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When You Get Old Clothes Out Of The Wardrobe & Realise You're Doing Ok-ish

Outfits have been a bit sparse this week. Yes yes I've been wearing clothes of course but nothing to write up about. Lost my mojo a little but a stern talking to from a couple of blogging friends and all is good in the world. That's all it took really!

You see, I got into the rut of focussing on what I can't wear instead of what I can. 

I look crap in most styles of skirts, struggle to do the dress/ankle boot thingy, look mahoosive in most flared trousers and can't pull off the tucked in jumper look for fear of looking 7 months pregnant.

But I can:

-wear skinnies 
-put together colours that look ok
-do the oversized long jumper thingy
-wear jackets of all different lengths
-curl my own hair (that's a revelation in itself as I'm normally rubbish with hairstyles)
-wear and walk in heels all day

It's so easy to swoon over and get caught up in the world of the ultra stylish bloggers who seem to be able to wear anything (I bet they have their own list of things they can't wear) and have seemingly endless budgets but you and me have real lives don't we? 

So I pulled out a load of old favourites earlier, slapped on some lippy and curled my hair and took a couple of photographs. And actually, I'm doing ok-ish. Nothing is new. Well the coated leggings are but they're exact replacements of ones I had last year. Alright, I'm not at the cutting edge of fashion and this outfit certainly won't get any second glances but you know what, it still feels current. And that makes me very happy. To know that I'm buying stuff that stands the test of time. That's where I'm at in my own 'real' life and on the blog too. I just need to stop beating myself up about all the other stuff!

Navy/Black Mix Jacket - old (similar)
Black Top - Me&Em 
Black coated pull up leggings - Next
Shark Pippa Grab Bag - Modalu
Black Boots - Boden
(and the lovely cross necklace was my Mum's)

How about you? Do you ever feel this way? I'd highly recommend that you write it all down, what you can and can't do. It's very therapeutic (I'll pop my counselling invoice in the post shall I?).

Happy Saturday. Don't forget to look out for the John Lewis Christmas ad later.

Thank you to Kat and Helen for their kind words xxx

13 comments on "When You Get Old Clothes Out Of The Wardrobe & Realise You're Doing Ok-ish"
  1. This is a great idea Donna! Must try making those lists. Talking of hair, your style looks fantastic. I'd love to know how you achieve your soft curls and if its quick and easy to do. Thank you xx

    1. I use straighteners Elaine. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube. Basically, you run the straightener from top to bottom twisting the wrist as you go. It's not as difficult as it looks. Just remember to use heat protector though x

    2. Thank you Donna, I will try that. You look fantastic in every outfit you feature. Your style is outstanding and your blog is inspirational. I agree that true style is about wearing what works for us, not about throw away trends. That's why we love your blog and keep coming back. Thank you Donna for the expertise and care you put into your posts. Xxx

  2. Sweet Lordy, if I started thinking about what I can't wear, I'd never get out of bed again!!! Glad you've got your mojo back ... we need all your words of wisdom on colour, style and shape - what YOU CAN do is help us all avoid that dreaded middle-aged frumparama look. Don't you dare abandon us now :) xx.

  3. I've never commented on your blog before but I've been reading it for a while. I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the bloggers that I read first in my Bloglovin feed before some of those trendy bloggers. I love that you wear your own clothes (not just stuff you've been sent and paid to wear), I love that you repeat wear your favourites and know what suits you. I bought the next coated leggings because of your posts (just wish they did the other colours in tall). Keep doing what you''re doing. Thanks for all your hard work. Leanda

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to hear from readers. I guess I need to embrace the fact that I'm not a young, trendy thing (lol). Glad you love the leggings - I didn't realise they're only available in the one colour in tall x

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  4. Hi Donna, I've never commented before but have been following you for over a year and was very sad for you when you lost your lovely mum. You are very knowledgeable about style and colour and I feel that I can trust and rely on your advice. You look super great and always keep it real and authentic so please keep it up!! Helen x

    1. Thank you so much Helen, I still can't quite believe that we don't have Mum anymore. It's very surreal. I'm so pleased that you are getting something from the blog. I genuinely enjoy helping women feel good about themselves and I guess what I need to learn is that we don't always need to do the full on trend thing do we? x

  5. Exactly Donna, we can be current, stylish and true to ourselves. Sometimes trends work for us and at other times we give them a miss (I don't feel like myself in culottes or midi dresses with ankle boots but am loving burgundy and always adore leopard print!). Your blogs about style personalities, colour etc must take you ages to prepare and they are very much appreciated; taking these things into account really helps me to consider my style and make good shopping choices �� x

  6. The 2 question marks were a smiley face before the comment was published! Helen x