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The One Where I Find A Replacement For The Next Pull On Coated Leggings

Hello, long time no speak. Yes I'm still here, still getting dressed every morning but what with the lurgy, housey stuff and a holiday to organise, time has kinda passed me by.

I've also been on the hunt for something other than skinny fit jeans/trousers.

Long time readers of the blog will know that for the last couple of years, I've championed the Next Pull On Coated Leggings.  I have 5 pairs and wear them daily. They are my surrogate denims.

Honestly I can't rate them enough and I know that many of you have them too.

- They're a great fit
- They're high waisted and pull you in but still feel comfortable
- They don't bag around the knee or indeed lose their shape anywhere
- They stay up all day

And providing that you wash them on a gentle wash (20 degrees with a 1000 spin speed seems to be ok), they'll last and last. In fact the only downside is that they have zero thermal properties. Do not, I repeat do not go sledging in them.

Can you see my reluctance to stop wearing them? Can you? Do you feel my pain? But hey, skinnies are on their way out aren't they? Not quite sure that the High Street has got that memo because they're still in plentiful supply. From the more expensive end, Paige denim to the more reasonably priced Levis. And more importantly, still championed by us, the shoppers. Oasis are running a little competition at the moment (featuring gorgeous Alex from The Frugality) and as I write, 85% of entries have voted for skinnies over and above a more relaxed side stripe jogger. It's definitely worth entering (here) as you have a chance of winning the entire edit. Gotta be in it to win it.

I've been driving myself (and the family) demented trying to find a suitable replacement to the skinny. Don't want to be left behind and all that. A case of FOMO if ever there was one. Anyway, after weeks and weeks of searching and, trying on dozens and dozens of different shapes, I think I've finally found a fab pair that fit and flatter. And guess where from.....Next, again!

Hadn't even clocked these online as while this photo isn't awful, I don't think it shows how fab they really are either.

Next Black Ponte Flare Trousers £24

Ok, we're not going to win any awards for originality here, I mean, you'll probably find them in every shop but OMG the fit is amazing. A little dissection is required me thinks:

- They're pull ons so no bulky zips and waistbands to deal with
- Ponte fabric is not only comfortable but holds you in as well
- They're neat around the top of the leg which doesn't overwhelm your frame and gives shape
- They're described as a flare but it's more of a kick flare and this shaping is great for hourglasses and pears for balancing everything out
- The crop will be great for wearing in the warmer months and suits lots of shoe styles
- Easily dressed up or down, totally versatile

I'll wear with a sock boot for now although apparently temperatures are supposed to reach the giddy highs of double figures come Wednesday, I may well try a pair of trainers. Don't hold me to that!

So I bought a size 10 and 12 as I couldn't decide which I preferred in the shop. I think I'm going to keep the 12 for a slightly more relaxed fit. Sorry no photo yet as it was far too windy and cold to go outside today.

By the way, if you're looking for another alternative, these Gap High Rise Real Straight Jeans are excellent. A straight leg without being overly baggy so a good transition from a more fitted style. Love the high waist which holds everything in.

If you try either the trousers or jeans, let me know what you think.

No half term for us yet in Cheshire although we have a poorly boy off school and with GCSEs looming, I'm counting how many teaching hours he's missing. I'm stressed, he's as laid back as ever 😱  Boys!!!!!

And, totally off topic, why hasn't anyone ever told me about spiral hairpins before? They are a total revelation. Literally, twist all your hair into a bun shape (you don't need a bobble), twist one in from the bottom and another from the top and you end up with a kind of messy up-do. I am impressed! Do feel free to pass on any little hair tips for short crappy fine hair. I'm all ears.

Amazon Spiral Hairpins (pack of 10) £3.79

Back soon.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I am in no way affiliated to Next although I do feature their stuff lots. I paid full price for all trousers and leggings featured. There, glad I got that off my chest xx

7 comments on "The One Where I Find A Replacement For The Next Pull On Coated Leggings"
  1. I was looking at these very trousers last night Donna (and the red shoes too!) This has convinced me to try them.
    I've been using these twist pins for years btw!!

    1. Ooooh let me know what you think Sarah. I'd put the twist pins down to another gimmicky hair gadget so was really surprised that they work so well! x

  2. Thanks for researching the skinny alternatives Donna. I have been told by my daughter that at the moment everyone at college is still wearing skinnies. It will be interesting to see if customer power keeps them going. I must admit I like the look of the slightly more relaxed fit straight legs in the ankle length styles. Might have to try out those Gap ones. But I'll probably wait till the autumn before buying more jeans as I tend to live in dresses or Capris over the warmer months. Come on spring!
    Those spiral pins are in Claire's and in Boots too. Yes they are so much better than straight pins aren't they. I was equally impressed by them. I use the donut hair rings too, have you tried those?

    1. I know it takes a while for things to filter down the fashion chain but I first read about the skinny demise back in December 2015 and yet they're still going strong. I'm kind of hoping that they'll sit there as a wardrobe staple, a bit like a denim shirt that never seems to date. Yes I'm determined to do more dresses this year although I've seen very few other than the Boden one that I mentioned recently (there's a 10 week wait on that!!!). Mind you it is only February! I've used a donut hair ring when I had longer hair but it's a little too short right now even if I use the smaller version x

  3. Hi i too like the next skinny jeggings you mentioned, i have one pair in the green, but when i went back in for the black it was too snug on the the waist and the size up the twelve was too big x

    1. Hello Linda, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Do you think they've changed their sizing? I haven't bought any since about November. Mind you as an industry standard, there can be up to 1/2 inch seam tolerance so it might be worth trying on a couple more pairs in case the first ones were cut short. Just a thought xx

  4. Going to have to give these a try as well! I have two pairs of similar shape cropped kick flares which I've only worn once (the second pair still has tags on) because I can't seem to get the footwear to work well. I really, really hope the skinny trouser doesn't become obsolete - being small, I like the fitted proportions it gives me .. the looser fit makes me look dumpy!
    And definitely going to hunt down those spiral pins - apparently Amazon doesn't deliver them to Ireland *sighs heavily*