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Life Lately...

I'd love to say that my blogging absence is due to a glamorous Caribbean holiday or a full packed diary but in reality I've spent the last 10 days or so at home doing boring post-Christmas housey stuff. Urgh! And it's become apparent that after living here for more than a decade, we need to spend some money this year. My Dad is very good at pointing out this defect and that. So much so that after a lecture about the ridge tiles on the garage, the husband got up a 4am this morning to reverse both cars further down the drive as he was worried about the wind. Good job he did because we awoke to 3 big lumps of mortar where my car is normally parked. His foresight deserves a big smiley face (especially as I didn't even wake up!). 😀

And then there's the leaky guttering, I'm positive it only needs clicking back together at the join but that involves ladders and workmen stood there shaking their head and muttering 'it's gonna cost ya'. The chimneys are ready for sweeping, two of the bathrooms need refitting and another needs new flooring. It all sounds very expensive! So much nicer buying cushions and picture frames.

There's been little shopping on a personal front so I thought I'd fill in the void with what I've been up to recently.

Holiday Planning

We tend to start our summer holiday planning in January. The loose plan is to do a few days in New York followed by a trip to North Carolina. My uncle lives up a mountain in a gobsmackingly beautiful lodge although I don't think I've told him that we're visiting yet so shhhhhhhh don't mention anything. And then as always, a week in the Caribbean which is really rather necessary after a full-on week of sightseeing. The kids are also desperate to go away in February, one wants sun, the other snow. I'm thinking that's a new bathroom!

Absent Tenants 

You know when there's a routine in place and then suddenly that routine is interrupted and your gut tells you that something isn't right? That. Our tenant in Puerto Banus suddenly went quiet on us around October time. Well I say us, I mean the management company although they were pretty sure everything was ok. Fast forward 3 months and it would appear that they've done a runner. Never heard of a dodgy tenant that makes the beds and cleans up before doing so!! Oh and leaving a brand new sofa and bed as well. Had a bit of a chuckle I did. I blame the kids I do. They refuse point blank to spend any more holidays out there so we rent the place out. I'll remind them of that fact when they have their own children and want a cheap holiday on the Costas in 20 years time. Sorry kids, you made it very clear. Let your kids bleed you dry....


I've got piles of clothes that need to go. Piles of piles of piles actually. They seem to breed. Even the kids are good at separating the wheat from the chaff although I'm expected to do the ebaying on their behalf.

Anyway, it's getting a little embarrassing now so I did a big charity shop run today and have started listing on ebay. Never sure if January is a good idea to sell second hand clothes. Surely people got everything they wanted for Christmas? It's one of those jobs that I dread but get a routine going and it isn't so bad. I tend to list everything using the laptop and then take photos with my phone and upload using the Ebay app. Anyway, if you're interested my username is flapper-doodle (direct link to my page is here). I'll be uploading more of my own clothes over the next few weeks.

Trying To Love Denim

Yep, trying to rekindle my love for jeans but it isn't happening. It really isn't. I had high hopes for the Levis 721s but the backside was baggy. If I had been born with a bum, they would have been perfect

So I ended up back in Next before Christmas and picked up a pair of Enhancers. These...

As you know, I'm a big fan of their coated leggings but flippin Nora, the Enhancer jeans are terrible. Within 20 minutes of putting them on, they give. Now I'm all for a bit of give and comfort but it can't be right when you can pull them down without undoing the button can it? And I'm not sure what they are actually enhancing either. So big fat fail. Thank goodness they were only thirty quid. 

Mind you, if you're looking for a pair of skinny skinnies, their 360 range are excellent. I want something slightly less fitted though. 

My search for the perfect pair of jeans continues....

Shopping The Sale Dregs

My plan this year is to wear more dresses in the warmer months which I really enjoyed last summer. And the hemlines need to drop so it's knee length and longer from now on. So I've been trawling the last of the sales for bargains. I picked up a culotte dress thingy in Selfridges (not online) which I'm pretty pleased with. I also tried on a few dresses in Reiss, there's definitely bargains to be had here. 

This one looks so much better on, I would have scrolled passed it online without giving a second glance. It's a lovely easy wear dress, true to size and slightly longer on me than the model. Great for holidays too. 

This is gorgeous, not for everyday wear and if I didn't have 3 unworn occasion dresses hung in the wardrobe, this would be mine. I call those 3 dresses the white elephants of my closet because they stare at me every time I go in there. 

Watching Delicious On Catch Up TV

Anyone else watching this? Dawn French is a brilliantly voluptuous wronged ex-wife with a crafty smirk when things go her way. And Emily Fox. What can I say? Her wardrobe is divine as is she. 

Preparing For The Snow Storms...

Well, if you read the Daily Mail, it's going to be minus 10 with 20 foot of snow come Thursday. That probably means there's going to be a cold spell with a few flurries. Anyway, I've bought an extra loaf of bread and pint of milk, just in case.

This weekend, I'm off to London with two friends (our daughters all live together - how cute is that?). We're having a big sleepover so I've told the daughter to lay off the fake tan otherwise I won't be sharing her bed. Can't decide whether to go smart and sophisticated or comfortable and cosy. The latter seems very appealing right now. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.

7 comments on "Life Lately..."
  1. Enjoy London - comfort is always the answer 😘

  2. Hi Donna, do you rent out Puerto Banus as a holiday let? Would love a link if so. Sounds perfect for a family holiday.

    1. Hi Kate we only do long lets (11 months which would be a mega holiday wouldn't it?). Bizarrely when we go now, we rent from someone who we know. He has a lovely 3 bed apartment on the same complex. Here's his website http://www.benatalaya.co.uk/ Mention my name if you contact him x

    2. Thanks Donna, will check out the link. An 11 month holiday does sound appealing right now tho :-) x

  3. This could be my life at the moment too! Minus the dodgy tenants! Although a client not paying his bill (big bill) isn't far off. Must get some bits on ebay. Two holidays booked. I want to do NY plus somewhere else but that is looking like 2018 now though. And jeans - now I have lost some weight I have gone back and treated myself to 7 for all Mankind again. OMG just love them and got one pair in the sale (more on my blog soon) and that is all I can afford in January! Love Michelle x www.fiftyandfab.co.uk

    1. 7 for all Mankind used ot be my ultimate favourite jeans. And then I bought a pair of white bootleg (we are talking 8 years ago) and they were bloody awful. So that put me off the brand but I was thinking the other day that I should retry. January is rubbish isn't it x