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Feeling Good While You're On A Diet!

"I'll treat myself when I lose the weight"

How many times did I hear that phrase when I was a Colour Me Beautiful consultant. Daily, that's how many. But it makes no sense to me whatsoever. I mean, you're in the middle of a punishing diet, feeling pretty crud about it all and have nothing to wear to make you feel good. A formula to fail, that's what that is.

Surely it's better to get up in the morning with a spring in your step, knowing that you have some lovely things to put on and genuinely feel good. Give yourself the best chance of succeeding and all that. Seems like a no-brainer to me. We all need motivation and feeling good now has to be the number one reason for spurring us on to our ultimate goal.

Look, I'm not suggesting that anyone who is looking to lose weight should run out and buy a whole new wardrobe. That would be daft. But a few clever purchases could be just what's needed.

Take this jumper from Mandy's Heaven for instances, it's multi-sized (fitting sizes 10-14, actually I'd say that it would fit a 16 with slim upper arms). So, perfect now and when you've reached your target goal.

Embellished Grey Star Jumper - Mandy's Heaven (lots of options here)
Grey Denim Leggings - Next
Leopard Print Shoes - River Island (similar)
Bag - Local Boutique
It's a lovely thin knit which if you're nesh like me, can be layered with a thermal vest. The sleeves are fitted which gives it a less sloppy look. Dare I say it, a tasteful Christmas jumper?

Have a look at this post for tips on how to dress slimmer. I've gone for the column of colour in charcoal, a bit of a change from black and because there's no interruption at the hemline the continuous line of colour gives a streamlined look (well I hope it does anyway). Even the stars are placed in a vertical line. It all helps!

If you're challenged on the leg front, you might prefer to wear black or charcoal shoes or boots to continue the vertical line all the way down. It will give you a few more inches. By the way, the charcoal denim leggings are from Next (no surprise there) and are the epitome of comfort. I'm wearing a 10L, my standard size in Next. The link is here but not quite sure why they're suggesting that you style them with a 3 pack of Brazilian briefs. You can wear your own pants, honestly! As tried and tested by me!!!

The open neckline is super flattering particularly if you have a large bust. So much better than a crew neck in this particular instance.

You really can play around with a plain silhouette. Throw a colourful bag on your shoulder, layer up the bangles. It doesn't have to be boring! Because once you've got that silhouette down to a tee, you can start having fun with accessories.

Bag - Coach (similar)

And add a contrasting or tonal coat. Arrrrrr, I've lost my stars!

Grey Coat - Old (similar)

Tell me, I'm not wrong! If you feel good about yourself, it will encourage you to work harder to achieve your goal.

Mandy's Heaven have lots of one sized jumpers and a good range of plus sizes too. Go on, get yourself over and have a look. And a little festive cheer by way of a 20% discount code (quote BROWN1901 at checkout).

I had a lovely weekend in London with my aunty and daughter. It was my first ever visit to Winter Wonderland although it felt more like June than December. We visited St Albans yesterday, what a lovely place. A fabulous artisan market selling home-made jams and pork pies and sloe gin got the old taste buds going. Honestly, you could bag yourself a free 3 course meal with all the trimmings, there were so many samples to try.

Christmas shopping has ground to a halt and I'm running out of days. Anyone else feeling frantic? I fear a trip to The Trafford Centre is on the cards this week. Groan bloody groan.

Back soon.

4 comments on "Feeling Good While You're On A Diet!"
  1. Gorgeous jumper Donna :) Jane x


  2. Love, love, love that! Absolutely my style of jumper (God forbid I might ever wear anything fitted!!!) Trafford Centre?? At this time of year?? You're a glutton for punishment! X

    1. Great for hiding those extra pounds!! Trafford Centre was actually ok although I wouldn't like to go after school or at the weekend!! x