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Wearing Our Onesies With Pride

Look, I could have started this post with a Pinterest-worthy photo of me lounging on my bed in my new onesie (yes I did say onesie, bear with me, I'll explain). I'm not going to lie, I did consider the 'effortless lounging pose' (a blogger's term for sure) but here lies the problem.

A Perfect Pinterest Photo Vs Donna's Real Life Photo

A perfect Pinterest photo features a beautiful bed filled with scatter cushions and cashmere throws. The sheets are softly draped and folded while still retaining the element of it having been slept in.

Donna's real life photo features a crumpled, creased duvet (I swear, I only have to breathe and it ruckles) and pillows that have permanent head indentations, and are far too small for the bed (someone please tell me how to do 'pillows' on a super king bed?).

A perfect Pinterest photo features a breakfast tray with matching Emma Bridgewater Rose & Bee cup and saucer, a perfectly poached egg and advocado on wholemeal toast that's oozing with real butter.

Donna's real life photo features a Top Trumps mug (because someone forgot to put the dishwasher on last night and it's the only one left in the cupboard) and burnt toast served on a chipped dinner plate. And of course it's covered in jam because I've dropped it and law of sod, it lands upside down. All served.....balanced on my lap. Which inevitably means there'll be jam on the creased duvet as well. 

A perfect Pinterest photo features an early edition of Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility casually left open at the side of said breakfast tray above (yeah right because they so happen to be reading that right now).

Donna's real life photo features....nothing because I listen to a dodgy recording of Sense & Sensibility on an even dodgier App called LibriVox on my phone. It's not the same listening to Elinor Dashwood with an Australian accent. Plain wrong. True story (my current dog walking book). 

And don't get me started on lighting....

It was obvious before I'd even started that the bed shot was a no-no. 

Anyway, the onesie is far too nice to be shot as loungewear...in the bedroom...lolling on the bed. So here's what I decided. 

I'll style it up my way

Bingo! Why didn't I do that in the first place.

The onesie in question was a gift from Mimi & Thomas and let me tell you, it's beautiful. 100% sustainable cashmere in a colour that suits everyone and just happens to be one of my favourites, good old navy blue. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of ordering from Mimi & Thomas, you won't have experienced the beautiful packaging. We're talking Harrods' standards. It's up there with the best. 

The word onesie still strikes the fear of god in me. A throwback from it's introduction to the world 4 years ago. A gender neutral giant baby grow that seems to render the wearer totally senseless. Who in their right mind would wander around the supermarket in baby clothes without batting an eyelid? Well me actually. Because it's fabulous. 

Here's how I styled it.

Navy Cashmere Onesie - Mimi & Thomas
Navy Emilia Jacket - Boden
Midnight Jalouse Boots - Ash (similar)
Mustard bag - Boden (similar)
It's one size, I'd say comfortably fitting sizes 8-14. 

My style personality demands smartness so it had to be a blazer didn't it. I kept everything navy (the boots are darker than they look in the photo) and added a pop of colour by way of a mustard bag. 

Love the hood hanging out and because it's all very monochrome, I don't think it's too 'kids on the block' but it does add interest. 

It's the most divine thing to wear ever. The cashmere is baby-soft and drapes beautifully. The drawstring at the waist gives a little definition and prevents it from looking well, too onesie?

And I confess that after shooting these photos, I kept it on all day hence my trip to the supermarket and a quick whizz around H&M (which was absolutely pants). In fact, someone stopped me at the car park pay meter to say how lovely my outfit was. Go me!!!

So, let's dispel that old onesie reputation right now. It's not a giant baby grow. No, it's the ultimate sophisticated comfortable wear that ever graced this land. 

Perfect for running errands (as tried and tested by me), ideal for long haul flights, school runs, apres-gym, coffee dates. Anyone skiing this year? Take ya' cashmere onesie to change in to at the end of the day. We're going to London over the Christmas break and have decided to take the car (and the dog - this will end in tears mark my word) so I'll be wearing mine on the journey down. Such a useful addition to my wardrobe. Thank you very, very much Mimi & Thomas. 

If you're looking for a bit of luxury in your life and hubby would like to earn a few brownie points, get him to order this. My goodness, he won't even need to wrap it because it's done for him.

It's been a complete sell out over on the site but new stock is due to arrive on Saturday and will be dispatched in time for Christmas so get your skates on ladies.

Merry Christmas fellow onesie wearers xx

*Mimi & Thomas sent me this product to review as they know how much I love my cashmere blend wrap. I only ever feature items on the blog that I truly love. All words are my own. 

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  1. Loving the blog. You can buy pillows for superking beds. They're extra long (and extra expensive!), but fit the space of the bed v well.

    1. Yes I feared that would be the case. So I'll need new (extra expensive) pillows and new (extra expensive) pillowcases. But I guess I'll only need two of each and the existing ones can sit on top. Thanks for the tip x

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