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Smartening Up My Act With A Cosy Jumper

I'm not going to lie, January has been all about comfort so far.

Comfort food. There's been lots of hearty casseroles, lasagnes and shepherds pies.

Comfy evenings. Roaring fires, box sets and the occasional glass of Shiraz (we'll skip over the secret box of Quality Streets that I dive into every night).

Comfy clothes. Lots of cosy layers and loose sweaters. Hardly instagram-worthy and my love of muted colours doesn't help at all. But hey it's January.

That was until Mandy's Heaven came along and threw a right old spanner in the works. I like to think it was a sign from God...."come on Donna, get your act together".  We are talking the pinkiest pink jumper EVER!

Pink Knit - Mandy's Heaven (more options below but love this one)
Black Victoriana Blouse - Warehouse (similar)
Black Eden Leggings - Dorothy Perkins currently on offer
Leopard Print Shoes - River Island
Black Leather Tote - Marks & Spencer (similar) currently on offer

Let's Talk About Fit

Thing is, it's not just a pink jumper but a loose one too. I struggle with the short, clingy versions. We are talking human box, yep Roger Hargreaves, I would make a perfect Mr Strong if ever you are auditioning. A looser, non clingy sweater is far more forgiving don't you think? Of course it does mean that you'll achieve your best look by keeping everything else streamlined so skinnies it is.

One of the things I like about this brand is that they stock lots of loose cut clothes suitable for real women. You may recall this star jumper that I talked about back in December. Mandy the owner understands that we're not all perfect size 8 hourglasses but we still want to feel good. And that's the key isn't it? Feeling good about yourself.

I Can't Help But Feel Good In This 

I mean who wouldn't? The relaxed fit covers the lumps and bumps and gives me a streamlined look and the colour, well what can I say, it's infectious. You can't help but feel happy wearing it. It's the first time in ages that I've felt like fishing out the heels. My goodness, I even found an old Victoriana blouse in the back of the wardrobe to finish it off and give that polished look. 

It's a play on the column of colour that I keep banging on about too, a full length of black with an injection of pink on top. And I didn't have to try very hard. Win Win. 

It certainly brought a bit of sunshine to my day. Blue Monday, I'll see you and raise you Pink Tuesday. Nice to add a pop of colour to my very neutral wardrobe. A lesson I'll take from this. 

Pink Coat - Zara (similar)

This particular jumper is sold out as Mandy buys in small quantities but refreshers her stock frequently so it's worth hopping over to the site regularly. But don't despair if you're after THE colour of the moment, there are a few alternatives that arguably are even better than this one. 

You'll find the links to these on the knitwear page here. And if pink isn't your thing, there are many other colours to float your boat. Prices are very reasonable too! And I haven't even mentioned the tops, dresses, jackets......

And the moral of this story? Comfy can still be stylish. Here endeth the sermon. 


The star jumper mentioned above is in the sale here in the khaki.
The Eden leggings that I'm wearing are incredibly comfy which is of course my favourite word this month.
I changed the shoes for leopard print boots as it was slightly colder than expected but hey the theme is still there.
I may wear the knit again tomorrow because it's so cheerful and makes me feel happy. 
There's free next day delivery during January so you too could be feeling cheerful very soon!

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  1. Roger Hargreaves is dead! Like your shoes. Alice