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Updating My Spring Wardrobe With A Jumpsuit

I've been much happier since I consciously decided to step off the fashion merry-go-round and create a wardrobe that's much more wearable on a daily basis. Jackets, jumpers, shirts and trousers are my staples in winter and I'm looking forward to getting back in to dresses when the weather warms up (when!!!). It's taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I don't need to buy in to every trend going. I mean look at Emmanuelle Alt, she sticks to a very simple uniform, rarely deviating from year to year. And yet, she's many a woman's style icon.

You don't have to be a slave to fashion to look good

Of course that red gingham picnic table skirt will court far more likes on Instagram but a few wears and it'll be consigned to the ebay pile. Except, no one will want to buy it because a) they've already got it or b) us fickle lot have moved on to the next new thing. We will not be defined by Insta likes!!!! 

I'm all about longevity these days. Boringly sensible maybe. Purse friendly, definitely. Picking simple pieces to make a very cohesive wardrobe. Maybe we'll revisit this when we've finished the body shape series. 

I've been working on my summer wardrobe and have kind of skipped spring altogether. Probably subconsciously thinking that my autumn stuff will do just fine. And yes, to an extent it will. Blazers and biker jackets over shirts and t-shirts, cropped trousers...you get the picture. Timeless pieces.

But hang on. In order to remain current, I do need to inject a few bits here and there. Shoes are brilliant updaters as are bags (let's all be basket cases this year - looking forward to finding a couple of nice ones. Blog post to follow). And this jumpsuit from Kaleidoscope which I've chosen from their spring collection to road test is a brilliant updater.

Denim Look Tencel Jumpsuit - Kaleidoscope £49
Bag - Fiorelli (old)
Sandals - M&S (past season)

It's most certainly current but not so in your face that you're going to see two, three, four other women in it. And more importantly, I'll be able to wear it not only through the different seasons but into next year too.  

- leopard print shoes and mustard cross body bag now
- tan sandals and basket bag in the summer
- ankle boots and blazer in the autumn
- big chunky cardi or coatigan in winter

It's Tencel which incidentally is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics around I know things (thank you Google). I like Tencel. I like it a lot. The fact that it irons beautifully, it's soft to the touch but still has an element of shape about it, it's cool to wear in hot weather and it doesn't crease.

Shall we do the technical bit? I'm wearing a size 10. I had a sneaky feeling that it might not be long enough in the body but it's fine. If you're shorter than my 5ft 8 1/2inches (that 1/2 is very important to me) then you'll be able to pouch it over at the waist, no problem. There's one of those tab things to hold up the sleeves but I'm not terribly keen on these so don't use them. The sleeves are just below elbow length by the way. Plenty of length in the leg but to be honest, it matters not as they look much better with a cuff.

Chuffed moi?

It's a fabulous spring update piece. 'Twas sunny and warm when I shot these photos. Pah, that soon changed so I swapped the sandals for boots and popped on a jacket and I was ready to go. That's what spring pieces are all about really aren't they? Versatility.

Thank you Kaleidoscope, I've really enjoyed road testing this jumpsuit.

5 comments on "Updating My Spring Wardrobe With A Jumpsuit"
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    1. It's a great addition to my wardrobe Sandra. And knowing the UK weather, I'll be wearing it right through to Autumn and beyond as well x

  2. Oh I think I'm going to join you ... time to step off the madness of the fashion merry go round and concentrate on the classics. It's my preferred dress style anyway!! Plus who wants to look like everyone else on instagram?!! Love the jumpsuit; adore the bag!

    1. Yep, I'm a bit disillusioned by it all actually. I see the same thing over and over and feel as if I'm wearing it on repeat myself (and I don't even own the piece!!!!) x

  3. Hi Donna,the jumpsuit looks great. I've ordered one! Xx