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Wardrobe Refreshers For The Post Christmas Blues

I was on Oxford Street the other day and couldn't believe the number of people who were shopping the sales with full-on suitcases. Not those little weekenders either. No, I am talking Caribbean cruise sized trunks. They're either a) very savvy shoppers b) greedy or c) too tight to buy a 5p carrier bag. Me? I'm so over Christmas sales, one visit to Zara was enough. It looked as if it had been shaken like a giant snow globe and then set back down again. Proper, proper messy it was. And as is the norm with Zara, bargains were few and far between. A tenner off here and there, twenty off jackets if you're lucky. The real bargains don't happen for a couple of weeks. I lost interest after about the third display rack.

So, I'm not a great sale shopper. I mean, I can't actually get it out of my head that we're buying stuff that the shops couldn't flog at full price. Is that because the clothes are minging, passed their sell by date or someone in the buying department messed up royally? 

Of course there are genuine bargains to be had and my biggest tip is to steer clear of high fashion unless you're confident that the trend is continuing into the next season. Stick to classics such as trenches, winter coats, blazers, jeans, shirts, cashmere jumpers and anything stripey!!! Not an extensive list but you really can't go wrong with these purchases in my opinion. Also, take the opportunity to step up a level so if you're a mid-High Street purchaser, have a look at the higher end. You'll be buying into serious quality at very affordable prices. That's savvy shopping 💪

Actually, this post isn't about the sales at all. Well it kind of started with that intention when the daughter dragged me out shopping. While she was happy to search through rails and rails of messy stock, I took myself off to look at the new season stuff. And I made a few purchases to inject fresh life into my winter wardrobe but will also come into their own in spring. 

First up, we have this gorgeous shirt (I say blouse). Honestly the detailing in real life is stunning. It would appear that frills and ruching are here to stay for another season so a safe purchase. I love the white embroidery which gives it a really fresh look. 

But I love the back detail even more...a sucker for anything sailor inspired! The writing is made up of sequins and tiny beads and I'll say it again, the workmanship is stunning for the money. 

I'm trying desperately hard to rediscover my love for denim because come Spring, I think this will look great with mid-wash denim and red shoes (these!) or trainers (these!).

And then I happen to spot this shirt 

After wearing heavy jumpers for the last few weeks, it looks so spring-like. Mind you that diagonal red stripe draws the eyes upwards and outwards. Not so great if you're wide shouldered (me). I haven't tried it on yet so fingers crossed it still works. And if it does, it will be perfect for wearing under knits now until it's warm enough to wear on it's own. 

It's probably my favourite shade of blue, certainly flattering against my skin tone (and most others too). 

Both of the above blouses are from Next. I was looking at some comments on their Facebook page earlier and wow people are errrrrr shall we say direct....quality is rubbish, who designs these things, shocking. Am I the only person that thinks they've upped their game recently? Ok there's a lot I wouldn't buy but then it's such a big retailer now that it's always going to cater for different style personalities. I can always find something(s) I love each season. 

Finally a blush pink (another favourite shade) lace blouse from River Island. I saw this a couple of days before I actually purchased it. I'm normally an impulsive shopper but walked away from this one. Of course it meant I couldn't sleep that night, nor the next. So in the end, I scratched the itch and popped back to buy it. 

Mind you, if I'd seen it online, I wouldn't have looked twice at this picture. It's far nicer in real life. 

Again, I need to try it on but I intend to toughen it up a little with a biker jacket and jeans. Hoping it will also work under a crew neck jumper right now. Husband asked why I'd even bother to buy if if I intended to 'cover all those frilly things and dangly sleeves'. Because you'll see the pretty neckline doh!!!! 

Other than a few bras from John Lewis (brilliant selection at the Oxford Street branch, not so good online), that was my sum total of post Christmas shopping. To be quite honest, I'm feeling a little retail frazzled right now. Probably regret it as I tried on a gorgeous dress in Whistles which I really should have bought and clocked a couple in Finery that I wanted to try on but couldn't be bothered to undress. Nay mind, there'll be plenty of discounts come Spring for sure. 

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. It's been an odd one for me, my first without Mum. We did the usual family thing Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day and then stayed with our daughter in London for a few days while she got up at 7.30am to go to work. Oh how I laughed at those tables that have turned. 

More family here tomorrow night followed by breakfast at a local hotel on New Years Day and a long dog walk. Then it's football in the afternoon. Pray when do we actually step off this treadmill? 😬

I for one will be glad to banish the baubles to the loft for another year. 

Best wishes to everyone for 2017, we have high hopes yes?

12 comments on "Wardrobe Refreshers For The Post Christmas Blues"
  1. Happy New Year to you too! Very pretty selection of blouses.
    Glad I'm not the only one uninspired by the sales ... all seems like too much effort right now. And oh how I agree with wanting to banish the baubles again!
    Here's to a happy, healthy & stylish 2017 xx

    1. Happy New Year to you too Helen. I'm still staring at our baubles even though one of the trees is totally dead. They won't let me take them down!!!! x

  2. Just been into the Gemini M and S and it was busy in the food hall but the rest was unnaturally quiet so looks like many people are feeling uninspired. What did I buy? Thermal tops and leggings! Going to look at the cashmere online but like you my thoughts have turned to spring.
    Have a lovely evening Donna. Xx

    1. Happy New Year Elaine. There's something quite comforting about buying thermals though don't you think? I get far more pleasure out of them than I'm sure is normal lol xx

    2. Yes they may not be glamourous but I sure am cosy now! Happy New Year Donna! Xx

  3. My only sales purchase has been pjs from yawn online - I couldn't face the shops at all! I've had a lovely clear out of my wardrobe though so the local charity shop should be pleased and I feel very cleansed! Happy New Year x

    1. Yawn? Oh I need to check that one out. Love the name. I've bought a pair of bargain pjs from Autograph today, very pleased I was. I would have liked a rummage in your charity bag Sandra (lol) and maybe my latest blog post is a tad late for you x

    2. Have a look - gorgeous pjs and nightshirts - great for hot flushes!!! About to read your blog now. How is your lovely daughter enjoying Sky? Don't forget to let me know if you have a free min down here x

    3. They are aren't they. I've bookmarked it for future. She is loving Sky, such a fab place to work if you're young! Thought about you today as hubby said he walked down King's Road to Sloane Square (or vice versa) and I recall you shopping there just before Christmas. Yes would be fab to meet up. Will email you when I'm down visiting xx

    4. I'm not sure if I told you but my friend works in the legal dept at sky so I've had a tour and lunch in the restaurant like you. And I'm 20 mins drive from the Kings Road - love that place so much. Email me - but give me lots of notice to sort out what to wear 😘

  4. I agree, Next have definitely upped their game. I have bought several items from them recently and I hadn't looked their way at all the previous few years. Their shoes, especially, are really good - and fit well, which is a plus.

    1. Must admit, they were off my radar for a few years but I rediscovered them a couple of years ago. Shame they've seen a fall in profits last quarter. I admire them for sticking to their guns regarding Black Friday discounting. And yep, I agree shoes are fab x