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I Need A New Dress

Ok, I need a dress. An occasion dress. And I've got to say, it's not my favourite thing to shop for. You know, when you feel under pressure to find something that a) is perfect and b) probably more importantly, is uber flattering. Well it isn't happening at the moment but I have time on my side. Let me explain.

Mr B is chairman of our local football club and somehow we've managed to bag ourselves a place in the FA Trophy final (we'll leave the Cup to the likes of Chelsea & co). And more importantly, it means that I get to sit in the Royal Box at Wembley in May. Go me!!! 

Let's talk about what I can't wear first of all. Ever mindful of the opponent's colours (York), I can't wear red or yellow. Sobbing in the corner I am as I've seen at least three red ones that have potential. Think I've just about come to terms with this although you can bet your last dollar that I'll find the perfect specimen in one of these colours.

I adored the ivory shift dress from Winser London that I showcased on the blog last year and it broke my heart to send it back. This one...

Miracle Crochet Shift Dress - Winser London
Bronze Clutch - Mimi & Thomas (now in sale)
Stiletto Boot - Michael Kors (very similar)

It's different without being too way out and fitted really well. There's also room to breathe and eat and drink. Had it been a March event, I'd have worn this whole outfit. And added a blazer or coat depending on the weather. Job done. As it is, late May can be pretty warm; long sleeves and a high neck might not be the best choice. 

There is a similar alternative though.

Look no sleeves and high neck! This is a contender.

I saw these at the press day last year, they're as good in the flesh as you see online. You get a lot of dress for your money from WL. My only reservation is that drop waist effect which sometimes does me no favours (is that even grammatically correct - too tired to work it out). I need to try I think. A plain dress is so easy to make your own with the addition of shoes and accessories. I saw these amazing bright pink shoes last week which I've earmarked but am determined not to build an outfit around them. You know what's going to happen don't you?

Of course the obvious colour choice would be blue (our home kit) and this would more than fit the bill.

Miracle Short Sleeve Dress - Winser London
Putty Grey Clutch - Karen Millen (old)
Putty Grey Shoes - Karen Millen (old)

But I think I'm preferring the colour block version

So, some good options available from Winser London 👍 

I spotted this one from Top Shop recently. Loving the sleeve action.

Apparently it's selling fast but I won't be rushed so I'll probably miss out. 

Another sleeve-love frock although I fear the pattern will be slightly over powering for my mousey look. Pink sandals. Just saying.

Plain black from Jaeger. Love. Love. Love. But it's black, not my best colour. And I'd need my hair putting up. Do hairdressers open on Sundays near Wembley??

I fell in love with this one yesterday in Karen Millen (if anyone is passing the Regent Street branch, pop in, there's tonnes of sale stock). Oh hello pink shoes again. Told you they'd be useful. 

Purse friendly but not an obvious choice, is this pink pleated dress from Mango. Black blazer and heels would make it more than passable. And a great holiday option too. The fact that it isn't tight fitting and looks very, very comfortable doesn't sway me at all. Although, I do prefer a bit of a sleeve because it eliminates bra problems, I mean we're talking full on strapless here aren't we? That or keep your jacket on love. 

DO NOT LAUGH at the title of the next one! It's a dressmaking term - embroidery in which threads are fastened together in bungles (I googled).  

It's one of those dresses that you'd probably walk passed without a second glance but I think you could do a lot with it. These fabulous shoes for starters.

Is it really so wrong to build up the outfit from the bottom because I really, really want to wear these for our Wembley day?

So that's my first delve in to the 'dresses suitable for a Wembley trip' category. You'll notice that most of them are straight, pencil styles and that's because they suit me the best. I'd love a flouncy number but somehow they look like nighties on me so I'll stick to what I know the best.

If you've come across anything suitable on your travels, do let me know. Remember no red and no yellow!

Any hoos can you tell me how we're in April already? We've still got Christmas chocolates in the cupboard. You know, the ones that no one likes, Turkish Delight, Cadburys Fudge and After Eights. Can't believe our daughter has just a few months left on her placement in London. Honestly she's going to struggle, adapting back to student life next academic year. In the meantime, I'm wondering how we're going to get everything back home in two (large) cars that were full to the brim when we took her down there last year. Given that her wardrobe has expanded at least two fold, it's a headache I could do without. And what the heck do we do with everything when we get it back - her wardrobe is already full to bursting? Industrial strength clothes rails are obviously the way to go. I think I need a Morplan catalogue.

Enjoy your week.

10 comments on "I Need A New Dress"
  1. Ooh sounds very exciting! I love the Karen Millen white wrap midi as I think you'd look so elegant in it and also like the blue and black fitted one. And the Winser blush shift would be stunning. You're sure to look incredible in whatever one you choose. Hope you have a great time!

    1. The KM one is a bit of a wild card because there's quite a lot of fabric at the waist so I need to try it on but it is beautiful and is one of the contenders for sure. Thanks Elaine x

  2. When you say "FA Trophy" do you mean the FINAL of said Trophy?? That's brilliant if so, congratulations! One of my running buddies is a Coventry fan, season ticket holder, goes to all the away games etc so I was thrilled for her and her family when they won the Checkatrade thing yesterday at Wembley. Hope you all have a great day out :-)

    1. I do indeed. I'm sure it will be a fantastic day out especially as I haven't been to Wembley since 2011 (my Facebook memories told me so last week lol). Thanks Lou x

  3. I love the Forever Unique one, might put it on my list 😉So excited for you to be going to Wembley - I hope City get through to theFA cup final but I wouldn't need a dress for that!!! X

    1. I can't show my excitement too much at home as hubby still has his eye on the league. But I think he knows I'm on the hunt for a new dress. The Forever Unique dress is that really lovely knitted polyester (I think) which will be comfortable and of course those pink shoes will go very well with it!!! x

    2. I always look at your results now!! Good luck in the league although it looks a little tricky. I couldn't wear those pink heels as I'm 5'8 and Mr UC isn't much more. They are fab though. X

  4. I like the Winser London Miracle blue dress. It is a classic, looks classy and the shade of blue suits your colouring.

    1. Thank you. It would be perfect actually: short sleeves, fits well, flattering and the right shade of blue x

  5. I Love the Tpppers one or the other blush one would look fab on you xx