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Goody Two Shoes...Because I Don't Drink, Don't Smoke

And that's why you don't wear a blazer in March. It's chuffin freezing today so after getting sodden wet through this morning, I'm back in a jumper and big coat. Pah, our bit of sunshine didn't last very long did it?

It doesn't however prevent me from shopping for shoes. I don't smoke, I don't drink much (unless it's a special occasion such as a Wednesday) and I don't have expensive hobbies such as flying a plane (apparently you can pick up an Aeronca Chief for less than $20k 😱 ) so I feel more than justified in adding to my shoe collection. You know me by now, I love a good shoe and what better to update and trusty old outfit than with footwear.

These caught my eye.

Next Black Pom Point Babouche Shoe £32

Fun aren't they? Let's not skip over the fact that they're also serious game changers. Add them to a simple black midi skirt and lace cami top and you've suddenly got a very interesting outfit without trying hard. I mean let's face it, you don't even need to bend down to buckle up. Slip 'em on and you're off. It's always good to have a pair of front door shoes. You know, ones that you can get on and off easily. Yes, life is better with front door shoes.

And let's bring down the tone of this whole place by talking aeroplanes, more specifically the loos on planes. I want to slap people when I see them walking into the cubicle in stocking feet or worse, bare feet and I'm not a violent person. There's something not human about standing on a filthy floor that has been sprinkled with pee-pee. I know, I know. Here's where these cuties come in, because you can slip your toes into them in a jiffy and be in the loo before you can say potty time.

Surprisingly versatile too, they look equally good with a pair of jeans and a smarter dress. Yes I've already planned and tried a number of outfits around them.

I have them in my usual size 6. They're comfy and surprisingly easy to walk in.

Shhhh don't tell the daughter that I've got my feet on her wallpaper. Speaking of which, I sent her a picture of them last night. "They're just gross Mum" she replied. But hey, we've never seen eye to eye about shoes which can only be a good thing because she won't be borrowing them. Right?

Next Black Pom Point Babouche Shoe £32

p.s. I know that it looks as if I have dodgy fake tan on - I don't. And let's not discuss my scummy real tan that's flaking off!

Ok now Mr. Sunshine let's be having you.

I had a lovely day in Manchester yesterday with a couple of friends. We ate at Tattu in Spinningfields, fine dining Chinese style. The food was delicious and well worth a visit even if only to marvel at the interior which is stunning. Sorry no pictures of the food, I mean, c'mon it's there for eating not photographing.

So that's another week gone, do you realise we're almost a quarter of the way through the year. Yikes. I'd love to say that we have a long lazy weekend at home but the whirwind daughter is back from London, a fashion show that the son is in tonight, a very important football match to win (c'mon Macclesfield), errands to run and that darn ironing pile has been breeding again. And no doubt we'll squeeze a takeaway and lunch out sometime too. A duvet day sounds very appealing right now.

By the way, is potpourri a thing again? I keep seeing it in different shops so I bought some last week. Crikey we only need paisley boarders and swags and tails to come back and we'll be full on back to the early 90s again.

Have a good one.

6 comments on "Goody Two Shoes...Because I Don't Drink, Don't Smoke"
  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I do too although it isn't weather for backless shoes this week!! x

  2. I love the shoes....and love your practicality re airplane toilets! Yes!! How can people go in them without footwear?? I take slippers on long haul for that precise reason. Also completely agree with you about food being for eating not photographing :))
    I love reading your blog posts by the way x

    1. Now that's an excellent idea. I collect hotel slippers and always make sure I slip a pair in to my suitcase (just in case the destination hotel doesn't provide them). Great idea, I'll put them in my hand luggage from now on. Thanks for reading the blog by the way xx

  3. I won't even go into the office bathroom without shoes on and there are only 10 of us here. Let alone a plane bathroom. Holy moly.

    I don't smoke or drink either so like you, I believe in treating myself elsewhere :)

    1. I'm so with you on that. The only bathrooms I visit without shoes on are my own. x