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Freshening Up Your Forever Wardrobe With A Few New Spring Pieces

Anyone else feeling it? That dreary January feeling. Rubbish isn't it. I feel as if I'm rotating the same old silhouette of skinny jeans and jumpers on a weekly basis which makes for very boring Instagram fodder so I'm not actually bothering.

I look at the London based bloggers who are already showing their spring ensembles. Bare ankles, minimal layers and I think how lucky they are and how easy they've got it!  I mean it's always a couple of degrees warmer down there and it hardly rains (does it?). They can tube everywhere and we all know how warm it is on the underground even in the depths of winter. Yep they have it easy. Well that was until I spent a few days at my daughters over the Christmas period and woke up to a hard frost. The 5 minute walk to the tube station was brutal and traipsing from one shop to another on Oxford Street wasn't much better. Up here in the North West, I drive everywhere and even get the 15 year old to switch on the engine to warm the car up before we do the school run. So I've come to the conclusion that London bloggers are well 'ard and have my complete admiration. You go girls!

Personally I'm not ready to shed the layers but it doesn't stop me from salivating over the new stuff that's hitting the High Street at the moment. I'm determined not to fall into the trap of buying fast fashion. I want my money to work harder than just one season. So with that in mind, let's have a look at a few bits to freshen up your wardrobe.


For me, shoes are probably the best way of injecting fresh life in to the wardrobe. You know, a basic outfit of jeans and a blazer will be instantly updated by a new pair of shoes. And 2017 doesn't disappoint.

Let's take a few moments to admire these things of beauty.


The red stripe is very Gucci inspired and as we know, Gucci is mahoosive at the moment. Of course they're far more purse friendly than said designer. Also available in leopard print and black.

Boden Backless Loafer currently £88.20

Pair with your favourite fit jeans or trousers. Of course mine would be skinnies but I'd also try them with a crop later in the season (ie. when it warms up). And there's still mileage in those pleated skirts when worn with these.

Love this simplicity of this look. Basic wardrobe staples totally updated by adding loafers.

Image courtesy of Pinterest: Fashion Landscape Blog

And doing the column of colour for a slim silhouette (because she needs it - not).

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Let's talk about trainers. As much as I'm drawn to a smarter look, I'm also partial to a good trainer. The way I make them work is to keep everything else smart. I can't do the whole casual thing - not cool enough and all that. Anyway, I'm loving the gum soled trainers that we're seeing at the moment especially the creeper sneaker. These in fact...

Puma Basket Platforms £75

Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't all fall about laughing as indeed did the son (who believes he's the King Of Trainers), I'm thinking styled more like Jessica Alba.

Although, I'm VERY drawn to these Woden metallic ones. Totally different and would probably sit better in my wardrobe.

Woden Ydun Metallic Trainer Gunmetal £85

Other colours available at less than half price, around £39 here and here

And grown up outfit inspiration courtesy of Pinterest (there's a long coat theme going on here!!).

Image courtesy of Pinterest 

As you know, I'm a sucker for adding colour to an outfit through shoes and bags.

These caught my eye on Instagram the other day. And let's face it, since Lady Di, the ballet pump queen put them on the map 30 odd years ago, they've never really gone away have they?

Taylor Blake Red Tokara Shoes £85

Enough talk about shoes, let's do tops.


So, we're all going beserk about wide sleeves. frills and ruffles which are all carry overs from last season meaning you could still snag a bargain the sales. Case in point, this from ASOS. It's the sort of top that can still be worn way after we've calmed down and got over our sleeve obsession. It's merely a denim shirt with a twist and that twist so happens to be hot right now. Do you see what I mean? 

That M&S jumper. Have you seen it? You know, the funnel sleeve one. I'm sure you have, it's everywhere and as much as I love seeing it all over Instagram, I'm a bit fed up with it now. It feels like I actually own it myself and have worn it every day for the last month. That's how much it's out there!! And it's got to be said that the people I've seen in it actually look much better than the models online (standard M&S). 

