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A Black Blazer Isn't Always The Best Colour. Discuss.

I do know that I shouldn't wear black, I do I do. But still I insist on buying and wearing it. Why? I really don't know because it's not always flattering against my skin. I dress and put my make up on in a very light, airy room and honestly, black looks ok. Not brill, just ok. But sometimes, I catch myself in a mirror where it's slightly darker. Those bloody shadows underneath my chin and on my cheeks, dark lines under the eyes seem to appear as if by (black) magic. It's not pretty!

So, I've set the scene. You're going to want to know the upbeat bit to this story aren't you? Because yep, I try to look at the positives of life. 

And that will be cornflower blue. Or in this case cornflower marl. 

You see, I find it such an uplifting shade - it freshens my skin and 'cleans' the complexion. Those pesky dark shadows vanish. Now that's proper magic. 

I've worked with Kettlewell Colours several times in the past. We get each other. Like strawberries and black pepper, chocolate and banana. We're both obsessed with colour and understand how uplifting the right shade can be. 

Take this little blazer. Yeah yeah yeah, I know black would look all French and sophisticated and I'd probably pull it off in the photos. But actually I do have a real life. I know!!! Hard to believe that I don't really live inside those little 4 walls of Instagram. And in real life, black ain't half as good. On me that is, not you, you might be able to pull it off just fine with your own unique colour palette.

Blazer - Kettlewell Colours
Breton Top - Boden
Jeans - River Island (2017 version here)
Shoes - Primark (available in store)
Bag - Karen Millen (will be sourced from a store but can order online)
You can buy from Kettlewell in the normal sense ie pick what you like, pop it in your shopping basket and pay for it. Or, you can shop by your colour palette (find yours here). Now, I work on the Colour Me Beautiful system but it's easily converted in to the Seasons system here. Clever huh? 

These were my choices (I'm a Soft and Warm which is an Autumn):

As you can see, cornflower marl doesn't make the cut. But, I know that I get sky blue in my Soft palette which isn't a million miles away. And as it's marl (which means it's not a solid colour), it complements my soft skin tone. Deal done. 

There are seven different shades, something for everyone. Kind of loving that geranium red!

The jacket is semi fitted and 100% cotton. Not that creasy cotton, more of a stretchy, comfy fabric. The nip in at the waist is a triumph for every body shape. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to show off their waist or in my case pretending there's one under the jacket...somewhere.  I'm also loving the shorter cut and next time, I think I'll probably wear a longer breton top underneath. Because I can. And because I think it will look a bit cool. 

It's a brilliant addition to my spring wardrobe and surprisingly versatile. There's a couple of dresses that I can wear it with as well as culottes - that shorter cut comes in to it's own for things like this. 

Here are those Primark shoes that I put on Instagram the other day. Lots of Insta love for them. They're £8! And splendidly comfortable. 

And the Karen Millen bag is proving to be a pretty useful purchase. The neutral shades go with most things without the heaviness of a solid black one. 

I'm reliably informed that it's going to warm up next week so get your orders in for the spring blazer because things like this don't hang around. 

As you can see from the title of this post, I'm wrapped up in GCSE revision. Well, supervision of a 16 year old son's revision. He's doing ok, could try harder. Note to English Lit Board of Examiners: please, please do something different. Of Mice & Men and An Inspector Calls are boring when you've had the same books for both kids. To Kill A Mockingbird would be nice. How about The Go-Between (or is that too rude?). 

We're diving straight in to History a week on Friday. Wish us look. And good luck to anyone who is entering the exam period (stressful times hey?). Remember: they don't define who you are but they give you a bloody good platform to spring from. Here endeth the lecture.

4 comments on "A Black Blazer Isn't Always The Best Colour. Discuss."
  1. Plain block black is boring. I have blazers in pale blue floral, pale yellow, polka dot black, burgundy and teal to keep things fun


    1. I guess it depends what you do with a black blazer but yes too much black can be a bit boring can't it. Wow, loads of colour in your wardrobe! x

  2. Wow what a wonderful outfit! The jacket's a stunning colour and cut. Blue and white looks so fresh. Your hair is looking lovely. X

    1. Oh thanks Elaine. It's nice to dress in lighter colours. This winter seems to have been so long. Freshly coloured yesterday (the hair) shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone x