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A Cheeky Dress

Let's not beat about the bush, sometimes you just stumble across a dress and you think wow. And it fits like a glove, oh and on a scale of 1 - 10 for comfort, it scores a big fat 10.

This one.

A traditional shift dress you say? Pah. Look again. It's got a cheeky side to it, this dress has.

You may be thinking it's a Karen Millen dress. You know, structured, fitted with a bit of a twist and a hefty price tag. Of course you're wrong. It's from Kaleidoscope.

Let's just pause and say that again.


I know!!

This is the second item that I've had on the blog (see the jumpsuit here) with more than a hint towards the younger market. Younger as in hey, let's take certain elements and create something for the maturer woman. Not, hells bells, let's go hell for leather kind of young.

Here it is in it's full glory. Husband said it reminded him of salopettes. Stupid man!

Tailored Sundress - Kaleidoscope

Let's get the important bit out of the way first of all. You don't need control pants. I SAID YOU DON'T NEED CONTROL PANTS. It's structured enough that it sucks everything in. Shhhh, I'm not even wearing a bra (not something I thought I'd ever be writing in a public domain). I mean, you can wear one if you want but there's plenty of help up top. And see those black straps, they're elastic and so comfortable because they stretch with you. Check out that floor to ceiling zip too.

All that for £69. Change for new shoes then?

A great little option for the races. Keep everything neutral and then add a massive humdinger of a hat (hot pink I'm thinking). Obviously taking inspiration from the roses. Or one of those clever dresses that you can wear with a blazer for work, nip to the loo at the end of the day, change your shoes, add a clutch, bright red lippy and a squirt of perfume. You're ready for a night out on the tiles. Gosh I love outfits like that!

Shoes - ASOS (lots of options here)
Grey & Black Clutch - Karen Millen (this is gorgeous)
Biker Jacket - All Saints (same jacket, different colour)

I'm wearing a size 10 and I can breathe in it so it fits. I'm also carrying about 4lbs more than usual due to my total slovenly ways (I'm putting it down to a back injury that I've had since January and not the Chocolate Soreen Loaf. Have you tried it? It's seriously good).

 Ok, so Kaleidoscope is well and truly on my radar. Is it on yours?

Well, we've got a busy old weekend coming up. Football tomorrow, a 21st party in the evening and then my brother-in-laws birthday on Sunday. Monday is clear. I think (hope). I haven't checked the weather but I've faked tanned. Just in case.

Hope you have lots of nice things planned too.

p.s. this dress was gifted, thank you very much Kaleidoscope, you made me look through your website and I was surprised by how many things I really love.

4 comments on "A Cheeky Dress"
  1. Looks amazing on you!! Do you think it would work on me? Soft and warm, neat hourglass (size 8/10).

    1. Thanks Kathryn. Yes a neat hourglass can wear it (I think a full hourglass might struggle). I'm a soft and warm too. You could add warm accessories such as mustard but a bit of fake tan helps no end x

  2. Don't think it would work on me as I'm a size 10 hourglass with chest/hips but it's fabulous and unusual. Your fake tan is faultless! Which one do you use?

    1. It's definitely a good dress for an up and down figure ie a rectangle (me)! Maybe not so for a curvy hourglass so depends how curvy you are. I'm using Skinny Tan at the moment http://www.superdrug.com/brandshop/skinny_tan