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Camera Bags But Not For Cameras

Last year, I saw a picture of the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag  in a magazine. It was black and silver and after a quick Google search, I can't even find it anymore (did it ever exist?). Obviously sold out straight away. 

And then I kept seeing them. And I wanted one.

Wacky Ones - Here
Sensible Ones - Here & Here

The designs get wackier and wackier (think of the ones above as fairly tame). My goodness, I fleetingly considered the feather version. Let's not go there.

But I couldn't get that black and silver out of my mind. So I ended up not buying one at all. 

So there I am on a different mission, trying to find a bag for my Wembley date (yes I think I've found the perfect dress), and this pops up.


Nothing like it really but it has stars and stripes. Got to be worth a go for £32. I'm kind of thinking that the mix of silver and gold might make me get over my phobia of mixing jewellery metals. Although, personally I'd probably remove that key ring thingy - it's a bit too much (says she who considered feathers). 

I really don't need another new bag but, but, but....

Anyway, it's on order so I thought I'd share it with you in case you fancied a bank holiday treat.

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