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5 Things That Will Be Coming Back Out Of My Wardrobe This Summer

I guess a shorter title would be

5 Best Buys

Because really that's what they are. Stuff I've got already in my wardrobe that I'm excited to get out again this summer. That's the beauty about buying clothes that have longevity, you don't have to start all over again each season. 

So here are my top 5...

1. The Tan Bag

Bags are important to me. Not in a useful sense. I mean, I don't care whether they carry they kitchen sink or struggle with more than one lipstick. That's a mere detail. They're important because I use them to pull an outfit together. Tan is my summer black. It's a neutral and goes with many colours. 

This is mine, the See By Chloe, Vicki Cross Body Bag by which is now sold out. 

I used it lots and here's an example of how I use a bag to bring colour and interest to an otherwise plain outfit. 

And you don't have to spend lots of money to get a nice one. There are some lovely options on the High Street. 

Three of my favourites right now, all of which are timeless and not to mention well priced. 

2. The White Blazer

White blazers are back, although I never actually stopped wearing my two. Let's face it, we need a sleeve in the UK. Don't be conned by all the glossy magazine ads showing models draped on a beach all bare foot, sunkissed and wearing dresses that have less fabric than I sleep in. That beach ain't Scarborough. Oh no because we'd be wearing jeans, trainers and anoraks zipped up to the neck. So yes, we need coverage. I don't know about you but I still want to look and feel summery so a white blazer is perfect for slipping over t-shirt and jeans or dresses or a sleeveless jumpsuit. 

I've had this particular one for 5 years and it's still as good as new. It was from Ralph Lauren, a bit of an investment piece but it's paid for itself and owes me nowt. 

Now I also have a plainer one too which was as cheap as chips from H&M. It's all worn out (another piece that paid for itself) so I'll be replacing it this year. But hey, it still made an appearance today.

Here's what's caught my eye, something for every budget. 

3. The Multi Use Sandals

It's no secret that I love Holster Australia sandals. They are so darn useful. Take holidays, wear them during the day for a bit of pool side glamour. Rinse them under the tap to get rid of the sand, leave on the balcony to dry and they're ready to go again in the evening. 

This is a pair from last year (not on the website at the moment) 

I really trimmed back on footwear on this year's winter break to Mexico. Only a couple of pairs of Holster's and red sandals made the cut. Transformed my holiday packing it has. Here's another pair. 

And not just for holidays either, I wear all summer long. 

So popular in my family that you can't/won't/don't turn up to events wearing a pair because we've all got them: aunty, mum-in-law, sister-in-law, her mum, her mum's friend, my friends!!

And I'm currently lusting after these...

4. The Any Occasion Dress

I wish I had a summer wardrobe full of these but in truth they are hard to come by. Dresses that you love wearing, don't save for best but work on most levels. Of course what works for some, won't work for others. Your own body shape will dictate the best shape of dress for you. I'll be covering dresses soon in our body shape series. *Watch this space*

One of my favourite summer dresses is this one from Fenn Wright Manson. 

It's v-neck (my fave), a good length, has sleeves, is loose but straight cut and has pockets. The colour and pattern are bob on too. Lots to shout about then. This was a day time look but it works really well with heels and a clutch for evening or even dressed down with my grey biker jacket and trainers. Super-duper useful. And very easy to wear. Can I 'eckers like find anything similar. 

But these are rather nice.

5. The White Jeans

What would I do without my white jeans. They have that knack of smartening up a casual outfit. Exchange blue denim for white and suddenly that outfit has moved up a few rungs on the chichi scale. Forget practicalities, I wear mine for a day of jobs in the house without batting an eye lid. If they get splashed, they get splashed. I can change....into another pair (yes I have many).

OMG I wear them loads don't I!!!!!

But they're not actually white jeans, most of mine are jeggings. Why? Because I have yet to find a pair of white denim that don't go baggy after an hour of wearing them. It must be something to do with the dying technique I swear. Whereas jeggings sit there on my legs all day and don't budge. My go-to pair of the River Island Mollies. Yeah yeah yeah I know skinnies are on their way out and believe me I'm looking for other shapes but for now, white skinnies rule 👊

I think the key is to go ankle grazer or slightly higher, they just feel a little more modern and less Bros circa 1989.

The Mollies have had a little make over and are now a little distressed. They're thick enough so as not to be see through but not that horrible thick sacking material that white jeans are so often made out of.

River Island Molly Skinny Jeggings £40

I also rate the Dorothy Perkins Eden Jeggings of which I have black and grey. So, I'll probably give the white ones a go as well. I wanted to try them out before putting them on here but they didn't have my size in store.

These are too long for her in my humble opinion ↓↓↓

Dorothy Perkins Eden Ankle Grazer £18

If you feel that you'd rather not clad your slegs (that's slang for sexy legs by the way) in skinnies, then these crop flares may be the way to go.

M&S Mid Rise Crop Flare Jeans £25

So, 5 things that I'll be getting out of the wardrobe again this year. How about you? Do you have a top 5?

Loving the sunshine and light mornings although it means I've had to ditch the pjs and Ugg boots for the school run (oh the shame of having to get petrol last week in all my finery). Lesson learned! That said, we have one more proper school day tomorrow and then it's study leave. The upside to Year 11.

3 comments on "5 Things That Will Be Coming Back Out Of My Wardrobe This Summer "
  1. A tan leather bag is on my wish list. Your tan bag is lovely. I now have handbag envy - again!
    Other summer essentials for me are nice trainers which I can walk miles in, navy or white t shirts, cool cotton tops with sleeves and cotton dresses,oh and Capri pants.
    Tempted to try the Eden jeggings again in the shorter length.

    1. Yes it is lovely isn't it. I had to get it from FarFetch as it was sold out in store but it came within a week from a boutique in Milan of all places. Have you ever used FarFetch? I need a couple of new plain white v-neck t-shirts (linen blend are my favourite) but they all seem really wide necked this year. Can't give you anymore specifics about the white Edens but my darker colour ones are brilliant x

  2. I've never heard about Farfetch. Will have a look. I like v neck tees too but most seem to have round necks at the mo don't they. I did pick up quite a nice one from M and S in pima cotton in their basics range at £12 but it is round necked. Ooh I found a sleeveless white vest top in Monsoon with a squarish neck, which is nice, thick and opaque and a great fit. These good basics are not easy to find! I've tried at least a dozen white tees on lately! Xx