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Random Pieces, Some I Bought, Some I Didn't But I Love Them All

I swear from the bottom of my heart that I am in no way affiliated to, or sponsored by Next. Yes I know I mention them a lot but I just really like their stuff at the moment. Take today. I popped into a swanky new Next to return a pair of shocking pink trousers (these) that I'd ordered and couldn't resist a quick walk around. I often find items that I've totally over looked online and before I'd even got through the door, I noticed this blazer which I'd clocked online but hadn't realised how lovely it is in real life.

Pink Herringbone Heritage Jacket £90

So that made it's way to the till. It fits true to size (I bought a 10) and is a great weight for spring.

And another blazer that I'd seen online, a true classic which will stand the test of time.

Errrr this whole outfit please. You can pick up that fab knit and the rest of the outfit from this link too. I didn't buy this as I'd already got the pink one in my grubby mitts. May have to revisit this at a later date (because I won't sleep for thinking about it).

Navy Piped Seam Blazer £75

This dress caught my eye, an easy win for summer. I've had to order it as they didn't have my size in store. It's also available in blush but I think I prefer the grey. It's an understated 'base' dress. Base, because you can add so much to create different looks. A red bag and leopard print shoes for instance. Or a biker jacket and trainers. Bright pink heels for evening wear. I need bright pink shoes!!!

Grey Sporty Zip Dress £50

If you want to inject a little bit of freshness into your wardrobe try this shirt. I get so much wear out of things like this. They look great under blazers (see above!!), under sweaters, with jeans, black trousers, pencil skirts and so on. The fabric is quite drapey so I'd personally keep the bottom half more structured to obtain a polished look. I didn't buy this today because I nicked one of my husband's shirts from his 'to throw' pile. Need to try that on first of all.

Blue Stripe Shirt £26

But I also love this next one. Totally impractical (a layering vest is required. Yes it's that sheer) and those pockets are no good for bigger busts. But great for adding volume in this area if you need to build up your bangers. Not for me but someone please buy it.

Ecru Sheer Stripe Shirt £35

Ok so I haven't seen this hoody in real life but it has caught my eye. Yes sometimes I do do dress down. Not very often but it does happen now and then.

White Athluxe 82 Hoody £30

I'd be tempted to wear it with a pair of cropped trousers and shoes to prevent me from looking a total scruff. Something like this, far more age appropriate. I'm sleeping on this one!

This bag is gorgeous, a real injection of colour. Ochre is probably up there with lilac, so difficult to wear but in an accessory, yes! It made the cut!

Ochre Leather Small Saddle Bag £32

I love the red embroidered top (here) that everyone is going crazy for over on Instagram but it really is everywhere and I'm trying not to be a sheep! There are much more trend-driven pieces than I've featured here but I think all of these will stand the test of time. I've learnt that you don't have to have the latest hot thing to look good. Far more important to make outfits that you love and feel comfortable in. Do you agree?

I'm off to London with Dad tomorrow to meet up with the daughter. The weather is going to be pretty mild for this time of year which pleases me no end. I won't need a big coat or a brolly or a scarf. Winning!

Have a great weekend and do pop in to a Next if you're passing (especially the shiny new one at Handforth Dean), you might just be surprised.

10 comments on "Random Pieces, Some I Bought, Some I Didn't But I Love Them All"
  1. Hi Donna, The jacket is great.. pink and grey is a perfect combination, isn't it? I always like grey denim with a pink top. Or pink and navy ...or with black or white. The grey dress looks very wearable and adaptable too. It's definitely warming up here and my winter clothes have been packed away so theres no going back. Bring on spring! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Yes pink and grey are so lovely together aren't they. I use pink very much as a neutral these days. Got high hopes for the grey dress - it's arrived in store, I just need to get my lazy bottom over there to pick it up. Well, looking at the weather today, you'll definitely not be needing the woollies but you never know.......

  2. Hi Donna I love your comment about dressing down - we are so alike! If I wear trainers I have to have smarter bits on top otherwise I just don't feel right! Enjoy london I'm off to Twickers to the rugby and it's really mild today here x

    1. Well, we both know that we have very similar dress sense Sandra and that I want to dive into your jumper cupboard!!! Hope you enjoyed the rugby, it was a cracking day for it x

  3. Love that pink blazer and that sporty dress and the bag....oh dear I feel a purchase or two coming on ��

    1. Yep I can vouch for the blazer. Wore it all day yesterday and it held up well. No creasing at all. Can't wait to use the bag. Hope you enjoy yours if you buy them x

  4. We've got a huge new Next, they took over the defunct BHS store but I've yet to go in. Walked past at the weekend though and it looks great, light, bright, clean, lots of space. I never ever shop in Next but it might be worth venturing in for a look, sans monkey see and monkey do of course. They hate shopping!

    1. Definitely worth popping in Lou (or better still order online - kids can't moan at that!!!) x

  5. My bff gets loads of stuff online from Next and always looks super. May have to give a bit more of a dedicated look - soon! Nice to view you blog. Jacqui

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jacqui - I think you either love or hate Next (I am in the former camp of course) x