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Let's Talk About White Blazers

Ok so a white jacket isn't the most practical of items but there's something about it that instantly smartens up even the simplest outfit. For me, the benefits outweigh any mucky marks. I mean, it's a perfect evening jacket in the warmer months to slip on over a dress or t-shirt. It might be perishing at the barbecue but at least you'll still look summery. This goes for out-of-season holidays on the Med when temperatures can drop. I even wear mine for travelling although many an air steward has been on the receiving end of my dirty look when they lean over to pass a coke or some other stainable liquid to another passenger (honestly, I wasn't born in to this world to travel cattle class). And back home, throw it on over a pair of jeans and t-shirt, simple and stylish. Then there's the matter of winter. A white blazer over a column of black looks pretty stunning.

I said in this post that I'd be getting mine out again this year but one of them is on it's last legs so I planned on replacing it. Well, it didn't take long.

I ordered the Next one that I featured and honestly for £50 it's a cracker of a jacket. This is my third blazer from Next this season (I know, don't say anything) and the quality for the money is really quite amazing.

Ivory Soft Blazer - Next
Breton Top - Boden 
Crop Kick Flare Trousers - Next
Sandals - Marks & Spencer (similar)

It's a less tailored cut than I would normally go for and doesn't have waist definition so full hourglasses and triangles may want to swerve this one. Fully lined with two pockets (that are stitched - does anyone else leave them like that? I do).

The fabric although polyester has a slight rib to it which you can't pick up from their online photos. It makes it look far more expensive than it is. There's also a little tie at the bottom of the sleeve that you can ruche up. Genius for anyone (me) who hates blazer sleeves that are full length and is constantly pulling them up.

Here's a close up. You may be able to pick up the texture of the fabric from this picture.

I'm wearing a size 10, my normal size in Next and it fits perfectly. The only downside is that it's dry clean. Pah, that's not going to happen is it? It's polyester for goodness sake, I'll put it on a very gentle wash and hang it up to dry. Don't get me wrong, I'll be on tenterhooks for every single second of that cycle. But it will be fine won't it?

Here are a few more white blazers that I've found.

Baukjen's soft white blazer which is machine washable. Soft white is a great colour for anyone who struggles with pure white which can wash some skin tones out. I'm sitting on my hands wondering if I should order this to compare it to the Next one (before I remove the labels and wear it for real). It's a toss up between ordering this or 4 swimsuits???? But that's another story.

This has some shape to it so ideal for giving the illusion of a waist if you don't have one or enhancing if you do.

Baukjen Lexden Blazer £199 (20% off with code PSB517)

For those women who like crepe, this is it! Crepe gives a much more fluid look while still holding it's shape.

ASOS Slim Tailored Jacket £42

As a starter jacket, you could do a lot worse than this one.

Dorothy Perkins Ivory Piquet Jacket currently £26.25 (25% off)

Look how it's shaped at the back. This is what I mean about nipping in at the waist. Very flattering!

A quirky twist on a classic. If I had a special occasion to go to this year, this would be mine. And the trousers! God, I wish she'd brush her hair and put a bit of lippy on though.

Me&Em Tie Front Luxe Blazer £249

Machine washable from La Redoute. A slightly shorter offering, if you're a neat hourglass, this one is yours!

La Redoute Blazer £59 (30% off quoting code: SUMMER)

So what do you think? Are you in my white blazer camp or does the sheer thought horrify you?

Something struck me today, I don't have a regular school run to do until September. So for the first time in 17 years I have 3 1/2 months off (excluding the necessary exam day runs). Whoopie-doo (I'm doing a little jig here). Our son received his Year Book the other day. I say Year Book, it was more of a sad pamphlet thing that didn't even have a hard cover. And let's not talk about the quality of the photos. £16 it cost me. £16!!!!! Oh and to add insult to injury they've also asked for his prom money. £50 (and apparently they don't even get a soft drink thrown in). Am I being a tight bottomed mardy bum? It seems an inordinate amount of money for a 16 year old's prom. Apparently last year it was only £25. Inflation is high in this school. Of course I'll pay it and I won't grumble one little bit about driving in to Manchester (a 34 mile round journey) at midnight to pick him up because that's what mums do right?

6 comments on "Let's Talk About White Blazers"
  1. Just ordered the dotty p one. The blush version *may* have also ended up in the basket too!

    1. Yes Kathryn, get in there. Blush is a brilliantly versatile colour too x

    2. Ended up keeping the blush one and returning the ivory one. I couldn't really justify keeping the ivory as I do have a rather similar one from Zara hanging in my wardrobe. Though that one is dry clean and this is machine washable!

    3. After reading your previous comment, I went on the hunt for my blush blazer in the wardrobe. I sold it last year. Fooooool!!!!!! I bet you'll get so much wear out of your new one x

  2. Another useful post, thank you! Do you think this would suit a neat hourglass figure? I have cropped cream jacket from Hush already but love the look of the Next one.

    1. Well your 'very best look' is to show off your waist. But it isn't your only look. Because you're a neat hourglass and therefore slim, you will be able to wear it. Give it a go (let me know how you get on) x