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Cut To Fit & Flatter

I was reflecting over my blogging year the other day. You know, I'd love to say that I was strategising and planning for 2017 but it's all a bit organic really. I never  know from one week to the next what I'm going to write about. There's a general direction I want to take it but it's more of a meander than a charge from A to B.

By far the most popular posts of 2016 have been the ones where we explore how to look and feel slimmer such as this one, 'How To Look Slimmer Over The Festive Period' and this one, 'Clever Clobber For Correcting Body Imperfections' and this one, 'Feeling Good While You're On A Diet'.

So, I thought I'd squeeze one more post in before the end of the year particularly because the bits I'm going to show you are such good value. I mean, we're talking proper sale prices already!

Last time I showed a lovely little jumper from Mandy's Heaven and talked about why it's important to feel good now regardless of your size and shape. Let's continue on this theme. 

Celuu is a brand that I've never heard of before until recently and I feel I should have. They're stocked by John Lewis and I spend a lot of time on the JL website, far more than is healthy. So, I'm surprised that I haven't come across the brand. Anyway, their website is here.

British designed, catering for ladies size 12 - 22, their philosophy is to provide easy wear pieces that are cut to fit and flatter. That's the key isn't it,

"cut to fit and flatter"

I like that very much! 

So Celuu have sent me a number of items to style. I'm always interested in exploring brands that cater for different shapes. It's easy to lay claim to the fact that a brand caters for the larger woman or the petite but how does that translate into the garments? I've looked at Mango's Violeta range in the past and thought it a little hit and miss to be honest. So how does Celuu do? 

First of all, let's talk packaging. You know by now that I'm a sucker for a nice box. For the price point (we're talking very reasonable Marks & Spencer prices by the way), the parcel came beautifully presented. 

And first impressions of quality were excellent. Here are the three pieces.

Bo Colour Block Cardigan - Celuu
Black Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Black Pleated Front Top - Ichi (similar)
Boots - Toga Pulla
Grey Fulmer Bag - Village England
This is quite a heavy piece making it perfect for right now. I'd say more of a coatigan weight. The colour combination is unusual, camel, grey and navy (although the navy could pass as black). Three neutrals that work really well together. 

Why does it work?

All the detailing is kept to the top which gives it a clean line from the chest down. So our eye is immediately drawn upwards and away from our troublesome bits.

Let's all say a special thank you to the designer - they've kept the pockets tonal. A contrasting pocket would have been wrong on every level.  The lapel collar and open front is working those verticals. Wearing a column of colour underneath (ie the same top and bottom) will give you the very best chance of looking longer and leaner. Chuck on a pair of ankle boots and you've got yourself a really flattering, youthful outfit.

* I'm wearing a medium which is a 12-14, the extra large fits a 20-22

Vivienne Polo Neck - Celuu
Black Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Honey Lo Trainers - Adidas 
Black Hobo Bag - Marks & Spencer (similar)

A polo neck can be harder to wear on certain body shapes, I'm not going to lie. I'm talking boobs here ladies. Boobs and polo necks aren't a match made in heaven. But they're not impossible. I've chosen an unusual forest green but it's also available in charcoal and light grey. It's semi fitted which makes it so much easier to wear than a tighter one. And a really good length (bum covering).

Why does it work?

First of all, the knit is lightweight so it isn't going to 'bulk'. Tighten those bra straps as well. I know, I know it's a form of human torture but hoiking up your boobs will give a much more flattering line. There's nothing like a polo for emphasising the contents of a saggy, baggy bra. The problem is, that there's nothing to distract they eye from the vast amount of fabric from neck to belly button. A thin scarf or necklace will help to break it up. As indeed will a jacket. It's all about adding interest somewhere on your frame (preferably to your best bits).

It's easier to understand if I show you. I've added a string of pearls as they stand out against the green (can't work out if they look a little twee but it's only for illustrating a point). Look how they break up the expanse of jumper. Have a look at the previous photo to compare. See what I mean!! So, don't discount a polo neck, have a play around with a few accessories.