People have commented that they worry about the sleeves dipping into their soup (don't eat soup) or snagging on the dishwasher drawers (get the kids to empty it). Sorry, practicality is alien to me. Drapey sleeves are up there with high heels, did your mother not teach you that beauty is pain? But here's a bit of a compromise (again in the sale). Not quite as dramatic as others out there but easier to get on with. I think a little vision is required for this top. First of all, it's an ideal length to wear with pleated skirts ie it sits on the waist band. I think it will also work really well with a pair of black cigarette pants and jacket (the neat fit will enable it to be layered). Or over a white shirt and jeans. 

Other than the first shirt, I've tried to find practical pieces that will work for us normal people. This next one fits the bill. The 3/4 length sleeve is so much easier to get on with, at the end of the day, it's a plain grey jumper with a few pleats.

Mango Pleated Sleeves Sweater £39.99

I'm always on the lookout for easy wear pieces that look as if I've made the effort and the next top fits the bill. It's something that I'd wear with a pair of skinny jeans (if I ever find my love for denim again) and be perfectly happy to stay in it all day regardless of whether I'm at home, running errands or meeting friends. The ruffle is a nod to the trend but I think it will stand the test of time too. Also available in navy. 

Love this whole look, it's a smart take on casual and looks so fresh. You'll be able to pick up the cigarette pants from the same link. By the way, this is a great take on nude pink for any one with a warm skin tone or red heads who often struggle with pink. 

I've featured this next one before and I have it myself. The red stripe again is Gucci inspired. I was slightly concerned that the stripe would broaden my frame - look how the eye is drawn upwards and outwards. It's actually ok on though (I have no explanation for that, let me think about it).  By the way, don't bother trying to iron the ruffles, steam them, much quicker. 

And I think we'll leave it there for now. We'll look at trousers, bags and jackets later this week and I still need to finish off writing the post I promised last time about colour. 

Well, I've basically lived in a pair of old trousers over the last few days having decided in my wisdom to decorate one of the spare rooms. Forget the gym, I feel as if I've had a full workout. Every muscle in my body aches. It seemed such a good idea last week. Should have waited for the decorator. Impatience is a very bad trait indeed. 

Have a lovely week.

9 comments on "Freshening Up Your Forever Wardrobe With A Few New Spring Pieces "
  1. Hi Donna. Ah some ideas for spring. I am also feeling fed up with January weather. Can't wait for spring. I love those loafers from Boden and the coral top from next. I promised my husband I wouldn't buy anything new this week....!😜

    1. I know Rebecca, I think we all need some sunshine don't we. Loafers are going to be big again this year but they're such a classic shape, they'll hopefully last a few seasons x

  2. Yes I've had enough of winter now too and am sick of seeing myself in the same jumpers and boots every day so I'm dreaming about spring tops and shoes instead. It takes a lot to tempt me into high heels though so I'm happy to see plenty of nice flats. Wish my feet liked heels as much as I do but they just complain bitterly! Spring can't be far away if you're feeling like decorating, Donna.

    1. Oh me too Elaine. Boring!!! I love all shorts flats and heels, basically I have a problem don't I. I've painted my last skirting board this morning. Now for the furniture. Remind me never to decide to decorate myself EVER AGAIN x

  3. Another interesting blog, Donna. Even though I am a completely different shape to you (much smaller, 5 ft 4) we do seem to have the same taste in clothes. It saves me trawling through all the websites! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you very much and for taking the time to comment as well. Glad you find the blog posts useful x

  4. Love those metallic trainers ... but I just can't be doing with the faff of those bell sleeves ... sounds too much like hard work. Speaking of which, I can't believe you did your own decorating. You're a lunatic!!!!

  5. Thank you for your outfit inspiration, as always! I purchased and returned the Boden Backless Loafers. I purchased the navy and the leopard. The shoes were beautiful and very well made and I loved them, that is until I tried to walk in them. The shoes kept slipping off my feet and there was no way I could walk more than a few steps without leaving the shoes behind. I talked to someone at Boden about it and they said everyone there was having the same problem as well -- they couldn't keep the shoes on their feet! Just a minor detail. The Gucci shoes look like a really soft leather that hugs the foot a bit more (they also cost about $400 more, but they do stay on the feet).

    1. Oh no that's not good although I did fear that. Thanks for dropping by and telling us about this. Mine from last year have a sling back which totally gets over this problem but I guess not as true to the true Gucci. Maybe we will the Boden ones in the sale - I'd buy and just stand still in them all day which would of course get over the problem (lol) x