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Basket Bags All Jazzed Up

I like a good basket bag, I do and this one stopped me in my tracks. And not only because it's rather nice.

Let's just say that slowly. Five hundred and ninety five pounds. Gulp. For a basket. What is the world coming to? 

So shall we put our sensible pants on and trawl the High Street because I'm game for a new one (let's not mention the three that are in our basement lock up in Spain that I can't get at as we've rented the place out because our children refuse to holiday there).

Anyway, the basket bag has had a bit of a makeover. Pompoms and tassels are more than acceptable these days. In fact, chuck it all on, the more pompoms, the merrier. And there are lots to choose from. They're pretty practical too ie. not just for holidays. As long as they don't snag on your clothes. That's annoying! 

Kicking off with an interesting shape. This is a contender for me.

It would appear that Mango's plus size brand (available on the same website) has it's own selection of bags. Barking mad, why would they do that? A bag's a bag so why have two sections on the same website? Basket monochrome anyone? Love it.

Another interesting shape, slightly on the pricier side. Not sure I'd wear matching pompoms! And I think this is probably more practical as a beach bag rather than every day use. 

So I rang Mr Boden up and said, hey Johnnie how about naming a bag after me 😏

The new brand at John Lewis, And/Or have a nice little offering. I love wide base bags that stand up on their own.

This next one would drive me bonkers as it most certainly won't stand up on it's own (but I do like it, other than the major flaw).

Ok, stretching a point somewhat here, it's not strictly a basket bag but it fits loosely under the category of summer so it's made the cut. That white panel is crying out for your initials - these in fact which come in a whole host of colours, my choice would be red.

This would look great with jeans and a simple white t-shirt. Sometimes it's best to let your accessories do the talking.

Brakeburn Boho Beach Bag £43

So sweet. I love the shape and size of this one (it's smaller than the ones above but still not a bad size for daily use).

Joe Browns Roman Holiday Bag £29.95

Pimp my straw bag! If you're looking for a day bag to go with everything. This!!

River Island Gold Metallic Woven Straw Beach Bag £35

Round anyone? Try standing that one up!

Zara Pom Pom Tote £29.99

And very reasonably priced from Zara. You know that cute little cherry bag charm on the Joe Browns bag above, New Look have similar which you can buy and add on to any plain old basket. (Link here)

Zara PomPom basket £19.99

Don't forget Mango Outlet. You can grab yourself a bargain or two on there.

Mango Jute Cotton Blend Bag £17.99

Mango Embroidered Shopper £29.99

Mango Straw Bag £19.99

My idea is to buy now, use it, enjoy it and then it won't matter if I wreck it on holiday. But which one??? I can't decide.

By the way, if you're after a summer bag but don't want to pay too much, check out these from Mango Outlet. They're all less than a tenner. You can find lots more here.

Bargains or what? I've already got a couple of embroidered clutches (although that multi coloured one is very tempting) but I love the ones on the left hand side. They're £7.99 each!!!! Think I'll give the cream and tan one a go. I'll report back.

2 comments on "Basket Bags All Jazzed Up"
  1. Oooh I love the metallic one from River Island - sorely tempted even though I don't need it.... plus I've missed the point completely but I'm so jealous that you have a place in Spain :)

    1. I know I'll get a lot of use out of one (if I ever decide which one to buy). Probably to the detriment of my other handbags. Oh don't be jealous, our kids have refused to stay in our place for about 5 years now!!!!! x