otherwise I look all chest and shoulders. This is just perfect.

Me earlier today!

6. Mum's Silver Cross 

I haven't a clue where this is from and I don't think Mum wore it that much but to me it's treasure. Funny how you latch onto something isn't it? I tend not to wear silver necklaces that much as being of warm skin tone, gold is much better but I love this one dearly. This one is particularly lovely too (another bargain) and slightly more blingy, this Swarovski one.

So my 6 favourite necklaces which I use to finish off my outfits every day. Do you have favourites too? I'm now after a long rope pearl necklace after seeing this Pinterest image. 

Haven't a clue if they're fashionable or not but I'm thinking of adding to some of my more androgynous outfits to soften them somewhat. What do you think? Am I barking mad? 

Couple of quiet days, repairing the house after the weekend frivolities. I mean no one actually smashed a glass or anything but it's all going wrong. We woke up to no electricity on Sunday, now sorted. The dishwasher is making a peculiar grumbling noise. Have you ever tried to Google, Neff dishwasher making a funny noise and won't switch off? One suggestion is to lie it on it's side and give it a gentle kick. Errrr no, I wouldn't even know how to get it out of the unit for a start so that's a £95 call out fee plus parts. Our new boiler is working fantastically, sadly it doesn't seem to have got the memo that it's job is to heat the radiators (clap cold in some rooms) so that's another call out fee. Electric gates are flapping around all over the place as if they're possessed and we've got a leak from the balcony into the kitchen (darn those flat roofs). And I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. But we have wine. Lots of wine left over from the party. Somehow it all seems so much better. 

Hope you're having a better week xx

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