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Those Debenhams' Dresses - The Verdict Is In

Delusional me. Ok, I am so not a size 10 in most of the Debenhams range. I've learnt that today. I'm not that bothered about having to size up but I wish I'd known before ordering the dresses that I mentioned the other day (in this post).

If you recall, I ordered four dresses and kind of warned you that a little vision might be required!! I mean we're not going to break any style awards with this lot are we?

So the dresses arrived earlier today, 5 days after order which isn't too bad considering 2 of them were the weekend. And, here's how I got on.

By the way apologies for these more-than-normal amateurish photographs, they were taken in about 5 minutes flat and yes there are two suitcases that the daughter seems to use as surplus storage (god help us all when she brings all her clothes back from London in the summer).

1. Principles By Ben de Lisi Black Geometric Print Dress reduced to £22.50

This is probably the only one that I don't need to size up in. It's actually a fab little dress which as I said previously, you can do lots with it. A pair of killer pink heels (these ones which I saw today and think I might need to get) and a black clutch would give you an easy wear, smart outfit for a day at the races, christening or wedding. And let's face it, there are no frills or pompoms or anything else that will date it so you'll have it for years. For anyone who struggles with black, it's a great way to wear it as it doesn't cast shadows under the jawline and wash you out.

And since ordering, it's gone down 50% to £22.50.

2. Mantaray Dark Grey Floral Print Tiered Maxi Dress reduced to £28

I suspected that this one would look better in real life. You remember the cropped wellies that the model was wearing 😮   Well, I left mine in the cupboard and tried it on in bare feet. The 10 looks a perfect fit doesn't it? It isn't. The cut across the back was a tad on the narrow side. If you're broad shouldered (me), you may need to size up. Shame really because it fits really well everywhere else and I love the length. I'm going into Manchester tomorrow so will do a detour into Debenhams to try on the 12 although I fear it's going to be less flattering. Such a wearable day dress too.

Tip: keep footwear modern (trainers or flat mules would look great) as I think you could go down the route of frumpy hippy if you're not careful.

And since ordering, it's been reduced to £28

3. Nine by Savannah Miller Pale Pink Bird Embroidered Dress £75

This is a serious dress for the money. The detailing is exquisite and I would have expected to pay more than double for this standard of quality. Ok, so I shoe horned myself into the 10, the zip went nearly all the way up to the top and had I not needed to breathe, I reckon I could have got away with it.

Alas, the length! It's too short as I thought it would be (it looks longer in the photo). If you're 5ft 6 or less, I think you'll find it will hit the right point on your leg.

It's unusual, it's gorgeous, it's really well made. Someone please, please buy it.

Gorgeous detailing!

And check out those cuffs.

A really pretty brand with a hint of boho. There are some lovely things online, I'll be keeping my eye on this one!

4. Studio by Preen Pink Floral Print Tea Dress £69

And then we go from the sublime to the ridiculous. Ridiculous because I couldn't even get this next one on. But in the interests of fair and equal reviews, I squeezed most of my body into it. Trouble is, my arm got stuck!

Let's just skip over that point, I mean there's no law or anything about using both arm holes is there? To be honest, I can't make my mind up about this one. Preen is such a cool brand but  it feels a bit nightie-ish. Even the fabric is that slippy polyester stuff. The quality seems ok and the dress has a detachable full length slip although you could probably get away without wearing it. I didn't really notice the dipped hem, probably because I was stood like Hunchback of Notre Dam.

A very flattering colour for blondes and mousey browns. I think I need to try on a 12 to make a proper judgement.

My verdict then? Look through the styling on the website because it can be off putting, as demonstrated by the crop wellie dress. And if you're in between sizes, go up not down (doh! I wish someone had told me that before I placed the order).

 There's always tons of discount codes around for Debenhams so it's worth having a look. I like this site, Codesium which gives you the top offer along with any other discounts/savings that are around. It's worth bookmarking this site if you like to save a few pounds!

Talk to me about Debenhams, what's your experience?

Well it was certainly dress weather today therefore I wore jeans (slaps forehead). I'm off to Manchester tomorrow for a spot of shopping and lunch with friends. No doubt it will pee it down all day (I've just googled - it's cr*p!). Brolly at the ready then.

See you later this week, I've got a few things on order which I'll report back on.

8 comments on "Those Debenhams' Dresses - The Verdict Is In"
  1. Hi Donna. Nice to see the dresses. I do like the pink bird one - lovely shade of pink - and the first one looks great on too. That one would work for holidays, shopping, meals out and well everything!
    Talking of Debenhams, the stores I've been in have been looking slightly ramshackle lately and I used to buy more from them than I do now. But I've found their online delivery and return to stores to be fine. I did buy some good knitwear from them last year from their own brand which good value and has held up well.

    1. Do you know what Elaine, I ended up returning them all. Well, I did try sizing up in a couple of them but they didn't work. So, I'm still on a mission and I wish that I could make them like you. Debenhams is a right old shambles isn't it although the new Preen line was really well set out x

  2. I ordered the Ben de Lisi one and it just looked odd on me. And what's with the strange ruffle on the back?

  3. I have finally started investigating the world of dresses and after many a soul destroying trying on session, have discovered that the tunic style suits me best ... so very interested in the first one as it seems so versatile. Love it on you. Hope you bought it xx

    1. Tunic and pencil are my preferred style and I'm still on a mission to find suitable summer dresses!! x

  4. Hey Nice post that you shared, Can you please provide me Debenhams Customer Service Number?

    1. I'm sorry Saumya, I don't know it. Have you tried googling?