Add a pair of faux leather leggings and trainers for a casual, comfy look. Alternatively try it with a pleated skirt and ankle boots.

* I'm wearing a medium which is a 12-14, the extra large fits a 20-22

Kiera Chiffon Trim Top now £29

Kiera Chiffon Trim Top - Celuu
Navy Pull On Coated Leggings - Next
Navy Emilia Ponte Blazer - Boden
Burgundy Shopper - Karen Millen (similar)

I wanted to include something stripey in this post as many women are under the impression that they can't do them if they're carrying weight on their top half. German physicist, Hermann von Helmholtz proved that a square made up of horizontal stripes appear taller and narrower. A fact that seems to have been lost in translation over the years. This panelled top is a lovely relaxed fit in navy, wine and ivory and features a chiffon panel underneath (another bum cover-upper).

Why does it work? 

Old Hermann has said it's ok for us to wear horizontal stripes but let's avoid clingy Breton tops. They're not going to flatter anyone. This top is a relaxed fit so will drape rather than hug your curves. And those clever panels are going to be super flattering on a larger lady.

Originally I tried it with a pair of burgundy coated jeans but I've got to say from a flattering point of view, it's better to stick with navy (or dark denim) to co-ordinate with the chiffon panel. To be honest, it's such an easy piece to style. Throw on a blazer and a pair of boots and you're done. It's a really different piece to anything else I own but you know what, I kinda like it. 

* I'm wearing a 12 and it's available up to a size 22

And after all the planned sparkles between now and Christmas Day what better way to get back to a sense of normality with any of these pieces. They're such easy wears.

And my verdict? Yes Celuu does understand a woman's figure. Simple, easy pieces that fit and flatter. 

Can't wait for the son to break up from school. These dark mornings are beginning to drag. And the world seems to have gone crazy, it took me two and a half hours on Monday to do the school runs. Jeez, you can get to Malaga in that time. Where is all the traffic coming from? And don't even talk to me about the filthy roads. Is there any point in having your cash valeted at the moment? 

I managed a trip to The Trafford Centre the other day, it's not my favourite place at this time of year (bah humbug) but it was actually quite pleasant. A quick whizz round and picked up quite a few pressies. Pants service in Selfridges, top service in Debenhams (a shop, I rarely venture into but the staff were great). 

Enjoy your last weekend before Christmas (gosh, how did that happen).

*I was kindly gifted these items for the purpose of this blog post. I hope you like them as much as me
6 comments on "Cut To Fit & Flatter"
  1. Brilliant post! I think you'll be able to add this to one of your top read this year! Really love that cardigan and the stripe top made me stop & think. I can't wear Bretons; they make me look huuuuuge! So I had automatically vetoed all stripes ... perhaps I should think again. Looking as lovely as always xx

  2. Thank you for these useful tips. I like the forest green polo neck especially. The colour looks great on you. Hope you've bought that one! I will be trying out the long necklace over a jumper trick.

    1. Glad you found it useful Elaine. Sorry, just realised I hadn't put a disclosure at the end of the post. These items were gifted so lucky me, I get to keep them. Do you think the pearls are a little twee??

    2. Ooh glad you got to keep them as they all look great on you. I am biased towards pearls but I know what you mean. Not the most modern pieces of jewelry are they but I wouldn't say they're twee either - just classic. I do like a bit of vintage though! I wear pearl stud earrings nearly every day. Haven't got a long pearl necklace but I like yours on you. My trouble with long necklaces is that they can hang off the edge of the bust precipice if I'm not careful(!) and they tend to dangle in the way at mealtimes, but I do like the way they elongate the upper body and bring a glow to the face. Xx

    3. Yes I know exactly what you mean. I bought them to wear with my more masculine shirts but think maybe with the polo they're not cool enough. My daughter calls long necklaces boob catchers which always makes me howl xx