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Nice Crepes Mum

(Crepes as in trainers, not pancakes - down with the kids, this mum is)

As well as searching for a new cut of trouser, I've also been on the look out for new trainers. I'd originally set my heart on the khaki suede Stan Smiths. They're more beige than green in real life. However it wasn't to be as I couldn't find a 5.5 anywhere, my perfect Adidas size.

And then hurrah, I found these in Marks & Spencer which I liked rather a lot. Except they're not leather so I walked away. Right back to the car park in fact. And then I thought sod it, if they fit and they're comfortable, I'm getting them. So I went back. Smelly feet is a small price to pay (I don't have smelly feet really, well not yet).

Marks & Spencer Punch Hole Trainers £19.50

And do you know what, they're really rather comfy, trying them out today and so far so darn good.

Of course a seal of approval from the son was required and as I walked in to his bedroom to open his blinds (at 12.30pm but we'll skip over that point), he lifted his head from the pillow and said 'nice crepes Mum'. Bingo, they're keepers. We won't tell him that they're not leather and they're from good ol' Marks & Sparks. Sometimes mums have to be economical with the truth.

Now the question is, could I get away with the other colourways too? The gold are lush but I already have a pair of platform trainers from last year that are very similar.

Marks & Spencer Punch Hole Trainers in Metallic Gold, Navy & White £19.50

By the way, the pink I'm wearing are much less pinky-pink in real life, more of a nude colour, just the way I like them 👍

Ruffled Blouse - River Island (similar)
Coat - Zara (similar)
Fulmer Bag - Village England
Coated Leggings - Next (black/navy here)
Trainers - Marks & Spencer

Catch up soon.

7 comments on "Nice Crepes Mum "
  1. Oh I love those Donna - very tempted by the metallic ones. Thank you for posting x

    1. Haven't seen the metallic ones in real life Sandra but love the pink ones x

  2. Oooooh .... I LOVE the gold ones! Thank you for that tip off (you're proving very dangerous for my wallet!)

    1. I'm proving very dangerous for my own wallet, it's been an expensive week!!

  3. Get some of Primark's invisible socks (pack of 5 for about £3) to help with the trainers making your feet hot.

    1. They slip off my skinny feet though. I have one pair that are brilliant from Forever 21 of all places that seem to do the job x

  4. "It would be a total waste if I buy something expensive and only wear it for a few times.
    So,after reading your article. I finally made my decision with a orange lace dress"